Monday, May 30, 2016

you will also learn the lesson of the single note and the single quality

You cannot omit therefore becoming schooled and having a ready access and facility with knowl­edge of events and the course of events in your immediate vicinity.  Without the sense of the movement of history--where it has come from and where it is going--you may not always be alert to those signs that come upon a civilization just before its fall....
You can see how there has been a change in the nation since the departure from the gold standard.  You can see the change in the nation when the power to determine the course of finance is taken away from the people of the descent of the I AM and put into the hands of those who have made themselves the “Watchers” of this evolution.  But they are not Watchers in the divine sense. They do not come in the tradition of Cyclopea or the Great Silent Watchers, but they are the point of Antichrist [anti] the entire Hierarchy of God and of the All-Seeing Eye....
Why, in just the contemplation of the meaning of Herarchy and of the Great White Brotherhood you may come to understand and therefore define cosmic purpose.  As you wear the mantle of Ezekiel and as you study who he is, remember that he also descended as Jesus Christ did, after experiencing a certain era of evolution with the lifewaves of the sister-star Venus.  Hesperus therefore has also been host to Ezekiel.  And thus through that mantle and through that individual who made the mantle his own and left his imprint on that mantle you may also have access to all those who tutored him, those who were the hierarchs of Venus--even the Seven Holy Kumaras.
As you realize Hierarchy, beloved ones, you will also learn the lesson of the single note and the single quality of God and realize that through the single gem of a quality you may penetrate vast universes.  So through a single sponsoring master you may have access to his attainment, his path of initiation and all of the teachers that have gone before him.      -  Queen of Light:  7-3-1982 at Camelot, Los Angeles
by C. Sindelar

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