Tuesday, May 17, 2016

no law however phrased has any validity until it comes alive in the consciousness of people

  Life as an educational process is schooling for infinity….In projecting this
(illumination) ray into the mental belt of the world we are counting on those receptive “poles”—the true disciples of cosmic Law and “followers of God as dear children” (Eph. 5:1)—to do what they are able for the expansion of true illumination by receiving and anchoring in the world of form those positive and constructive ideas which I hereby release….
  Reembodiment refers to the placing of the soul into new and successive temples of greater usefulness in order that it might evolve progressively toward Godhood….They (men) are taught that the blood of Christ literally cleanses them from their sins and that this blood is a propitiation for their sins….When men turn from darkness to serve light they themselves identify with the Law of Love and (that) every man must bear his own burden….
  “All things were made by Him, and without Him was not any thing made that was made.”  This means that no one was created without the divine seed of the Son of God—the divinity of the Christ, the universal mediator who lives for all and in all and is then truly Christ the Lord.
  Jesus as the Son of God manifested the fullness of the Christ to men.  This fullness God expects each one of his succeeding sons to manifest….Death can be overcome by manifesting Life, and Life is simply God.  God can be manifested by each one as the light that is within him qualifies the life flowing through him with the nature of God.        
-Goddess Meru:  Pearls of Wisdom 11:41
  What men have taught as ethics and integrity is but a shadow of that which is to come.  Too frequently mankind’s service is only lip service and his heart is not with it, for he has not been taught to expand the flame in his heart and to offer it as a token of the Father’s love to all whom he contacts.  We desire that the young shall understand the law of interaction—the law of the golden rule….
  The law of karma which refers to the Law of Return that states for every good deed that a man does he shall be repaid and for the opposite as well shows that the weight of human conduct should be governed by the golden rule rather than by confession of sin or repentance.  People repent and confess again and again, repeating the same old sins.  When they are taught that there is no escape from sin in its repetition but only by freeing oneself from the weight of sin by prayer and whatever ordeal or personal sacrifice the Law may require, they can take the first step in eliminating the consciousness of netherworld conditions, of astral horrors and of the fear of death or hell.  Then they begin to live in goodness, in the consciousness of the nature of God, and to express Him—and their lives become more sublime the longer they live….
  The seeds of death coexist with the seeds of life in the consciousness of men.  The seeds of death must be eliminated and the seeds of life encouraged to sprout and bear fruit….But when he understands that God is Spirit and that He is the creator of all that is, man as God joyously enters into that which He as God did create.  He has never been man; He is only manifesting.  In manifesting the finite He is carving doorways into the infinite.  The finite is only the schoolroom; the infinite is the great world of open-spacedness where consciousness dances in an aurora borealis of exquisite cosmic freedom.
  Attainment comes through working with microcosmic law….The nature of Being is affected by small things, therefore small things provide the pathway to deliverance.  The child must be taught that even graces and courtesies extended to others return to the universe the gratitude of the individual for the opportunity of life….The correct use of talents is the key then to the universe and to greater wisdom….
  But no law however phrased has any validity until it comes alive in the consciousness of people of all ages.  If individuals would only understand that none are immune to the Law, that the Law acts coequally upon all, they would realize that the dawn of perfection within themselves is the first ray of service to the will of God.
  After all if the wisdom of God is given to a man should it not identify with God’s will?  If he has the wisdom of God pulsating within him should it not identify with God’s love?  Who is excluded from the love and the will of God?  Only they who exclude themselves….Let us never forsake the deliverance of this blessed planet that God loves.  Let all stand with the ascended masters in seeking progressive revelation and the glories eternally released from the Fount of Wisdom for yourselves and your posterity.        -God Meru:  Pearls of Wisdom 11:42
  Mystics are those who seek a direct experience of the Presence of God.…Through this gift of the God-Flame our soul has the potential to realize God-consciousness, fulfill her reason for being on this earth and become one with God.
  ...pure love is that which is willing to be stripped of all that is less than God….When we take on the love of God and the love within our hearts it becomes a burning transmutative fire….When we then call forth an intense light of any virtue of God that light will also draw to itself energies that are diametrically opposed to it.  Why is this so?  It is because the core of all creation is God, is fire, sacred fire, and that whitefire core can never be tampered with.        -Messenger E C Prophet:  Becoming God, 2010, pp. 1, 5, 69 

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