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How deep has been our heart’s grief to see in this age the repudiation of Christ-wholeness

  The Messenger is the one whom Malachi declared would be sent “to prepare the way before me”, i.e., the way of the Lord--the Christ Self--who “shall suddenly come to his temple.”  The Messenger assists the children of God to make contact with the Christ Self so that the Christ Self can release to the soul the Teachings of the I AM Presence and the ascended masters.  Hence the Messenger stands representing the Christ Self until there is no longer any need for the Messenger, and all who have come forth from God once again behold the I AM Presence and their true teachers, the ascended masters, face to face.

The dispensation of prophets and messengers is an intermediate dispensation.  It is for that period when God’s children because of their disobedience no longer hear the voice of God directly as they once did in Earth’s golden ages and in the Garden of Eden.  Ultimately every man, woman and child will sit under his own vine and fig tree, as Micah said.  The vine is the Christ and the emanation of the Word through the crystal cord; the fig tree is the I AM Presence and causal body--your own Tree of Life.  And you are intended to commune with the entire Spirit of the Great White Brotherhood as you sit in meditation under your own vine and fig tree.  That Spirit is actually the cumulative momentum of the Holy Spirit.  The testimony of the LORD through this witnessing Spirit is available to all who make contact with the Hierarchy of the ascended masters, Elohim, archangels and the hosts of the LORD through their own Christ Self and the embodied Messenger.              -Darjeeling Council,  in chapter 29 of The Great White Brotherhood in the Culture, History and Religion of America, 1976
To Those Who Seek Initiation on the Path:
    To be a keeper of the flame is to be a torchbearer of the age.  To be a keeper of the flame is to run with the fires of the resurrection that all life might be regenerated in the flame of reality.

The crumbling of the old order and the building of the new take place simultaneously.  Some identify with the downward spiral and some with the upward spiral.  Keepers of the flame recognize that this is a time for the gathering of the sheathes of consciousness, this is a time when men must reap the sowings of the past, this is a time when the foundation of a golden age must be built.

The crosscurrents of world karma with individual reckoning of the Law of Life must be reconciled with the oncoming tide of cosmic light that spirals from the Central Sun of a cosmos throughout all galaxies evolving from the center of the Creative Mind.  The Great White Brotherhood summons devotees of the Law of Being—those that recognize that this is an hour when souls and worlds are crying out for salvation.  This is an hour when those who have the vision to see the end from the beginning must leave their nets and their lesser causes for the one cause that counts—the cause of freedom.

The four sacred freedoms enshrined in the heart of America—freedom of religion, freedom of speech, freedom of the press and freedom to assemble—are still the bulwarks of liberty secured by sons and daughters of God who saw the wilderness as the place to be prepared for the coming of the Divine Mother and Her seed.  As we declared this land to be the land of opportunity for the proving of Christhood so now we come to dedicate the human heart as the threshing floor of the Almighty, as the place where the flame of Life must be forged and won by each individual soul desiring to merge with the fountainhead of Life that is God.

Hierarchy stands as the mediator between Creator and creation….This is a time when men and women must face their responsibilities or face the consequences….This is a time to pursue the dharma of a planet and a people with a passionate devotion to the blueprint of Life and to the divine plan for all.

I am come as the master of the Aquarian age.  And I summon lovers of freedom, devotees of the ascended masters, and all who are born with a will to bring to fruition  the seeds that God has planted within the soul—seeds of virtue and invention, seeds of creativity and individuality, seeds of humility and righteousness.  I come to marshall the spirits of those who are already aligned with Hierarchy at inner levels and who now come before the altar of the Divine Mother to make their energies count in manifestation in matter on behalf of the youth and the incoming souls, on behalf of all who have ever lived to defend the flame of freedom….

I pledge my all—my causal body, my entire momentum of freedom for the victory of the sons and daughters of God in this age.  And I summon with the love of my heart all who will give their all to that cause….to forge a union of the Spirit that shall not be broken, a union that will drive back the astral hordes and secure the planet for the light for all time and space.  And I say, if you are willing, sons and daughters of Liberty, we can still win in the fight for freedom and for the ascension in the light of every soul and bring forth an age for peace and enlightenment for all.  Let us find strength in our union.  Let us win by the conviction of our souls and the merging of the souls of all in the fire of the I AM Presence.                
  -Saint Germain, in chapter 29 of The Great White Brotherhood in the Culture, History and Religion of America, 1976   

To Men and Women of the Hour:

          The shafts of light that penetrate the world darkness and maya must be seized upon hourly by embodied mankind.  They cannot afford to ally themselves with cherished institutions which have ceased to serve the purposes for which they were founded; they cannot deny the reality of perspective that is conveyed to the soul when the soul attains that perfection of attunement which reveals the reality of God.

It is not our wish to destroy those human instruments and traditional organizations which have in some measure served the divine plan.  Nevertheless they are already self-destroyed; and those remnants of their followers that remain as confused sheep that cannot find their pasture do not yet realize that through the greater power of the Great White Brotherhood and the greater dedication of the ascended masters of wisdom there have been preserved in the heavens by divine decree and through divine intervention the standards of sublime grace that are sufficient for all mankind’s needs.

As the old has exhibited its failures again and again, as those who profess to represent the Deity have shown themselves to be lovers of gold more than lovers of God, the divisive attempts of the brothers of the shadow have removed from view the real images of divinity in the true spiritual leaders of the race and supplanted them by those human warps and distortions which indeed reflect the abomination of desolation standing in the holy place where it ought not….

The perceptive who see not merely the speck of the moment but the grandeur of the accumulations of the spark of God within the heart and soul of mankind are refreshed with the hope which, regardless of human appearances,  is summoning from far-off worlds those valiant spirits that are even now approaching the planetary body to increase mankind’s awareness of grace.  They are determined by the invincible light of cosmic victory to fasten together the loose-knit strands of a new culture and to weave the understanding within the heart’s chalice and the mind’s altar of mankind’s own Christ-awareness.

Blatant have been the chatterings of those mortal magpies that have always sought to carry from nest to nest the burdens of carnal commentaries framed by those who are known to us as the destroyers of the cult of the Mother.  But one day their opportunity shall pass, for they will reap the reward of having separated themselves into levels of sensuality that while extinguishing the flame of God within the souls of their victims also blot out the very best possibilities for themselves….

How deep has been our heart’s grief to see in this age the repudiation of Christ-wholeness that would have knit the Body of God upon earth into a solid spiritual organism that could well have assured humanity that the hour of the Second Coming was indeed now.  Daily the conceptions of antichrist are thrust upon the world religious scene and daily the religious leaders as well as our students have failed to distinguish between the Christ and the appearances of antichrist which proclaims itself to be that which it is not.  Those who claim to be the allness of God must understand that the spark is only the allness when the spark is merged with the flame.

They have not understood that whereas the spark can and should increase its size and magnificence, achieving within its own framework of identity a greater measure of the Godhead, it is only in the progressive movement of concerted action in harmony with the universe that the great rotation of the cosmic spheres is served.  Hence those who proclaim themselves light but are filled with darkness should look to the Christ-hope of universal dimension whereby they can at last be free from all that is less than perfection within themselves.
                                            -Archeia Mary:   Pearls of Wisdom 15:35

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