Tuesday, May 24, 2016

as you have gazed upon the softness of the billowing clouds

  …as you have gazed upon the softness of the billowing clouds has it occurred to your blessed hearts that you could as easily blend with the soft texture of the clouds as with the body form you wear?…
  We expect rebellion from mankind, O sons of light.  For we recognize that rebellion is a result of mankind’s ignorance, and because all men are not fully illumined rebellion arises within their hearts.  But it is an innocent rebellion in most cases….
  So often the children of God upon this planet in their state of unknowing have the idea that many things occur haphazardly.  They do not, beloved ones.  All works as do your clocks and watches when they work with precision….
  For you can stand with my Son upon the hilltop of life and you can say with him in God’s holy name “I AM the resurrection and the life; all power in heaven and in earth is given unto me, and to whomsoever I will I may give it and it shall be so.”  But you will do as we do.  You will impart the all-power by an action of the divine law to those hearts that will cherish your words, that will cherish your love….

  My words merely heard are a temporary blessing to those able to assimilate them.  To those not able I say, abide in God and all things shall be fulfilled in due time regardless of the state of your consciousness.      -Archeia Mary, in Mary’s Message for a New Day, 2009, pp. 266-73     


 Mt. Eddy

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