Sunday, August 13, 2017

This phenomenon is often the underlying cause of disharmony in religious groups.

                                                                   -Lake Siskiyou

            You see it is so easy for a negative ingredient to creep into our formulae that we must take every possible precaution before we begin our experiments.  Without first purging ourselves of all undesirable qualities we would find ourselves--with the best of motives--amplifying our negatives instead of our positives when we proceed to employ the wondrous power of alchemy.

This is one of the problems that arise among those who follow some of the so-called mystery schools where the ego is catered to at the personal level instead of being disciplined at the impersonal level.  As these students develop “soul power” it is inevitable that they amplify their negative momentums along with the great positive qualities which they seek to manifest.  For whatever is in their worlds when they are brought into direct contact with the sacred fire must expand even as their total consciousness expands.

In some cases the negatives completely cancel out the positives, and many times because of earthly affinities the additional  boost of power that comes about as the result of experimentation will make a magnet out of their negatives even when they are completely involved in the divine search.  Thus will their own negative momentums, hidden in the recesses of their subconscious minds, draw to themselves more of their kind from the thoughts and feelings of others.  This phenomenon is often the underlying cause of disharmony in religious groups.  

Now we earnestly desire to have the body of God upon earth forewarned about these conditions, for unless the deterrent conditions which are imbedded in the psyche of man are brought under the power of divine grace and  emptied of their content, they will peer as haunting specters waiting to devour the offspring of all benign activities and to literally turn man’s light into darkness.        
                                          -Saint Germain: Pearls of Wisdom 13:14

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