Saturday, November 4, 2017

Self-deceit is so prevalent upon the earth; the favor of heaven

                The favor of heaven is based upon the contents of mind and heart, upon holy intent,  and upon the synthesis of the foregoing with action and pure realization of the wholeness of the divine plan.  If men consider that the Deity is unfair or unjust or that cosmic Law can be manipulated, how can they expect to do aught but attempt such conduct themselves? …
  Self-deceit is so prevalent upon the earth, precious ones, that we must make further attempt to dispel it.  It is much easier to justify one’s being simply by pulling the wool over one’s eyes, so to speak,  whereas to take corrective measures within the framework of identity requires not only energy and foresight but dedication and holy prayer.  The temple of identity must be purified and the heart altar swept clean of all human debris such as self-pity, vanity, cupidity and the corollary effects of wrong associations.
  Because spiritual gifts and graces belong to the so-called invisible emanations of the soul of God they are often not properly honored by men nor are they sought by them.  Those things that enhance personal prestige in the eyes of men naturally serve as a balm to the ego.  Reorientation then is needed in the thinking of all true chelas of God.  They must seek the approbation of heaven and pursue it; they must recognize the honesty of heaven and of the cosmic hosts.  In the name of heaven, blessed ones, you must understand and accept that we do see clearly what is acting in your worlds.  We are not deceived when individuals are petulant or selfish, when they are careless or thoughtless, when they do not provide inspiration for one another or when unfortunately they tear down or mutilate the Christ image of one another….
  Be grateful for the Law of Love, be grateful for the Christ intelligence that guides your footsteps (here) below             
-Saint Germain:  Pearls of Wisdom 8:45  (with Messenger Elizabeth Clare Prophet, 1975)
     Man must heal ingratitude and doubt and fear and that which would thrust him down into the dark and cover over the precious sparkling flood of opportunity which God lavishes upon those whom He loves….But we admonish you upon the planet Earth whose hearts yearn to be fruitfully employed in divine service to recognize your great cosmic birth:  the birth of the soul, the birth of identity, the birth of Christ-awareness in the gentle folds of divine Selfhood, for the mantle of God is over thee when thou wilt accept the incarnate Word….It is needful that ambassadors be appointed by heaven from amongst mankind presently in embodiment….
  I infuse you this day with the annunciation that I gave to Mary of old:  Hail! thou that art highly favored of God!  The Lord is with thee and with thy spirit.  Blessed art thou, offspring of the Cosmic Mother.            Gratefully I AM  
                                         Gabriel        Pearls of Wisdom 8:49  (with Mohammed, in Prayer    and Meditation, 1978)
          For this is what the legalization of marijuana is--it is the legalization of death.  It is like legalizing abortion, euthanasia, all forms of genetic engineering, and suicide itself--it is the guarantee of the individual that he will be protected in the right to die….
  Let us go forth and let us engage in the war against the entire conglomerate of the marijuana scene!  Let us go forth with the armor of Archangel Michael, clothed upon with the full power and authority of Astrea.  Let us go, for we would come:  these are our children.  We would place our Electronic Presence over you and send you to the very heart of these little ones.
  Blessed hearts, you may think that the Christed ones are not, cannot be, affected.  I tell you, when they are assailed in the formative years when they cannot understand as yet their aloneness they are almost more subject to peer pressure than those who have the hardened skins of the independent Luciferians….Let us demand lovingly of Cyclopea the all-seeing Eye of God to be fastened upon these children already enslaved or targeted for enslavement by the fallen ones.  Let us be so in tune with Cyclopea that we will find them by our own contact with the focus of Elohim in the Royal Teton Retreat….
  Almost greater than the lie of World Communism is the lie of marijuana itself, which continually proclaims its harmlessness--like the scorpion and the serpent and the wolf who hide behind the sheep, claiming their innocence with the bleating sheep whom they devour.  Dear hearts, truth is a most penetrating ray.  Let us go forth with all the crystal clarity of the whitefire that is delivered by the Complement of the all-seeing Eye of God.  
  Let us call to the legal background and the love of Nada to provide that mighty pink cape of warmth and love to children who are led astray because they are yearning for the love of the Mother and find no security in the turmoil of earth and therefore seek to neutralize their sensitivity to pain or anxiety….
  Dear hearts of light, let us turn to the divine complement of Saint Germain for cosmic justice to descend through her heart from the Great Central Sun for the judgment of fallen ones who have targeted the youth as vampires to take their light, their very lifeblood, their very essence.  Why, they would take from them the pure crystal light descending through their crystal cord the very moment that it reaches the brain and enters the physical body….

  From the heart of the Mother-flame of this hemisphere to the heart of Himalaya we send our signal, our light-and-sound ray, to your hearts on behalf of those souls who cry out for deliverance--for they are captive, they are addicted, they are bound….Go with God!  Go with God!  Go with God!  ELOHIM (chanted)                        -Lady Meru:  6-13-1982 at Camelot, Los Angeles    
-Lake Titicaca
 all-seeing Eye by Sindelar
-chakras purified, aligned, balance, intensified, amid forgiveness flame

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