Thursday, May 5, 2016

Ark of the Covenant

  In our hearts dwell that cool flame of peace, that cool white flame of peace, that soft flower radiance that bestows the caress of God upon the beloved.  And who is not the beloved?  Each pebble, each grain of sand or celestial orb—He loveth all.  He giveth to all the fruit of striving, the wisdom flame and the tenderness of His care….
  We raise up and exalt once again the memory of the Prince of Peace and the blessed babe of the new year—the little pure one who comes to man without spot or blemish, the fair and blessed parchment upon which is to be written the fate of mankind….
  The centuries to us seem as but beads of a rosary, and our fingers caress the accomplishments made in the name of humanity.  But the end is not now nor will it be, for the permanence of striving is assured.  For the Cosmic Lords know full well, they know full well that among mankind there are hearts that were like our own—hearts determined to complete the mission they came to do, hearts that will not say “give up,” hearts that will pray, “Lord give us the cup and let us drink and walk in Thy footsteps.”…
  The chalice descends and it is the thoughtform for the year.  It is the Ark of the Covenant.  
It is simple; it was formed long ago.  And now we see it in its preserved and beauteous state, inlaid with gold and having upon its top the covering cherubim.
  We see the light of the Ark of the Covenant in all of its blazing brilliance, the Shekinah glory.  And this ancient symbol of Israel and of the promise speaks to men of their right to make a covenant with God and to know that this Divine One will also place the tablets of the Law within the ark of their heart.  Is it not written, “I will write my Laws in your hearts and minds, in your hearts and minds will I write them, saith the Lord.”
  Let no one be disappointed at this thoughtform.  For the Lords that have delivered it unto us have great faith that—although it is a symbol old—it is a symbol of particular meaning….You can feel in the hidden recesses of your heart, within the presence of this Ark an ark of safety, an ark of light, a place to receive the commandments of God that they themselves being written there may speak out from your heart with the authority of the Law from Zion.  For did I not correctly apprehend Him when He said, “Zion is my holy mount and I will dwell therein forever”?
  Shall not the joy of Zion then run throughout the earth and the great four rivers themselves in their confluence comment upon the restoration of the consciousness of Eden?  Can Eden then be restored to man—a paradise lost as John Milton wrote?  Can it not now be a paradise regained?  Did we ourselves not experience it before we made our ascension when the attainment of the angelic hosts came to us and we were able to grasp those wondrous principles of universal love that are often expressed to us here in Shamballa by the beloved God Himalaya?
  Again and again in the Retreat of the Blue Lotus the God Himalaya silently speaks to those of us who are able to understand his message, and we are always thrilled at how he takes the grandiose concepts of cosmos and reduces them to those childlike pictures of the purity of love and then conveys them to us without scarcely a smile.  We think there are times when we have noted a twinkle in his eye.  But even those of us skillful in discerning the quickest motions that can be made even by ascended beings are sometimes not sure, for he seems so completely enamored with the divine that even at inner levels he scarcely stops his meditations upon Love long enough to even convey to us what you would consider an accurate thought.  But then the very height and depth and reality of his meditations are themselves the source of infinite inspiration to the ascended host….
  Take for example the quality of boldness.  Sometimes the meek who shall inherit the earth are not exactly taken up with the idea of another’s boldness.  Yet we are fully aware that this boldness when raised to higher levels has won worlds and has assisted mightily in the preservation of cardinal principles which are so meaningful to the people of this Earth….
  We have given you most simple instruction, yet profound, because of the outreach of our love towards your hearts individually and collectively.  But ours is really a passion for peace, and we are aware of the awful criticisms leveled at those nations embroiled today in armed conflict.  But we want you to understand that whereas war is gross, involving many people, we are just as concerned for a family feud or a little difference between brothers or brother and sister….
  Let all then learn from the examples of these (that have dwelled in a temple of love and humility) and understand that the Lord draweth nigh to those who are humble; He giveth them grace but He resisteth the proud….
  I salute you with the kiss of Christ-peace.  Salutem!  God is beautiful.

-Gautama Buddha:  1-1-1969 at Colorado Springs via Messenger Mark Prophet

Gautama & Lanello, in Prayer & Meditation, 1978

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