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a fiat for this age; the gift of the Infinite God is given to al; the selfish imp of their own creating

  I wish to implore you to see the meaning behind the word Gobi, for in this English language word, as also concealed behind the power of the I AM, is the most wondrous concept of identity—Go Be!—Go referring to man going forth from the heart of the Father and Be referring to man just simply being that which is the Father is….And in this holy concept of Being the subtle forces of the past with the discords of the past are stilled and man once again lives in holy innocence.  “Go be all that I AM!” is then a fiat for this age.  
  In an age when the accent is not so much on being as seeming to be it is essential that mankind be taught from early childhood not the fruits of hypocrisy but the fruits of purity; for it is purity that comes before the pure throne of God’s grace and draws from His grace the boundless radiance that makes a winner in the world as well as a winner in heaven.  For victory comes to the soul of man not through his desire to—as you say—“lord it over” other men but as the Lord rules over him once again.        -Gautama Buddha:  12-31-1964 near Washington, D.C. via Messenger Mark Prophet    
from Prayer & Meditation, 1978
  As I return momentarily in thought to one man possessing exclusively this quality of dominion I want to say that there are those upon earth who would like to convey “the fact” that they and they alone are the Infinite God.  This is darkness and shame, for the gift of the Infinite God is given to all and the spiritual loaf of His love was broken into many crumbs that fall as sacred eucharist from His table.  Your own mighty I AM Presence itself is a fragment of the whole that has within itself the power of the whole, the quality of the whole and the ability to communicate itself to man and to realign his four lower bodies.      
-Mighty Victory:  Pearls of Wisdom 11:33
  Only by a realization of and a faith in the continuity of life and the justice of life can a soul truly prepare his consciousness to receive immortality.  As long as souls are convinced that their lives are their own they are apt to misuse the gift of freewill to bottle up the selfish imp of their own creating.  When they realize that they themselves are co-creators of their own divine reality—strange though these words may sound at first to the natural man—they will perceive that God’s Spirit and His energy are the rejuvenating powers of the whole field of consciousness which makes the whole man new.  The power to renew and to wipe out the stain of the hieroglyphs of error enables man to contact the mainstream of God’s consciousness and to become infused with universal reason, with the pure reason of God.  Yet the very name God has become to many an anathema because of human distortions, imaginations and exaltations falsely premised….
  But if the field of consciousness be neglected and the old carnal mind referenced by Saint Paul remain in command, it will surely interfere with the externalization of the mind of Christ.  The mind of Christ is universal.  It belongs to the ages and it belongs to all men of the ages who are willing to appropriate it….
  Men must understand that they have a responsibility to direct their own lives.  If at first this responsibility be understood merely in the sense of directing themselves into the hands of Divine Providence, then let it be done.  For sooner or later when the child-initiate is ready to receive it he will be given the holy responsibility of cherishing his own consciousness. ... 
  What man needs is to learn to let go of himself and to release himself from the mainstream of mortal and environmental consciousness.  The subterranean stream of the mass consciousness that flows in the world must also be released, and the individual must perceive that the sun of illumination—the Son of God, the wisdom of God, the great stream of the divine consciousness by which the worlds were framed—exists as much today as it did in the beginning and it is transcendently achieving its own goal.  Then he must hitch the wagon of his consciousness to this star of reality….

  Let all understand then that the very nearness of the divine to the heartbeat of man signifies the intent of God to raise the Christ, to regenerate and to renew the opportunities of life for every individual and to help him to attain to a state of consciousness that can permanently receive and reflect God.          -Great Divine Director:  Pearls of Wisdom 11:46
(Amitabha Buddha shown above, from Prayer & Meditation, 1978)

-Kuan Yin, carved in Bali

-Divine Director by C. Sindelar  


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