Tuesday, August 8, 2017

not as a continuing struggle but as a pulling-together for a higher glory

    For it is by loving life free that changes in mankind’s actions will take place which will bring in the golden age.  It is so vital that the great pressures of Love--of the very Godhead itself--be transmitted into the chalice of the heart, the focalpoint of the individual’s consciousness, and then sent out to love every manifestation of God that is bound and blinded by human dogmas and human greed to free them all--free at last.  Don’t you see that life is not intended to be an orgy that demoralizes, degrades and destroys the central theme of Love’s purpose which has ever in view the harmony of the sacred spheres and that work which Jesus referred to so long ago when he said, “My Father worketh, and I work”?  One day as all advance in their spiritual consciousness through the chalice of their own heart they will come to the similitude of God, to the place where they will understand the work of God, the labors of His love, the labors of His creativity, the labors in which all are intended to share….

Let all understand  then the nature of the office of Mediator, the office held by the Christ of every man, not as one of worldly position and pomposity but as one of humility before God and authority before man….Through utter devotion man will one day be able to understand that true worship is the worship of God as Spirit both in its universal aspect and in its specific individualization in hearts abiding in the dimensions of matter.                              -Archeia Mary:  Pearls of Wisdom 13:36

      How much suffering there is in the world order because of selfishness and a lack of understanding between people!…(and also) simply because of carelessness and human cruelty….It is folly to think that men will escape the result of their own acts….

If men and women would only recognize the creative motions of the universe as their own, as a part of their spiritual heritage, they would see quite plainly that the present regime of struggle against confusion and against false management of the lives of others by diverse forms of tyranny is only a darkening cloud that, like burned-out cinders, clogs the atmosphere of man’s consciousness.  The infamous history of human tyrants and ungodly people involves far too great a percentage of human life when one considers the multitudes who have mimicked the wickedness of both their lords and their peers.  Only the few have understood the true meaning of life not as a continuing struggle but as a pulling-together for a higher glory than that of the human ego….

It is up to them as they pursue the highest goal in the universe, oneness with God, to find those regenerative faculties of light and hope for themselves that their hearts might thereby bow low in reverent gratitude to God for the gift of Himself….For man’s inhumanity to man and his failure to meet the human need with divine love, whenever and wherever it appears, are often the result of hardness of heart which must be challenged by fervent supplication and the careful doing of the will of God.          -Archeia Mary:  Pearls of Wisdom 15:37

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