Saturday, May 7, 2016

the milky way of happiness

  Priestcraft and mankind operating in the realm of greed and selfishness have perverted its purposes, but the eternal purpose of God cannot be trifled with.  Only in human consciousness have men perverted the plan of God; at higher levels it remains inviolate, pure, magnificent and glorious, with the glory of the Eternal shining out its radiance at every hour.  Through all time and space it permeates and pervades life and it restores health, strength and vitality to the universe....For before discord came into being upon this planet God perceived all perfection in all life, and He has never failed to the present hour to perceive only perfection here.  
  It is you, blessed ones, who have somewhat failed; but it need not continue to be so, for the purpose of all religion, the purpose of all life is to manifest its eternal destiny.     -Lord Maitreya:  9-18-1960 at NYC via Messenger Mark Prophet

  Will you drink my Flame of Victory?  Will you quaff the elixir of Life, or will you pass that cup to another without drinking?  The choice is yours.  For freewill has always been both the bane and the beauty of man's existence.  Yet without it the Law of Love could not have fulfilled itself or have given to man the great glory that he achieves through his conscious realization that he is a part of God.  He must attain the understanding and conscious intelligence of the all of God by his freewill through no force but through the freedom flame, through the victory flame, through the resurrection flame, through the purity flame and through the ascension flame....
  Think of yourself now as abiding in this beautiful disc of light, this solar radiance, and feel that disc of light ascending toward the Great Central Sun as a shining, golden, radiant solar disc going back to the heart of God to be recharged with the golden radiance of the Great Central Sun, with the golden radiance of victory, with the pink flame of love.    -Mighty Victory:  12-31-1962 at Washington, D.C. via Messenger Mark Prophet

334.  Your joy is our joy.  When the enchanted flower of tenderness unfolds on Earth a new star is born in the Infinite.  Numberless are the stars.  The milky way of happiness bridges all the worlds.       -Leaves of Morya's Garden 1924

112.  It is a most useful thing to be able to combine the tenderness of love with the austereness of duty.  The new life will not be deterred by contrasts.  It will not exert compulsion with one yoke but will bestow breadth of receptivity.      -M:  Community 1926
 by Sindelar

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