Sunday, May 15, 2016

the garden of each and every child is the garden of the soul

  Why, the garden of each and every child is the garden of the soul.  And therefore learn well the meaning of the parable that in every soul is the good wheat of consciousness that must be nurtured and there are those tares that must be exposed.  It is difficult for someone to admit that a plant growing in his garden that he has loved so long is but a weed and must be uprooted and burned.
  There is much attachment to such things as was the case of Jonah and his gourd.  Nevertheless God revealed to him not the attachment to the gourd but to the fate, to the victory, to the survival of the people.  And sometimes you see, attachment to an idea is so great that it becomes worth—or so it seems—the execution of human life, the murder, the war.  And therefore children of the light are led by nefarious individuals posing as liberators to commit those deeds which they would never admit [to] in the righteousness of the Law while they are in their places in our retreat….
  My beloved, the power of Mercy’s Flame as the intensity of the violet flame is stupendous!

-Kuan Yin:  6-30-1979 at Camelot, Los Angeles  

Kuan Yin & Amitabha--in Prayer & Meditation, 1978

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