Saturday, August 12, 2017

a deliberate manipulation of the minds of the people by those who are drunk with power

      In fact much if not all of the violence that humanity is facing today is the result of a deliberate manipulation of the minds of the people by those who are drunk with power.  Guided by the darkest stars they would cast down my Son, they would cast down the Christ consciousness, they would cast down the essential saving grace inherent within awareness of the Only Begotten of God.  The concept of the Only Begotten of God full of grace and truth when properly understood reveals that God has begotten only good.  No duality of good and evil came forth from His hand but only the clearly defined purest light and noblest hope for all creation….

Long to see yourselves and others free in the divine plan fulfilled.  So shall the brave light of a cosmic Mother’s heart be instilled in many that the hand that rocks the cradle may be the hand that rules the world through the instilling of love and virtue and the guarding of the mind of the young from those destroyers whose hearts are hardened in self-love, calloused by thousands of inequities and stinging degradations.   
-Archeia Mary:  Pearls of Wisdom 13:23
………                                                                                                      ................
 (by Ruth Hawkins)

            I am the Angel Mother who mothers your soul.  Each one of you can be a portion of myself.  The intercession of the Divine Mother in the earth is the great need of the hour. The Divine Mother is universal and universally present with you through Her ministering angels. Millions of legions of my angels respond to the prayers of all people to the Divine Mother, She the Great Goddess.  Call Her what you will, configure Her according to any of your religious paths--the Mother is the Word, the great Shakti of Brahman, and the Mother in Her various garments does go forth to rescue Her own….

And in this age materialism and neglect of the oneness of mother and child let the protective arm of the blessed father give comfort and strength to both.  Let the Holy Family and your family be the sign of the Aquarian age.  Let tenderness be the mark of your being, your speaking, your interchanges with children and adults alike….

How shall the world be healed unless some say:
I will turn this thing around!
I will invoke the violet flame and the Holy Spirit!
I will accept my healing in my four lower bodies.
I will pursue therapy for my soul.
I will resolve the schisms in my psyche
And I will come to the point of wholeness!
I will stop the momentums of generations before me who have abandoned the child.
And I will nurture life!
I have no greater calling than to restore to every part of life the gentle communication of the Mother:  “I AM here, 
I have returned.  I AM with you, I AM not afar off.”
-Archeia Mary:  2-27-1993 at Chicago via Messenger Elizabeth Clare Prophet

True freedom however is to be found only in the endless manifestations of reality, albeit in their present limited consciousness mankind are unable to tap the one Source of creative power--the difference is primarily the contrast of Life and vibrancy with death and decay.  The former is always to be preferred, for death itself is a transfixion in matter, and by cosmic Law the energies so qualified must be freed from their imperfect molds and returned to the heart of God for requalification.  It is enough then for the individual to understand that he has the choice either of creating according to the divine plan in the perfection and limitless beauty of God or of creating according to the darkened concepts that lead from life unto death.      Pearls of Wisdom 13:45
                          -Paul the Venetian:    Pearls of Wisdom 13:45                                                                          (by Ruth Hawkins)

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