Thursday, May 12, 2016

nature when cherished and honored produces all that is grand and noble

    Man presupposes in his limited frame of reference that the programming that makes for perfect manifestation is inherent within substance itself.  Little do men dream—that is, men who are wedded to material science—of the vast network of higher intelligences who function in magnificent consonance behind the screen of nature.  Going beyond a mere acknowledgement of these higher intelligences serving under the divine Presence, they enter into actual communion with the beings who are responsible for the riot of color and the tender expressions of abundance in verdant nature.  Then they may learn to appreciate the science of nature which is even more exact than the scientists of this world dream.
  Little children uninhibited by form concepts and hard dogmatic lines are able to commune with nature in a manner that beggars description….For life is God—it is the surge of His Presence, His creative pre-essence, His all-penetrating love….
  Thou hast appointed the bounds of life—its limitations are created by Thee.  Nature is the servant of God and the servant of man.  Nature is kindred to all that is lovely.  And nature when cherished and honored produces all that is grand and noble….the boundlessness of the will of God and the great onrush of perfection with all of its buoyancy has that restraint of the Gods of Nature that was beautifully inspired by the Most High to stimulate order and perfection in all things.

  Therefore this year and every year open the pores of the mind to the Godhead, to the stimulus of universal beauty and to the acceptance of responsibility in whatever walk of life you have chosen.  It cannot be that nature would ever become inattentive to the dicta of the Universal Christ         -Amaryllis:  Pearls of Wisdom 12:19

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