Sunday, May 22, 2016

in this hour of the failure of the leadership of this nation to heed his call

  But the great nineteenth century saint Ramakrishna said there should be no conflict about the nature of God:  “If somehow one attains Him then one finds no contradiction….Kabir used to say ‘The formless absolute is my Father, and God with form is my Mother.’  “          -Messengers M & E C Prophet:  Community 1926, 2001, p. 21
  You who have espoused a path of karma yoga embracing the highest calling of the sacred fire* are dear to the hearts of those of us who watch and wait as lifetime after lifetime the millions who abide on this planet do not move the boulders of karma or karmic pride….
  I come to you, beloved ones, to explain to you that though in recent years by your service Saint Germain did gain his freedom from the karmic abuses of the violet flame of many lifestreams, in this hour of the failure of the leadership of this nation to heed his call and warning and communications at inner levels he has as it were lost the ability to seek new dispensations, whether in this nation or for the sons and daughters of Canada or any nation who seek his sponsorship.
  Beloved ones, today all that he can bequeath to any is what the very ones who shall benefit by the dispensation shall invoke….so you realize that all of heaven has respect and honor and compassion for a Master who has given his all and who stands to lose so much by the betrayal of those who once did espouse the cause of freedom       -Great Divine Director:  7-4-1988 at RTR, Montana

* the invocation of the sacred fire is the path of agni yoga and raja yoga.
-Divine Director by C. Sindelar

-Lanello, Guru Ma, Saint Germain--in Prayer & Meditation, 1978

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