Saturday, May 14, 2016

a haven of refuge from the shadows of mortal thought and feeling

  Remember that there are evil men in league with the dark powers and destructive forces of the world who would bring this planet under the domination of the red dragon.  They know that the destruction of God, of His name and His power, is essential to their purposes.  They are aware of the fact that in order for the state to rule supreme they must destroy in the minds of the people all invisible images and allegiances.
  Let us then ask that men of vision, like Gideon of old, shall cast down Baal’s altar and build instead an altar to the living God—let their hearts be that altar, and let the indwelling awareness and universal mysticism be the star of their search.        -Meru, Lake Titicaca:  Pearls of Wisdom 12:22
  The individual sense of being cast aside, subject to the whims of the elements of primeval force and human consciousness, should be denied by the ascending valor of hope.  Let men learn to hope on the grand scale….
  We call to those who see the world need and who understand the lineup of forces which are bent upon the destruction of order in society and of those guidance systems that of old were framed by wise men….You know, beloved ones, there is an allegorical summerland of universal love, a haven of refuge from the shadows of mortal thought and feeling, a place where the hand of God can radiate the mystical sweetness of His communion with His servant-sons.
  We see how the old Atlantean rebels with their dark red fires and their fuming smoke move to obscure the face of reality, and we are determined to bring forth the clearness of the crystal stream of divine truth!  Using the hand of divine decree we will cut out the diamond of the will of God for man.
  Each one has a plan,/ Each one is a man
  Of God intended, God defended/ Beauty in manifestation.
  Roll back the dark clouds of illusion/ And the dust blown by an ill wind of confusion!
  Set forth the straight path, the straight knowledge/ Before the vanguard of victory

  That marshals brotherhood on earth!           -Morya El:  Pearls of Wisdom 12:23

Lanello, Guru Ma in Prayer & Meditation, 1978; Maitreya

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