Saturday, August 5, 2017

they have built a monolith of power so high that it seems that it ought to crumble of its own weight

      (People) do not seem to understand why they cannot seem to make contact with God.  All hindrances inasmuch as they do not emanate from the Godhead or from the divine plan must of necessity come from another source.  As there is only one source of power, wisdom and love in the universe, only One God and one radiant emanation of that Godhead extending itself throughout the whole domain of time and space, hindrances must originate outside of Being itself, beyond the hallowed circle of reality.

If you stop and think about it, it is a change in the frequency of your thoughts and feelings, in the attunement of mind and heart that cuts out the great God-controls which would otherwise make you so effective in mastering your world and taking command of your life.  Instead of giving you the victory of your divine Presence this step-down in vibration causes you to become attuned with the lower vibrations of defeat and defeatism that are already in the world.  These releases do not come from nowhere, therefore they have to come from somewhere.  Where is it they come from if not from the misqualification of light and consciousness by someone?…

Is it possible that men and women can be so simple as to fail to understand that misunderstandings are often compounded as one person catches the ball of someone’s misunderstanding and then passes it to another, having added his own misunderstanding to it?…How easy it is through the generation of excitement to attract mankind’s attention and then lead him where you want him to go….

Nevertheless it is very necessary in the disciplining of the mind and the tethering of the heart’s devotion to the Law tor men to adhere to some form of ritual and certain tenets of faith.      -Archeia Mary:  Pearls of Wisdom 15:39

top--from Prayer and Meditation, 1978; below--from a painting on a shed at Ashland, Oregon

Every manchild that is born of God is sealed with the flame of the Christ, the holy Christ-child whom I salute in each one of you this day.  And I speak to the babe in arms and I say, expand thy light and let it encircle the globe!  Let the child of thy divinity come forth!  Let the threefold flame be expanded within you!  Receive the impetus of thy mission this day and respond to the call of old, “Go forth, My son, to do My will!”  And hear the answer of the Christ, “Yea, Father, I am come to do Thy will!”  The perfect circle of Father and Son and Holy Spirit--Holy Mother of Fire--this Trinity is the key to your divinity from whence you were born….

I say, be not content with mediocrity!  Be not content with compromise!  Be not content with the restrictions that the manipulators have imposed upon you, beloved ones.  Assert your God-dominion, the authority of your divine perfection, and go forth and accept nothing less!  Claim your divinity!  For the world will not claim it for you and the ascended masters are forbidden by Law to claim it for you….In the name of freedom then and in the name of the freedom which was brought by my Son let us hold the banner high and the torch firmly and let us extend a cup of freedom in his name….

For this Freedomtide the Masters of Light and of cosmos and the Lords of Karma have been given the authority from the Most High to authorize a dispensation of light and of freedom to the earth that the world has never known.  Indeed it is required in this hour, for they have built a monolith of power so high that it seems that it ought to crumble of its own weight, and yet it has not crumbled….for at the time of the toppling of that great Babylon, that city, you will see a great stirring in the elemental kingdom.        -Archeia Mary:  7-2-1970 at Colorado Springs via Messenger Elizabeth Clare Prophet

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