Thursday, May 26, 2016

See then the purpose of the Shepherd’s crook.

See then the purpose of the Shepherd’s crook.  It is to draw up the light from the base unto the crown, to draw it inward into the inner mind and to seal the third eye.  Thus by the sealing of the Christ there is within that spinal altar the power of God....
Therefore inasmuch as this is the opening of the seventh seal, the one triumphant in the seven rays of the seven chakras for the violet flame, for freedom--Saint Germain and his Keepers of the Flame with him in vibration--shall rise then for the conquering of space, for the occupying of space as with the God of the Earth, Gautama Buddha, they understand day by day the Buddhic initiation to occupy that space.  Therefore I am casting down the fallen ones and the idols!  See them come tumbling down out of the skies as Wormwood and other shooting stars.
Blessed ones, let the Saturnian tester, the mighty Initiator Maitreya therefore occupy space.  Let the four beings of the ruby cross occupy that space.  Space then is painted violet flame by violet flame angels.  Let freedom reign!  And let all know that freedom has claimed space, and no other but the free hearts of Sanat Kumara may occupy it.   So may you make it so in the physical octave!
Blessed hearts, no sadder day could there be than that day whereon others take the dispensation that has gone forth for the victory of freedom in space, for Keepers of the Flame have not claimed it.  May you leap to your feet and say:
"I claim space for Saint Germain!...I claim time for Mother!  And that Divine Mother is truly Justice come."...
My counsel, then, beloved, is that you should be just in your use of time, just toward all life, just toward yourself, your I AM Presence and all hosts of light, just toward the divine plan, judicious in your use of moments.        -Archangel Jophiel:  7-5-1987 at RTR, Montana
Therefore called and summoned by Alpha and Omega to clear the way for Alpha’s release we sweep through this Heart--life beyond and within.  And from this point of cycles intensifying, spirals ascending high into the etheric octave and to the center of the earth we create a line of force and a fulcrum that by the ruby ray and the Holy Spirit life might be preserved--and that with integrity.
O blessed Keepers of the Flame, let thy light grow as a spiral and see how the growing of the pillars of the ruby ray suffice for a permanence in the earth even midst temporal amusements, temporal crowns and temporal changes that come to purify.         -Archangel Chamuel and Charity:  6-27-1987 at RTR, Montana
You have seen that culture as science and technology return to this nation, but it has not been used for the fulfillment of the Mother’s instinct to protect the children of the Sun.  Therefore that which came forth as medical science has both harmed and healed.  And so there is a two-edged sword in every field as mankind yet wrestle with the true mastery of alchemy in the sciences.
And so you have seen, beloved, how far lost is the Mother-flame in this nation America where it is intended to be raised up. The noncaring of life expressed in abortion or nondefense as a policy, the noncaring of life in the failure to tutor the young in the Word that they might be fully literate and educated instead of illiterate--these things are a neglect of little ones who depend upon the greatest nation upon Earth (or what once was) to give them the opportunity to fulfill the Great Law.         -Archangel Chamuel and Charity:  5-31-1987 at Overland Park, KS via Messenger E C Prophet
-Lake Siskiyou

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