Thursday, August 3, 2017

As an old order passes away a new order can arise

 Mars is the fourth rider of the famous four that ride neck and neck in Capricorn in February 1988.  These four riders--Mars, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune--as harbingers of our karma and karmic destiny have contradictory influences that make it difficult for individuals to deal with them and even more difficult for entire nations of peoples to do so.  (Mars contrasting to Saturn, Uranus to Neptune; however all four together in early Capricorn could well indicate a concert or resolving or tempering, at least in potentiality. -r)…

Saturn rules institutions, the state, land, legal systems, tradition and authority….Uranus on the other hand governs progress, revolution, economic and political change, scientific and social innovation, aspects of warfare, civil unrest, strikes, breakdown of authority, and the wise or unwise use of nuclear energy.

Neptune rules enlightenment, spiritual inspiration and intuition, drugs, subversion, disillusionment, treachery and scandal….

(On the period 1988-2000) For the Twenty-Four Elders (on the prominent star Sirius) have said:  “The time has come for the people of Earth to balance their personal as well as their planetary accounts.”                  -Messenger E C Prophet:  Prophecy to the Nations, 1990, pp. 21-3

      The Summit Lighthouse activity mimics somewhat the period 12,500 years ago in Egypt of designing/building the Great Pyramid and at least minimal awakening to God-government which followed hard upon the last submerging of Atlantis and boats with initiates abandoning Atlantis by higher command to new outposts in the world.   Edgar Cayce went into that story a great deal--in a three-part comparative way of old Egypt, Jesus’ time in the Holy Land, and 20th century America.  E. Cayce related across many personal health readings that old story which includes how initiates from several directions, including some from Transylvania, then converged upon old Egypt to set forth a renewal of civilization, or what could well be termed “to form a nucleus, to set forth a matrix.”

As an old order passes away a new order can arise—this happens in nature, as for example after a forest fire there are some plants that tend to lead the way into a new landscape pattern.  Some plants wait till there is more coolness of shade, soil bacteria strength and a general compatibility build-up, then join in.

The Summit Lighthouse as well as the planet went through a Neptune in Capricorn initiation from 1984-1998, then went through a Neptune in Aquarius initiation from 1998-2012.  A lot of new designs/conceptions and projections have sprung up throughout the world; various are still being tested.  Neptune which can resonate at very high tuning and gyroscopic balance can conversely via partial tuning or distortion-forces bring on delusion, idle dreaming and such.  Neptune certainly relates to the long cycles, the vaster and deeper purposes. 
Another facet pertinent here is the conjunction of Neptune and Saturn, where Saturn is the pragmatic pole and Neptune the theoretic or ideal pole.  They conjoined on 3-2-1989 at 12 degrees Capricorn** and will again conjoin on 2-21-2016 at 1 degree Aries.   

         **see accompanying astrologic chart of this conjoining.  Now, one final note:  star Vega (which forms the opposite pole to Sirius for this solar system) has longitude at year 2000 at 15 degrees Capricorn, very near the 12 degrees Capricorn conjunction; hence the influence of star Vega, a very beautiful, bright sapphire-toned star, could be said to have great prominence in the 1989 to 2016 period.                

-r, mt. shasta, ca
                                                                 -Vega in Lyra

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