Monday, May 9, 2016

By that flame shall you discover the love of community, the building together!

By the sword of Serapis Bey, by the sword of The Faithful and True, by the sword Excalibur, the sword of King Arthur and the sword of Launcelot I stand.  For this sword--as the power of the spoken Word out of the mouth of The Faithful and True, the two witnesses and the saints--becomes the very foundation for the dispensation which is now given and which could not be given until the hour of the crucifixion should be past. 
I raise the chalice of the Holy Grail, crystal chalice of the soul of every Keeper of the Flame, to receive now the descending current of Alpha and Omega. 
Note well at this hour and moment and this time that a thirty-three-year spiral of ascension’s flame is anchored in this body, in this church, in the mystical body of God on earth and in heaven. This thirty-three-year spiral is for the fulfillment of the flame of the ascension, its initiations unto all, and the building of my house. 
Thus saith the LORD:  the building of the pyramid of this church and teaching that shall be and is unto the Aquarian age is established this day.  It is a whitefire pillar of the ascension flame--thirty-three turns in the spiral.  It is a living flame within the living body of the Messenger.  It is the flame that is the whitefire core above and below of Alpha and Omega, of the two witnesses and all who serve that flame. 
By that flame shall you discover the love of community, the building together, for this flame is God’s own skyscraper.  It is the power of that tower and the rock, and it is the power that displaces Nimrod and his tower of Babel, the entire Babylonian civilization, the Assyrian gods, the Cain civilization. 
This flame is for the testing and the trying of the nations, for the setting of the Christ standard of the culture of the Mother in every nation, for the reawakening of souls of light to their destiny on this path, to a new sense of honor and a new sense of what is the meaning of Christhood. 
Beloved ones, our flame is real.  It is for thy victory.  It is a fountain from which ye can all drink--even here and now because, my beloved, it is anchored in physical form. 
As you serve you may call, spiral upon spiral, to make this thirty-three-tiered spiral your own.  By initiation, by paying the price through balancing of karma and service you yourself--under the tutelage of Maitreya, the World Teachers and our own retreat--may raise up that coil in place for the hour of your union with God.       -Serapis Bey:  4-8-1984 at Camelot, Los Angeles    ( through 4-7-2017 makes for this 33 year cycle)

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