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some decrees for devotees ; "office of spiritual director"

   some decrees, affirmations, mantra offered by Hierarchy to its devotees:

I will be like Agni (Sanskrit: Fire).   -Morya

            Abundance of Every Good and Perfect Gft

   Beloved mighty victorious Presence of God, I AM in me, my Holy Christ Self, Holy Christ Selves of all mankind, beloved Helios and Vesta, beloved Saint Germain and Portia, seven mighty Elohim and directors of the elements, beloved God of Gold, Lord Tabor and Lords of Nature, elemental life of fire, air, water and earth, entire Spirit of the Great White Brotherhood and World Mother--in the name of the Presence of God which I AM and through the magnetic power of the sacred fire vested in me I decree:
      Charge, charge, charge! throughout my four lower bodies the purifying, balancing action of the golden flame of precipitated sunlight from the heart of God in the Great Central Sun!  (3x)

      Release, release, release!  into my hands and world today the full cosmic abundance of every good and perfect gift from my own mighty I AM Presence and causal body!  (3x)

     Cut me free, cut me free, cut me free!  right now and forever from all economic limitations by the full power of the three-times-three and the golden radiance of the light of God that never fails!  (3x)

O God of love, thou God of Gold,/ My true success you ever hold
In the hollow of thy hand,/ Supply is mine by thy command!

Come, come now by all thy love/ From thy treasure-house above,
Set me free from every lack,/ Fulfill the law and lead me back!

For abundance now outpoured/ My God Presence is adored,
Complete the glory of Thy plan,/ By Thy grace I AM God’s man!   (3, 12 or 36x)
        And in full faith I consciously accept this done right now with full power in Jesus’ name, amen.

In Mother Mary’s name, blessed I AM THAT I AM, strengthen in all goodness and opportunity the life of the children and youth of this orb.  Let there be the intensification of love at the whitefire core.  Yes! Helios and Vesta.  Yes! to all life.  Yes, Djwal Kul, in perfect balance; yes, Great Karmic Board, in acceleration again and again.  Let this world be a place of the violet flame of transmutation, and may the lightbearers be exonerated in our service.     -Guru Ma and Saint Germain   

jaya shiva aumkara baja shiva aumkara/ brahma vishnu sadashiva/ hara hara hara mahadeva (Sanskrit:  hail Shiva aum-wine chant Shiva aum-wine/ Creator Protector True-Destroyer/ Hara [pet-name)]great-Spirit)

Holy Kumaras of the flame of Venus, in the name I AM I call for the stimulation of the mind that it might act as the mind of Christ.  Elohim Cyclopea and Great Divine Director:  be with me in all that I do to reverse the tide of all opposition to the divine plan, to the All-Seeing Eye, to the victory of light and the right decision.  
                               –Lady Venus

In the name I AM, come Elohim, instantaneously raise up and protect these thine of the flame.     -Micah

I AM the resurrection and the life of the gold standard in America! (3x) now made manifest in the US and the world today! 

Mighty I AM and Nicholas Roerich:  let thy cups of light be unto the devotees each day as we fear not to follow the World Mother up the mountain; this time help us not to let go of Her garments but to let Her lead us where She needs must.  Come, five dhyani buddhas, neutralize the five poisons (anger, pride, greed/lust, envy and ignorance) in me.  May the five secret ray spheres of the five dhyani buddhas’ causal bodies heal the planetary body and her evolutions.           
                              -Nicholas Roerich

I call in the name I AM for the pulling of the plug of the wicked through the heart of Helios.  I call for the binding of the dweller on the threshold and the binding of his beam and message of denial of self-worth.  Let this insidious, distorted pride and its entire planetary momentum of mesmerism be put down by the legions of light.  Bind that beast!   -Triune One    

O Life, rectify all wrong, set the Earth aright, sound forth the glorious song of the new day, new light, new manifestation, by God’s grace.      
                                    -Sanat Kumara

In the name I AM THAT I AM, in the name of Serapis Bey and the seven chohans, I call to Alpha and Omega, Helios and Vesta, I call for the protection of Elohim by my own heartflame and I declare:  You shall not pass, you fallen ones!  By the authority of Jesus Christ and my Christ-Self and of the Messengers of Almighty God, I bind you and I cast you out of the earth.  For I stand in the earth and my God is with me, and you may not pervert the light of my God! (3x)

Namo i ju Kuan Yin (Mandarin: pronounced na-mo ee-ro gwan-een, meaning hail Kuan Yin of oneness). 

gate gate paragate parasamgate bodhi svaha (Sanskrit: beyond beyond far beyond very far beyond knowing so be it)      -Gautama Buddha mantra

Mighty I AM, Holy Christ Self, Archangel Michael, hosts of the Lord:  manifest the judgment upon the dragon Tiamat (Chaos), the beast of the pit, the great whore and the false prophet in the four lower bodies of Earth and her evolutions.    
                                 -Kuthumi (with Omega)

In the name I AM I call for Archangel Michael’s cloak of invincibility, invisibility and invulnerability to all not of the light and for Michael’s armor, sword, shield, crystalline helmet, boots and gauntlets.    
                                -Archangel Michael

I AM a son of Alpha and Omega.  I hurl the sphere of Alpha and Omega, crystal whitefire, into the cause and core of this challenge to my God-identity, God-realization and precipitation of this word and work that is the will of my Father-Mother.  So I make it my will and I do it!  For I AM a doer of the word and work of God and not a spectator and hearer only.                   -Oromasis and Diana

I invoke in Christ the full-gathered momentum of the Christian dispensation to flow to, through and around the selfless workers of Christ in the world of form and at inner levels.  I invoke the full-gathered cosmic momentum of Lord Gautama’s service to flow to, through and around sincere unascended lifestreams continuing in his name the Middle Way work.  In the name and love of the entire Spirit of the Great White Brotherhood!       
                                      -Jesus Christ

In the name I AM, dear Great Divine Director, help me, help thine on this orb with the way of the unfolding encapsulated wisdom.   
you would lift me, you must be on higher ground.” -Emerson The In the name I AM I join Elohim in decreeing the withdrawal of the stolen light of the Divine Mother!  Let it be returned to Her Causal Body now by Hercules’ decree.  I say to all the fallen ones of the International Communist/Capitalist Conspiracy, you have no power!  In the name of Hercules and Amazonia and the Cosmic Christ I tear from you the mask of all conspiracy and glamor and of the Lie and the Murderer!  Therefore the maya, glamor, illusion and raising up of those vibrations of psychotronics out of spacecraft and their physical tools--these go down in this hour as legions of Hercules enter that fray to demagnetize physical cosmos of these abusers of the Divine Mother’s sacred fire.  You have no power!  Your day is done!  Your evil is not real!  Go down to the sides of the pit, ye fallen ones!  We command the hosts of the Lord to bind and remove from the Earth all UFOs and bring to judgment their channels in the International Communist/Capitalist Conspiracy.      -Elohim Hercules

O love of God, immortal love, enfold all in Thy ray,/ Send compassion from above to raise them all today./ In the fullness of Thy power shed Thy glorious beams/ Upon the Earth and all thereon where life in shadow seems!/ Let the light of God blaze forth to cut men free from pain;/ Raise them up and clothe them, God, with Thy Mighty I AM name!     

In the name of my Mighty I AM Presence and Holy Christ Self I call to the Great Divine Director to arrest the spirals of human infamy that have imprisoned elementals in lower forms.  Let the elementals be cleared by the combined alchemy of the resurrection flame and the violet flame.  Beloved Shiva, come forth now and break all curses and all negative images that have ever been placed upon my personal body elemental and the body elementals of all mankind, preventing them from action in our defense! Shiva! Shiva! Shiva!  I call for the transmutation of all burdens upon elemental life due to human discord and selfishness that manifests at every level of being.  Beloved Cyclopea, give to every elemental the divine image and the divine vision of the Golden Age, the City Foursquare and the Temple Beautiful so that every elemental can hold the matrix for perfect form on Earth.  Let the Earth be sealed in the emerald matrix and the healing thoughtform.  According to the will of God let it be done!  In the purple fiery heart of Saint Germain I trust! (3x)

In the name and through the infinite power and dominion of my Mighty I AM Presence and Holy Christ Self I invoke the empowerment of God to be a bodhisattva on behalf of those of mankind in a state of ignorance.  I rise to a higher level of selflessness to be there for the Divine Mother as I ask to sponsor millions of souls who may otherwise be eternally lost.  Beloved Elohim Arcturus, hear our plea this day to champion souls who do not merit the sponsorship of an ascended master.  I invoke the violet flame to clear the way and make the difference in the harvesting of souls.  Beloved Jesus, sponsor of my soul, I deliberate profoundly as I declare:  I AM the sponsor (3x).

In the name of Christ I claim my eternal freedom from all witchcraft, negative projection and intent.  I call for the reversal by the Cosmic Mirror of these forces projected at me.  I call for the reinforcement of my Tube of Light by the blue-flame cylinder, triple ring-pass-not and mighty blue-sphere.  I call for the elementals and angels to swallow up the counterforce against the light and tai-chi.  I claim the negative energies sent at me for Saint Germain—to be repolarized and used for the light.  I call for the breaking of every curse in my subconscious with light, reprogramming the subconscious away from the fallen ones’ programming daily through media.
In the name of Almighty God! (3x) 

By the power and authority of the threefold flame within my heart I call for the full power and full-gathered momentum of beloved Elohim Cyclopea and Virginia and the great cosmic beings from the Pleiades.  I call for the full power and full-gathered momentum of the matrix of the Cosmic Cube, City Foursquare, Star of Victory, All-Seeing Eye of God and the emerald sword of Truth to project through my third eye into:  all conditions of delusion, illusion and confusion concerning who are the true messengers of the ascended masters, the Great White Brotherhood, the cosmic Hierarchy— whether in the past, present or future—and all causes and cores of conditions that interfere with the solidarity of lightbearers throughout the Earth.  Expose the lie of the human consciousness! (3x)  Seal evil where it dwells and bring forth the perfect manifestation of the divine matrix according to the will of God.  Beloved I AM! (3x)  (Misusage of the sacred fire results in tenfold energy confiscated by Hierarchy.)           
                            -Elohim Cyclopea, 1970 

In the name I AM, Maha Chohan, subsume me now into the higher realms of God that I might extract the elixir of each worded matrix that forms the foundation and the superstructure of the pyramid of my life.  Thence take me to the place of the capstone.  Take me to the realm of the Holy Spirit that I might know that one day I shall pass through the All-Seeing Eye of God in the capstone unto eternal life!          
                                  -Maha Chohan

O masters of the seraphic science, come forth in the fullness of the cosmic honor flame--Holy Justinius, beloved Serapis Bey:  rekindle within us the light of the Divine Mother.  O whitefire purity from the Central Sun, intensify the gold-and-white lily, that flame which the Lord has laid down for us that we may climb up this golden spiral ladder of light step by step in the initiatic process.      
                         -Messenger ECP:  Pearl 24:22

In the name of Archangel Uriel and Aurora I invoke the solar ring--the immaculate concept of America, the corona of the Sun and the angels of the corona of the Sun--around myself, the people of light and the earth body.   I invoke the divine pattern, divine matrix, Divine Mother, Divine Manchild, the judgment of all who oppose the fulfillment of the dream of America, the judgment of the false teachers and false gurus, and the piercing of Neptunian delusion and illusion.  Amen.     
                -Archangel Uriel and AuroraPearl 33:27

Elohim of God! Elohim of God! Elohim of God! Descend now into every nation on earth to raise up souls of light!  Descend through the chalice of Elohim anchored over the heart of the Inner Retreat!
We call for the reinforcement of that chalice.  Seven Mighty Elohim, empower us that we might be Thy chalice in the earth!  Empower us for personal and world transformation!  Empower us that we might show others how to achieve the one-on-one relationship with God that is their divine birthright!
 Elohim Hercules and Amazonia!  Elohim Hercules and Amazonia!  Elohim Hercules and Amazonia!
Pour through the chalice of Elohim ribbons of whitefire and blue lightning to stand between mankind and their returning karma!
Direct your God-power into the cause and core of domestic and international terrorism, earth changes, and all that opposes God-government and leadership in my local community and in all nations of the world!  Amen.
Elohim Apollo and Lumina!  Elohim Apollo and Lumina!
Elohim Apollo and Lumina!
Intensify the action of the rod of illumination for the acceleration of illumination throughout the earth!  Let this rod pulsating within the brain restore the Mind of God within all lightbearers and increase divine awareness on earth!
Beloved Apollo and Lumina, send the sacred golden fire of God’s wisdom for the quickening of the crown chakra, for the education of the heart, mind and soul of the youth of the world, and for the right use of technology in education!
Elohim Heros and Amora!  Elohim Heros and Amora!  Elohim Heros and Amora!
Intensify the action of the ruby-ray bricks you have embedded in the earth for the balancing of the inner levels of the earth closest to the core.  I ratify the prophecy of Heros and Amora that through these ruby-ray bricks and the violet flame the power of those who have persecuted the body of God in the earth will be curtailed!
Heros and Amora, intensify your divine love on earth to defeat every force of anti-Love that opposes the union of twinflames and each one’s union with the Higher Self!
Elohim Purity and Astrea!  Elohim Purity and Astrea!
Elohim Purity and Astrea!
In the name of Jesus the Christ I ask you to lock your cosmic circle and sword of blue flame around every pattern within me and within every child of God that keeps us enslaved to bad habits, carnal-mindedness or addictions of any kind!
I call to the Elohim Purity and Astrea and the Goddess of Light, the Queen of Light and the Goddess of Purity to send your whitefire and your circle and sword of blue flame to counteract all substance abuse and addiction, suicide, the violation of the child and abortion.
In the name of Almighty God, Jesus the Christ, the Holy Spirit and the Divine Mother I call to beloved Astrea and all the mighty Elohim to release the circle and sword of blue flame around the cause and core of all that opposes my God-identity.
Elohim Cyclopea and Virginia!  Elohim Cyclopea and Virginia!  Elohim Cyclopea and Virginia!
Penetrate planet Earth with the emerald ray and the All-Seeing Eye of God to heal the nations, their economies and their peoples.
 Move into action now to halt the creation and spreading of harmful viruses and microbes, all germ warfare, and all misuses of music, technology and science, including genetic engineering and cloning.
 Beloved Cyclopea and Virginia, affix to my soul my divine blueprint.  Help me to manifest this blueprint and to fulfill my mission in life to the glory of God and in His service.
Elohim Peace and Aloha!  Elohim Peace and Aloha!  Elohim Peace and Aloha!
Send your brilliant purple-and-gold light of peace to stop all war and to consume all forces of anti-peace--within and without!
I invoke Peace and Aloha’s dispensation of ten thousand angels of peace, and I command those angels of peace assigned to me to go forth now for the utter dissolution of war at every level.
Elohim Arcturus and Victoria!  Elohim Arcturus and Victoria!  Elohim Arcturus and Victoria!
Send oceans of violet flame to transmute the cause and core of all fanaticism, all physical, emotional, mental and etheric pollution, and all that opposes the soul’s one-on-one relationship with God!
Let each soul of light realize self-transcendence through the empowerment of Elohim this day!  
 -Messenger ECP:  Pearls of Wisdom 41:42
  I AM the golden victorious light, the full-orbed flame of illumination from the heart of God that refuses to accept any concept of limitation concerning my eternal reason for being, here and now made manifest in the chalice of the present hour!
  I AM the radiation of that victory that sweeps across the face of the Earth removing barriers by the power of faith that will not be denied its immortal birthright!
  I AM the flame of illumination that sweeps all continents, awakening peoples of every walk of life from the lethargy and sleep of the ages to a vital breathing awareness of that wisdom that transcends dogma, sense consciousness and personality functions--threading the eye of the needle with the thread of light determination whose sewings upon the garments of the Lord of Creation produce elevation, consummation, radiation, purification and freedom for every man, woman and child upon this planet!
   O world awake!/ Your dusty selves now shake/ Purify and rectify/ New ways of thought to make!                                                  
               -Mighty Victory:  Pearls of Wisdom 9:4
  Hark!  It is the hour of the intercession of archangels in this day of the shifting sands of human opinion.  We enter; we come, beloved, always in answer to the call of those embodied spirits of fervor and devotion to the healing arts.
  When I healed that one of old, Tobias, when I sent forth that light it was a transfer of my own aura as an electromagnetic field.  And this aura of an archangel sent by God as servant, beloved, has the power then to mend the flaw, to heal the breach.  Thus the rent in the garment is healed by the power of Christ we bring; thus the proneness and the vulnerability to intrusions from the very pits of Death itself may be removed, may be sealed as we then draw a solar ring around that one who has placed himself in faith and in understanding to be the vessel of the light….

There must be a willingness and it must be profound--a willingness that this healing might take him into the conformity of God’s wholeness, God’s Law, His loving Presence.              -Archangel Raphael:  4-6-1986 at Camelot, Los Angeles via Messenger ECP

-Keeper of the Scrolls by Auriel Bessemer

     The question raised by Timothy Connor as to ministers coming under pressure from the RTR Ministerial Council:  why should ministers of the Church have to sign a new contract with the RTR people from 2004 when the verbal assent given to obey the requirements by the gathered ministers in person with the Messenger was enough for Mother?  So Timothy Connor stood by his being a minister of the Church, trained by Mark and Elizabeth, and didn’t sign the new contract:  he was removed from that office of minister--RTR claims--as if the RTR runs everything; do they?  If they run everything, then you shouldn’t need to go down this list of questions. 
You are free to believe that all of the mantles of Mother are carried by RTR people, if that is what you want to believe.
1)  Who thought up “Office of Spiritual Director”?  
2)  Why did it show up at RTR only in March 2011?  
3)  Why was there a need to go another way than, say, having two co-Presidents to run Summit Lighthouse?
4)  What is the defined role of “Office Spiritual Director”--filled since 2011 by David Drye?
5)  IIf there is no defined role, then what is it?? 
6)  Why does the RTR not admit in public, (like a DISCLAIMER!), that Morya does not broadly sponsor anymore the Summit Lighthouse (via his word given through Mother on 4-30-1997!!)?  
7)  Oh, Spiritual Director said blah blah, that’s how/why/where/when/what/who—huh!

         at Mt. Shasta, California    -r  

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