Tuesday, August 1, 2017

sunrise Shasta August 1, 2017

             Our cause (as brothers in Christ at Assisi, aided by the poor Clares) was unpopular.  Do not expect that yours will be popular, at least not overnight.  But i expect as the cycles turn that the flow of light from the I AM Presence will ultimately be welcomed by the masses because you chose to take your stand.  Our rejoicing over the one and the two and the three who came to join us was very great, for we saw in the life reborn, in the lives reformed how the victory of Christ in the soul was an alchemy able to reunifies the entire momentum of Christianity with life, new life as the real essence of the blood and the body of Jesus.

Now then in this hour when there has been compromise of doctrine and dogma there has come to pass that manifestation which does not allow for the new dispensation--the new wine of the Spirit and the Law of the Aquarian age--to be received by that Church which we served.  The doors are closed, and with the turning of the cycle from Pisces to Aquarius we find and we have found it necessary to build anew, to let the old bottle be broken and let the new wine be poured into the new bottle of a new organization, a new foundation, a new concept.  I am happy to tell you that many who form the nucleus of this church are the saints who build the old church….

Know then that the sign that you are marked for a more-than-ordinary mission is always the sign of tribulation, of testing….And when you show your willingness to take that suffering whereby the sins of the world are borne for a time then the Lord comes and He sends His legions and His angels to give you succor as you pass the long night in the garden of Gethsemane, as you pass through the ritual of the cross whereby the old man is put down and the Christ is born in the living flame of the resurrection.  No man, no woman nor God Himself or the ascended masters will take from you the hour of your Gethsemane, the hour of your crucifixion for it is the supreme moment of joy, of overcoming, of proving that you are the son of God worthy to be born again!…

It is time to tell you of attainment and that you are winning and that day by day is striving is noted by the Keeper of the Scrolls and the recording angels who keep the record in the great Book of Life….And I claim your victory!  And I set it as a golden stone, a diamond of yellow fire, in the crown of the Mother--a sign to all, to the fallen ones and the demons of the night that they dare not tempt the sons and daughters of God and the chelas of the ascended masters!  For they will be thrust aside and they will be cast down and they will be exorcised by the authority of the rod that you carry. …And do you know that there are cosmic beings and angels who have not even taken note of Terra for hundreds and thousands of years who have raised their eyes and beheld the worder of souls on Terra coming home through the wisdom of the Mother and the Teachings of the Ascended Masters!  I say then that with all of the sounding of the might of the materialism of an age that sound becomes a din and recedes before the roar of the sound of the spoken Word of the devotees which is amplified by Elohim, that is heard in the farthest corners of the cosmos! …we stand as the Word Teachers in approbation and we say:  “Earth is coming home!  The children of the light have found the flame of the Mother!”…

I send forth the sign of the cross and the sign of the cross formed by elemental life, as the birds of the air.  I send you the flower of my heart, the white daisy of purity, chastity and obedience--these three the vows of the brothers and sisters of Assisi.  Our love enfolds you and I hold you in the fond embrace of illumined action!  
            -Kuthumi:  7-6-1975 at Lake Siskiyou near Mt. Shasta via Messenger Elizabeth Clare Prophet

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