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We all forget that we pave our own way.

 1. To behold with the eyes of the heart, to listen with the ears of the heart to the roar of the world, to peer into the future with the comprehension of the heart, to remember the cumulations of the past through the heart--thus must one impetuously advance upon the path of ascent.  Creativeness encompasses the fiery potentiality and is impregnated with the sacred fire of the heart.  Therefore upon the path to Hierarchy, upon the path of great service, upon the path of communion synthesis is the one luminous path of the heart.  How can the manifested rays be radiated if the flame is not affirmed in the heart?  It is precisely the quality of the magnet that is inherent in the heart--the highest creativeness is imbued with this great law.  Hence each consummation, each union, each great cosmic unification is achieved through the flame of the heart.  By what means can the foundation of the great steps be laid?  Verily only through the heart.  Thus the arcs of consciousness are fused by the flame of the heart.      

67.  Seek to commune with everything that is subtle and refined in its substance.  I speak not only of objects but of people....Even those who recognize spirituality are insipid if they strive for crude manifestations.  They will not be the first to enter the kingdom of the heart.... The attestation of the inner eye and the unfoldment of the fires depends upon the refinement of consciousness--only these gates are nearest to the kingdom of the heart....Verily test everything that exists!  But lacking the glow of the heart these tests are like yesterday's embers.      

283.  One is astonished at the waverings of the spirit. One becomes indignant at the way in which the best are met with threats and hatred, as though Earth itself strove to disintegration!  Of course the mad ones do not behold all the luminous warriors and let the dark ones drag them down into the abyss. Thus one must fortify oneself with all strength through Hierarchy.  Even upon an ordinary battlefield one should not cut oneself off from communications.  Thus by the simplest examples one must cognize the Great.

398.  In order to approach the method of the heart it is necessary to love the world of the heart, or more correctly, to learn to respect all things pertaining to the heart.  Many people imagine absolutely no difference between the paths of brain and heart.  It is difficult for such "brain people" to accept the highest worlds.  The manifestation of the subtle spheres corresponds to the condition of the heart.  Thus the heart that already reverberates to the rhythm of space knows the resonance of the spheres and also the subtle aroma, and the flowers in harmony will make obeisance before it...One can also see the fire of the heart--beautiful and soaring above the heart.  But for these manifestations it is necessary to kindle the heart.      -M:  Heart 1932


597.   And so the greatest misconception lies in the fact that people prepare themselves for death instead of educating themselves for life....changing the seven sheaths...take place with the closest cooperation of Fire. This means that one should assist the fiery transmutations, since they are inevitable.  Why spend ages and millenniums on that which can be accomplished far more quickly!    -M:  Fiery World 1933

156.  Hypochondria must not be confused with doubt. True, these two are sisters, whose mother is ignorance. Hypochondria is a certain established mode of thinking, whereas doubt is a dark obstacle.  It is difficult to say which of the vipers is the more harmful.  One should free oneself from hypochondria as from an obstruction before the fiery world.     -M:  Fiery World 1934

205.  The Thinker said, "Behold, the Furies are created by you.  Gods care not for vengeance; it is people themselves who create these horrible monsters.  We all forget that we pave our own way."     
 (-N. Roerich:  Fiat Rex, 1931)
-M:  Supermundane 1, 1938

Maintain the immaculate heart but be on guard!  For the bag and baggage-It is the enemy and never the soul.  Divest the individual.  You have the key and the tool, beloved ones. Thou knowest the Way, walk ye in it.

Life for you shall be exactly what you make it.  To make--it is a verb in every language, meaning "to create, to manufacture, to bring about, to coalesce in form, to give shape to."  Thus understand the meaning of the Emerald Matrix and the emerald sphere; understand the meaning of the convergence of worlds.

Take refuge in the secret chamber of the heart.  Take refuge under the shadow of the Almighty in the heart of the wings of an archangel.  Take refuge in the secret chamber, in the very lap of Lord Buddha.  Find thy true Father; find thy true Mother.  Do not labor and belabor the records of thy past; they have not touched thee at all except by thine own conception.      
(N.T. Miller:  Pyramid Initiation)
-Serapis Bey:  10-28-1994 at RTR, Montana via Messenger ECP
I, Chamuel with Charity, show you the great mystery of love and how love's fires infolding within the fire of Being itself can restore to you even the gift of immortality.  Whom shall God make immortal?  The stony heart?  Or the heart that is willing to be tried, purified, made white and restored to the living chalice of the flame of God?...

So, beloved, know then that all absence of trust at various levels of your being can be traced back to the moment not when God forsook His trust in you but when you forsook your trust in your Father/Mother God.  Then fear and doubt crept in.  And inasmuch as you could not trust yourself to fasten yourself to God . . . , you inverted this psychology, if you would call it that, and began to mistrust your Father/Mother God.

Well, you see, beloved, there is [in reality] no mistrust in God, there is only mistrust in oneself.  Therefore analyze with me now, if you will, by the fervor of the Holy Spirit--and by the covering cherubim who stand with me now to the right and to the left of the Messenger--the path whereby you undo mistrust, beginning with [your mistrust of] your [higher Self as well as your lower self].

You must call fearlessly for the purging fires of divine Love and know that we of the third ray come as exorcists on the path of the Buddhas of the Ruby Ray.  And we are ready, if you are ready, to take from you your fear and doubt--but not until you have the courage to replace these with unending, unmitigated love.

We see the patterns in the earth and the patterns of souls. We come, and as we stand before you so tangibly present know that our angels of the living flame of divine Love come in answer to your freely given, silent assent.  They now place their presence over you to see what is a burden to you that they may remove it.

Each time the angels come to bless you, beloved, you must realize that they can take from you only [that portion of your negatively qualified energy] that you can replace with light. Be prepared then when you come into the presence of archangels.  For archangels are always looking to remove from you your unnecessary baggage, that which is no part of your reality, and to replace it with some essence of your personal Christhood and threefold flame.

Not all of you are prepared to replace [with light] what we would take.  Therefore we take something from each of you and we fill in [the blank spaces] by whatever momentum of prayer and devotion to God [you may have garnered over the centuries], such as it is, such as it is not....In a sense of the word there is no [leveling] equality, for it is [only] by merit and personal striving that you do receive the initiations of God through the archangels.    
(Gateway Arch)
-Archangel Chamuel and covering cherubim:  2-19-1993 at Minneapolis via Messenger ECP

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