Monday, November 27, 2017

because we had the firmness in the name of Almighty God

        …because we had the firmness in the name of Almighty God to determine thus, we today stand ascended while hundreds, thousands and millions who walked among us and rubbed shoulders with us are still plodding the wheel of birth and rebirth.  What then is the cause that I advocate?  A little action on the part of my chelas—is it not the love of a father for his children?
  Mankind, realize so far as the ascended host are concerned the whole Earth has long been ascended.  We are just waiting for you to recognize your birthright.        
by Sindelar, 1884
                     -El Morya:  7-17-1960 at Boston via Messenger Mark Prophet
 2)       Hail, light!  I am resolved with the determination of God to herein illumine mankind with understanding about riptides, their cause, effect and control in everyday living upon earth!  I will do this because mankind’s energy often manifests in opposition to the light and this is directly the fault of imposing impure thought and feelings upon that powerful and precious divine energy which men use and take so for granted.
  The thoughtform for the year, which beloved Gautama described so well in his New Year’s address, is a golden spinning wheel releasing a golden thread of pure radiant energy to each lifestream to manifest as his apportioned substance.  The nine spokes of the wheel are indicative of the seven members of the Karmic Board, and includes also beloved Gautama, Lord of the World, and blessed Saint Germain, who are spokesmen for the Great White Brotherhood throughout the golden age.
  This golden thread, symbolical of each man esteeming his life energy as obedient substance, subjective with joy to God’s will, shall be used in the golden age to weave garments of immortality to endure as Christ-accomplishment in a living memorial to God’s honor flame!
  Riptides however are created by wrong thoughts and feelings which gain momentum in both a centripetal and centrifugal action.  Only the two-edged sword of blue flame is effective in wholly counteracting such viciousness.  In order to counteract malicious human forces it is mandatory that students call upon Archangel Michael, beloved Mighty Astrea and Prince Oromasis.
  You have observed the action of cyclonic winds, also the terror left in the wake of tornadoes.  These natural forces are puny beside the insidious invisible malice of humanly created riptides.  Now I wish to make clear that individuals are often totally ignorant of the fact that they are being used to feed their energy into and sustain any negative action, but it is happening hourly to many loving, innocent people who are simply the victims of their own ego.  These dear ones are trapped because they become the center of self-attention, self-pity and the obsession that they are being neglected.
  A constant flow of attention, unless it be upon the heights of its own divinity, is diverted to the lower octaves of human thought and feeling where like attracts like.  Vibrations of discord seek out and unite with their kind and in this union form huge astral pools of inky, negatively qualified, electrically charged substance which sometimes becomes immense in size, grossly concentrated in density, and has an intense whirling action.  Such disturbing astral conditions, without form or goodness, roam the atmosphere of earth like will-o-the-wisps and are especially attracted to all forms of negative thought, feeling or action.  By too much attention on the outer self students tend to open their doors to these human creations.
  I am requested by the Karmic Board and the Darjeeling Council to call these matters to the attention of the student body so that they may acquire the wisdom of serpents and be as harmless as doves!
  When in the grip of such concentrations of fierce energy many who do not understand their own being or the Law which governs it have committed many vicious acts of violence for which they were later heartily sorry.  I certainly do not propose to draw the attention of the students to these conditions, but I am lovingly interested in their proper understanding of the Law of Life as it relates to mankind’s use of God’s energy upon earth.  Such knowledge is essential to mastery, for those at present are often victims instead of victors over all forms of control, hypnotism, suggestion, vortices of specific negative energy and other undesirable conditions—the source of which is simply man’s misqualification of God’s pure energy!
  This week as a loving ascended being I am offering to you my assistance in governing all wrong conditions which would not prove helpful in winning your freedom or obtaining your ascension in the light.  Primarily, blessed ones, understanding the old saying, “Count to ten before you speak” (or release your thoughts or feelings out into the world) was first released as “Count to nine—in time” and was later changed by men who thought their own knowledge of English to be superior and did not understand the symbolic ritual which I release herewith and which was lost to them.
  The “Count to nine—in time” imparts the power of the three-times-three and is the ritual for encircling your being with light’s protection.  Immediately (in time) when wrong vibrations are sensed, start this action of the sacred fire.  At the first, second and third count encircle your abdomen with white fire to govern the feeling body; to the fourth, fifth and sixth count encircle the throat with whitefire to govern the physical form; and with the seventh, eighth and ninth count encircle the head with whitefire to govern the mental body.  As you do this three times for each of your three lower vehicles you will have absolute protection by the power of the three-times-three for your etheric body which will remain secure in the immaculate concept while the riptides of life continue to blast around you.
  The value of this ritual to you will be your freedom from the power men give to wrong conditions and that protection which the Great White Brotherhood desires all sincere students to have.
Next week I shall continue with my instruction on riptides and tell you more concerning how the student body can assist us in bringing greater freedom to the earth during this year of great destiny.     
   I am yours mightily in the light,       CUZCO      
                        Count to Nine
  In the name of the beloved mighty victorious Presence of God, I AM in me, my very own beloved Holy Christ Self, beloved Archangel Michael, Prince Oromasis, Mighty Astrea, Goddess of Light, beloved Ascended Master Cuzco, beloved Lanello, the entire Spirit of the Great White Brotherhood and the World Mother, elemental life—fire, air, water, and earth I decree: 
Come now by love divine
Guard thou this soul of mine,
Make now my world all thine,
God's light around me shine.

I count one, it is done,
O feeling world be still!
Two and three I AM free,
Peace, it is God's will.

I count four, I do adore
My Presence all divine,
Five and six, O God afix
My gaze on Thee sublime!

I count seven, come O heaven,
My energies take hold!
Eight and nine, completely Thine,
My mental world enfold!

The whitefire light now encircles me,
All riptides are rejected!
With God's own might around me bright
I AM by love protected!

  I accept this done right now with full power!  I AM this done right now with full power!  I AM, I AM, I AM God-life expressing perfection all ways at all times.  This which I call forth for myself I call forth for every man, woman and child on this planet.  Amen.

                               Pearls of Wisdom 5:2   
  3)      The subtle influence of riptides of human feeling on mankind is underestimated by the conscious minds of the students.  When in the tenacious grip of vicious forces people often think they are the authors of their own confusions.  This ignorance opens the door to more negative and sinister energy which hinders the natural protective action of their own Holy Christ Selves!  When individuals are later restored to harmony the energies of their thoughts and feelings seized upon by the vortices are already spent and, as in the wake of a storm, the havoc of imperfection often persists for centuries!  Thus in a moment of indiscretion does mankind sometimes wipe out spiritual accomplishments dearly won.
  This loss of precious energy would be wholly unnecessary if individuals would take the time to stand guard and not permit themselves to be used by aught but the blessed power, love and wisdom of the great Cosmic Light.  How can people be the great exemplars they are intended to become unless they are impervious to the onslaught of riptides from the psychic plane?
Now it is never too late to mend the broken walls of light if the students will only accept that their own guard is one of God-design, God-intent and ascended master love.  O how great is the love that stands guard automatically and deflects literally tons of discordant energy from our chelas every day!  The blessed Law demands however that a small portion of this discordant energy— which all men have had a part in creating or sustaining—must at first be divided and apportioned equally to all men for the sake of universal requalification.  However sometimes illumined and dedicated chelas receive a larger share of this simply because their greater understanding and use of the violet transmuting flame enables them to better handle these forces on behalf of their lesser-trained brethren.  This activity is ever a voluntary labor of love and each chela should rejoice when this opportunity to serve is given.
  One never knows how much constructive good is accomplished when one’s calm inner peace remains undisturbed albeit legions of discord rage against the fortress of being.  Like sentinels the mankind of Earth must learn the governing of their own energies.  This discipline will guard the sacred shrine of man’s oneness with God.  A citadel which is protected by vigilant love becomes a tower of strength to the chatelain.  It is true that our chelas often encounter more problems than those who may be less qualified to handle them, but at inner levels many volunteered to assist our Brotherhood.  If when this energy is directed at you rebellion occurs in your feeling world, the karmic accountability incurred is greater than average!
  Blessed ones, there is a great need to sustain this guard each day and each hour.  Tests or problems may be directed your way at any moment for the very reason that you possess the capacity and strength to handle them.  Never feel inadequate or helpless or allow yourselves to tremble as you face monsters of human creation, for heaven gives invincible power to men and women dedicated to the constructive use of divine love and light!
  There are many different types of riptides—some are creations of anger, fear, violence, hopelessness, desire for palliative and temporary pleasure; frustrations, self-aggrandizement; insanity, confusion, irreverence, hate, derision, gossip, love of money and power, and many other destructive momentums whose end is never practical or perfect.
  The force employed in sustaining these conditions is never divine love.  Divine love naturally withdraws the energy by the inner action of the Law from every malevolent center.  As this process occurs the energy-quotient of the vortex is depleted and these whirling riptides which depended for sustenance on the constant feeding of their foci by a multitude of people the world around are dissipated.  The blessed people of Earth have continued to hide the light of God within them under the negative bushel of outer personality, misqualified with a mask of negative riptides falsely claiming to be their own thoughts and feelings.
  I am interested that the students understand that the centripetal (counterclockwise) action is that which dissolves substance or returns life to the universal.   This centripetal action has been wrongly used by psychic forces to strip the seekers of their own God-given spiritual blessings and thus students are deprived of the fullness of the blessings the ascended masters intend them to have.  The centrifugal action (clockwise) creates and sustains substance and vibration but it has also been wrongly used to build momentums of thought, feeling and habit which pull mankind down.
  The sacred fire when concentrated as a dual focus of ascended master light does swing both ways to transmute the centripetal and centrifugal action of all human riptides and discordant energy, thus setting mankind free to manifest God!  The sword of blue flame is typified in the generic allegory of the two-edged sword at the “gate of paradise” recorded in the Pentateuch.
  The exclusion of wrongly qualified substance from human thought and feeling and from the psychic strata will cut mankind free to outpicture the beauty of heaven daily in a manner not known since the purity of the first golden age.  This liberation from shadows releases into manifestation a body that is all light—for it is light which replaces shadowed substance, and it is light which clarifies, unifies and heals!
  When people become sufficiently alert to the causes of their own susceptibility to such malign influences and remove its core the freedom of the ascended masters will swiftly manifest upon earth!  No greater blessing can come to mankind than the removal of negative ideas from the hearts and thoughts of all.  Thus the Christ light, meeting no human impedia, can flow through without limit and do its perfect work which makes of earth—in her most desert areas—a land flowing with milk and honey and blossoming as the rose.  Man is thereby exalted into the perfection of the immaculate concept which magnifies God by loving obedience to His Laws carried out in a spirit of holy joy.
  The fountain of youth can manifest when men no longer nourish discord and use their power of right thought and action to restore, renew and maintain bodies and minds of the vigor and loveliness of an ascended being.  In reaching for the perfection of the present golden age the students of the ascended masters must initiate an unbroken ring of ordered service—a ring-pass-not that daily counteracts the effects and transmutes the causes and cores of every destructive momentum which mankind has ever generated and that remains untransmuted.
  The children of the world have been the innocent victims of their elders’ shortcomings.  The education and training of the young and incoming children is a task to which many must be dedicated in the interest of annulling human error and maintaining permanent God-peace on earth in goodwill to man.  This is more than an ideal, blessed ones; it is the highest activity of divine love and mercy acting through you and in you for the sake of the earth and its evolutions!
  The freedom which can be invoked through dissolving human vortices of hate and wrong feeling is great!  Those of you participating daily and all who wish to do so during the seven o’clock evening period can use the enclosed decree to assist the earth and all its people to find greater freedom right now today.  Remember that the only power these riptides have is that which mankind has given them!  The concentrated decrees of the students absolutely without fail, as the beloved Goddess of Light and myself answer your call, cannot but move the earth closer to her victory.
  During the coming year many important steps will be taken by beloved El Morya to forward the expansion of this activity, its blessings to the students and the ushering in of the age of perfection.  Let those who are alert read between the lines.  Those who fail to make use of this blessed instruction shall have no one but themselves to blame, for universal love and life march on.  It does not wait the zeal of a vanishing zest for the pleasures of earth and a turning to heaven as a last resort.  Life calls for the voluntary offering of the best fruits of the earth now—young life, young love, divine tenderness so willingly offered, so joyously given and dedicated so as to never be recalled by the thralldom of human vanity.
  We direct your attention now to the image of Christ, the beauteous plan of the Cosmic Christ, to the glory born in an age of light!  Banish from the earth by love in action all discordant riptides of human thought and feeling.  Magnify the Lord by the pink love-ray of illumined obedience to the Spirit of the Great White Brotherhood, whose sons and daughters in the full-orbed radiance of eternal purity must themselves sustain and hold victory for all!
         I AM a Friend of Light,     Cuzco          Pearls of Wisdom 5:3  
Washington Monument
      I speak to those who are parents and to those who are children.  The age is productive, but of what?
  Is the mask of personal identity one of hope or of hopelessness?  Is the interest manifested by men and women who would sire their own offspring dedicated to an extension of themselves in the inferior ranges of identity or to a sacred trust which will cause them to study to show themselves approved unto God as worthy custodians and stewards of cosmic Grace?  Or are they dilettantes seeking to perpetuate vanity in the darkness of their own ignorance?
Are the children of this age purveyors of the cult of pleasure or recipients of a torch which their fathers passed without full understanding?  Is obedience obtained through fear or by the power of love?  What rages in the current spirit of rebellion?  Is it the work of restoring equilibrium to the world, or is it the senseless surging of an irrepressible and irresponsible mania?
  The channels of birth are opportunities for both parent and child.  The rewards of right stewardship are not offered to parents alone, but also to their children.  There is an interlocking cosmic Law involved in parental-child relationships which ought to regenerate daily a sense of responsibility that does not trample upon the tender soul of an incoming child and that will manifest in the children of this age as an echo of love from the corridors of heaven, extending gratitude to parents for a job well done.
  Often when evasion of responsibility occurs on one side of this relationship there is a tendency to slough off responsibility on the other side.  Parents may say, “I deny responsibility for this child,” and children will echo these sentiments in return saying, “I can scarcely wait until I am delivered from the charge of my parents.”  Saint Paul during the early days of Christendom admonished, saying that individuals would manifest without natural affection.  True natural affection is divine grace, regenerating within men and women understanding of their joint responsibilities.
  It is true, because of the very nature of the soul and the nature of incoming lifestreams, that sometimes individuals are given a very difficult charge.  Men often say “I did not choose my parents,” and parents say that they did not choose their children; yet there is an implied consent in immediate family ties which is known at spiritual levels.  And when the Law is correctly understood individuals will perceive they have attracted to themselves souls whom they have sought or with whom they have been in contact in a former existence.
  In many cases individuals of great virtue have agreed at inner levels, above and beyond their conscious knowledge, to accept the responsibility for a regressive child or for a rebellious one.  The karmic maze is not easy to untangle, and true discrimination is often not the forte of the aspirant to do the holy will of God.  Patience has her own reward, and the magnanimity of the acceptance of that which men cannot change is to be found in the tenderness of pure correction wherein are balanced the Godly qualities of both justice and mercy.
  The desire to flaunt life’s experiences, to disgorge from one’s world an unwelcome situation by parry and thrust, by  disclaiming responsibility, by literally denying oneself and in effect severing one’s connection with either one’s offspring or one’s parents can and often does bring about a state of great unhappiness, unless the individual be well balanced and able to comprehend the full portent of his action.
  The current age of man’s manifestation has brought mankind together in many strange relationships, that is to say, strained relationships.  The great Lords of Karma have ever sought to break down the middle wall of partition, the forces of division, and that which truly is unnatural to the spiritual nature in man.  Associations with families often become difficult because they are designed as opportunities to remove the stains of past injustices and therefore, unless understanding is sought and justice desired, mercy too may fly out the window.
  How well we recognize that at a certain age individuals may desire to go their own way, to try their wings and explore the newness of life.  How well we understand that after a number of years of laboring under a certain measure of unhappiness individuals may feel compelled to sever ties which they believe ought not to have been.  Nevertheless it is always proper before these seemingly drastic measures are taken that examination of practical alternatives shall be made.  For it is well worth the search if redemption of life experiences can be accomplished, the ritual of forgiveness practiced, reorganization of communion between individuals established, or perhaps a new approach to old circumstances envisioned.  In this way many flaws can be mended which otherwise would go into the dossier of a lifestream as a piece of unfinished business.
  The great law of karmic relationships stands upon the record of life.  Sometime, somewhere every lifestream who has had an unhappy experience or contact with another must reestablish the harmony of life with that individual.  This does not mean that a rebellious soul must be pursued and forced into an unhappy alliance.  It does mean that it is wise to consider what proper action may lie in your hands at the present moment to bring about the greatest harmony between yourself and all whom you contact.  If after examination there seems to be no way, a call unto light will always be answered.  If all possibilities fail, one can then turn to God and the Karmic Board to create the opportunity sometime, somewhere whereby all that is misaligned will be divinely reattuned.
  My plea in this day is that men be not hasty in putting away from their lifestreams parent or child relationships; yet I counsel all my readers to understand that nothing should ever interfere with one’s search for the kingdom of God.  Neither husband nor wife, nor child, nor parent, nor any man should be given the right to prevent one’s establishment in divine comprehension.  The Law of man’s Life must be heard and if a man shall stand in his own light, becoming a shadow of intrusion between divine levels of reality and mortality in its expressions of pleasure, men ought to choose God and the fruits of heaven above all others.
  As we ready the disciples in this age to pass the acid tests of life, as we assist mankind to establish complete attunement with their great winged God Self it is for the upliftment not of the individual alone but of the entire human race.  Responsibility of the flesh must be understood, for the Christ long ago said, “Inasmuch as ye have done it unto one of the least of these my brethren, ye have done it unto me.”  Yet wrest not the Law out of context nor permit the bond of an illicit sympathy for human weakness to hold back that self-progress which must assume victorious God-control over every phase of life’s relationships if you will to be free.
  You will recall, although dimly at first, through an ever increasing measure of the piercing of the veil of illusion cosmic associations of old, the joint framing with the Father of the entire cosmos by the power of his spoken Word.  You were there as co-creators, and as creative sons of God you must then render the last full measure of devotion.  The prayer in Gethsemane, “Not my will, but thine, be done” was a fiat for the ages.  As we reminisce upon the virtues of past ages, golden as well as those blackened by despair, we choose to extol that which lifts man toward God; we choose to commend men to that fruit of striving which will not give up the possibility of intimate reunion with the cherished principle that is life in the fullest sense of cosmic magnificence.
  With all my heart for the coming race and valiant age I AM
                       CUZCO       Pearls of Wisdom 9:43
To Those Who Would Harvest the Abundance from the Heart of God:
     From our retreat in the Rocky Mountains near Colorado Springs flows the love of our heart’s eye.  Beholding immaculately we invoke in all life a greater realization of man’s inner power over the field of his own consciousness.
  Now consciousness is a moving, vital essence that possesses the divine Tao, conducting through the mind’s fingers of contact that Spirit by which men cognize the manifestations of themselves and nature.  All of man’s acts, the great and the small, take on new meaning when he realizes that his consciousness is a gift of the Spirit Most Holy.  Wherever consciousness preordains action there is responsibility to the Holy Spirit; and where there is responsibility there is also the need for understanding in order that the responsibility might be fulfilled.
  Many have pleaded ignorance while others have ignorantly engaged the teeth of their energies in opposition to the highest plans God has for the Earth planet.  When we pause to consider that attitudes of just plain meanness—and there is no other word for them—have passed among mankind through the educational systems of the world and the marts of commerce, through the exploitation of the credulous and the proliferation of dark designs of thought and horror we realize how important it is that all men be reminded once again, before it is too late, of their solemn responsibility to guard the Christ consciousness in others as well as in themselves.  Those who are concerned solely with their own accumulation of wealth seldom realize that unless they possess the abundant Life they will one day lose all that they have temporarily gained—for “the earth is the Lord’s, and the fullness thereof.” 
  If any man would shew himself “approved unto God” and to the Powers that Be, spreading abroad the word of truth from the mountains to the great plains, he should understand that above all is the need to “train up a child in the way he should go, (that) when he is old he will not depart from it.”  All have accumulated karma and records of the past, much of these being shaded in darkness; yet through the centuries all who have had any degree of openness of mind and heart have also absorbed some light.  But when we pause to consider the responsibility of man to accurately teach man we perceive that in order to pass on higher truth he himself must have a more than ordinary training, and his consciousness cannot be limited to the accumulation of things. 
  Many of the teachers of the world today are so wrapped up in the little knots of their own personal lives and karma that they are incapable of truly caring for the spiritual-material needs of their pupils.  Their outlook is not only worldly-simple but almost vulgar because they are saturated with egoism.  Parents who send their children to be trained by these highly unqualified individuals, who deny God and pridefully strut their designs before the youth fancying themselves architects of a new age, are already reaping the karma of their neglect.
  The saddest part of this misadventure is that humanity seldom realize that into what to them seems a relatively unimportant matter—the education of their youth—goes the entire adventure of their own becoming.  For so long as humanity are kept busy in the toils of their karma which as a treadmill regurgitates their experiences and spills them forth as a vile suds upon one another, so long shall they be bound to the world of form.
  Only when humanity’s teachers understand the true meaning of training up a child in the way he should go, only when they understand the cosmic responsibility to cleanse their own spirits so that their teachings may become a vital communication of cosmic ideal wedded to the entire accumulation of man’s knowledge, cleansing and purifying all–only then will humanity begin to build once again a golden age.  Then what some might call Platonistic, but what is actually the divine society of the ascended masters, the kingdom of heaven upon earth, will become a reality because the enlightened potential of the Spirit of man will be not latent but apparent in conscious manifestation.
  We of the ascended masters’ realm, overseeing humanity with the radiation of our love and the eye of our attention, pinpoint once again in this unit of cosmic knowledge, this Pearl of Wisdom, the need for all to face squarely their cosmic responsibility to employ the energies of consciousness, the faculties of mind and heart, to build a golden age civilization solidly based upon the golden rule.  It is in the hope that loving parents, young people and even the elder stewards will bestow upon the tapestry of the coming age a restoration of prayer in the schools—not, as it has been for so many years a mere token offered unto God, but as a vital communication of the heart of the child to his Creator—that we advocate the bolstering of faith, hope and charity in the hearts of all. How sad it has been but how true that where God has been moved out men with atheistic and damning concepts of dialectical materialism have moved in.
  In the asteroid belt of the solar system located between Mars and Jupiter revolve magnetic chunks of the ancient planet Maldek, a monument to the perfidy of the laggards and their denial of the power of the creative Spirit of pure Being.  Will you then, parents and teachers of this age, allow your children and your children’s children to imitate their degenerate ways and then to literally destroy this planet before you lift a hand in defense of righteousness and truth!  How men can deny God and expect to build a socialistic, utopian society of antichrist in the place of the kingdom of heaven is difficult to understand; but it has happened in nation after nation, while the Scriptures declare “The wicked shall be turned into hell, and all the nations that forget God.”
  The youth of the world who have been hypnotized by the dark doings of the Luciferians rampant in this age should wake up to the fact that they have been made the puppets of darkness.  They should understand clearly that they have been manipulated by those who have used the television and moving picture industry of the United States and other nations to brainwash them with a decadent philosophy and a decadent music—the same old theme that caused the destruction of Maldek. They should see before it is too late that the jaws of a vicious trap are closing in upon them—and even if the plot should fail to actually materialize as their perpetrators plan, mankind stand to be the losers because the youth who have defected from the Spirit of the living God will be the ones who will not only bear the coming generation but also set the example for it.  Yet all of this can still be avoided by their parents, teachers and elected representatives, who thus far have allowed the misapplication of the cardinal principles of divine reality in school, church and society to go unchecked.
  In heaven’s name do you think that humanity can escape the penalty of their own deeds exacted upon them by an inexorable Cosmic Law!  If they neglect the training of their children they are neglecting the most vital part of the structuring of the social order.  When it is time for them to reembody who will teach them what they have not taught the very ones who shall bring them forth?  Mankind’s current concern with the pollution of the elements is a hollow mockery of their pollutions of the human spirit and the human mind through their failure to stop the trafficking of dangerous drugs and pornographic art. The flood of degrading concepts now being released into the world of man at an alarming rate, unless reversed in its course, will destroy this planet as surely as it did Maldek.
 O humanity, hearken to thy cosmic teachers who are no longer removed into a corner but stand before thee face to face to reveal the truth of the ages and the Law of thy being!  The way of cosmic history is plain. The way of the great Law is also plain:  “Whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap.” 
  The advent of cosmic Truth can be brought to bear upon human needs if hearts will open and respond.  If they will not, and I speak to each little spark of the divine Spirit, I am certain that we will not be allowed from our level to interfere with human freewill.  The hope of the world lies in man’s acceptance of the Grace of God.
  Never fear, the Grace is there.  Never fear, the Wisdom is there.  Never fear, the Mercy is there—just waiting for man to appropriate it.  Today as never before man must take a good look at himself, at his world, and at his life in its universal context.  He must realize that in this vast network of universal Life which he calls cosmos are framed such mysteries as to delight his eye and to bring wonder to his heart.  But if he is ever to know these graces, if he is ever to become an ascended being, if he is ever to enter into the fruit of holy reason, it will be because he acknowledges that spark of Life in himself and in nature as the inviolate creation of a reality so far beyond his finite self as to be labeled by him “Infinite.”  If he acknowledges the spark, then I say there is hope.
  I AM Tabor.  My concern is with the proper utilization of the abundant Life that God has placed in the hills.  In reality man is like unto a hill, one that we would till and cultivate; for the cultivation of the spirit of man and of spiritual goals is our desire.  “The earth is the Lord’s, and the fullness thereof,” but no one is more eager to bestow it on man than God.  It is man and man alone who, by the schisms he has created between himself and his God through his doubts of his own immortal destiny and his questionings of the divine plan, has frustrated the Grace that God has, and is, from manifesting right where it is so badly needed.
  “In God We Trust” written on the coins of the United States of America is a mantram invocative of cosmic protection to the earth that ought never to be removed and that ought also to be written upon the heart.  Then the movement of the nation toward the reestablishment of an ascended master culture can rightly begin.  These words should also be enshrined in the hearts of the people of the whole world, for all nations can benefit from the radiance released through this simple yet powerful fiat.  The people of Russia and China, dominated as are the people of Tibet and Eastern Europe by the red dragon of Communism, have found their dreams of culture, of beauty, of love, of order and of the strength of the Law of infinite Love suppressed by a godless tyranny that is spreading as a looming shadow across the face of the earth, blighting the world with a plague of darkness, hopelessness and despair.
  The only pathway toward the light lies not on the altars of Baal or other pagan gods but upon the altar of the living God where there is wrought a golden age civilization through the malleability of man’s freewill and his acceptance of the chalice of opportunity to follow the ascended masters in the regeneration of the spirit of life that all may be found not wanting but enjoying and progressively assimilating the abundant Life. 
     Fruitfully I remain          Tabor, God of the Mountains        Pearls  of Wisdom 14:15
      The earth is the Lord’s and the fullness thereof, the world and they that dwell therein.   I AM God Tabor.  And I have come with the angel devas of the mountains and of the pines of East and West, of the Rocky Mountains and of the Himalayas, of the Alps and of the great Pyrenees and the Andes.
  I come with the light of the fiery core in the heart of the rock, in the heart of nature; and I proclaim the unity of the God of nature and the God of man.  Not only do I proclaim the unity, but I cause the action of the fusion of the sacred fire that is in the heart of man with the sacred fire that is in nature.  I challenge before you in the plane of Spirit and the plane of matter all elements that cause mankind to be divorced from nature.  I say there is a vein of darkness that has existed for far too long upon this planetary home–a vein of darkness, of the dark deeds of mankind’s doings that has separated him from the Spirit Most Holy in nature.
  Let the veil that hung between the Holy of Holies be rent in twain—the veil that separated the consciousness of man from his God.  This is the day the Lord hath made for the unification of the God within and the God without.  I say, O mankind, be still and know that you are God in manifestation, that you have the oneness of Life and the potential of reunion with the flame of the Divine Woman and Her Seed.
  Let earth send forth the praise of the glory of God!  Let fire and air rejoice!  Let the waters tremble with the music of the spheres!  For I am come for the fusion of the four quadrants of mankind’s consciousness—as Above, so below.  And I declare from this day forward there shall not occur that separation, that division, but nature and man shall be one.
  Do I imply that man should return to the level of animal?  Nay, I say.  Let man be raised to the level of God, and let all creatures also be raised into the awareness of the Holy Spirit. And the lion shall lie down with the lamb, and there shall be peace.  Therefore I come with the ray of transmutation that is the fire of the Holy Spirit to consume mankind’s lust and carnal nature and desire to kill and be killed and to bring harm to elemental life.
  If mankind would live in peace with the birds of the air and have them form the cross of the Christ as they did for Francis of old, then they must come into harmony with all of nature. Do you know that when man partakes of the flesh of his fellow creatures he takes into himself a portion of elemental life which ought not to be within the sacred temple of Being?  Man then finds himself at enmity with animal life. And there is fear and division where there ought not to be, and wars are perpetuated.  And when man goes into nature he considers that he should become as the beasts of the field.
  I say, let all of that be past!  Let those who love the light come to the feet of the Buddha, the Lord of the World, who harmonizes angelic life, elemental life, human life in the one flame of adoration of the Motherhood of God.
  I AM Tabor, God of the Mountains!  And upon the mountains there was given to Moses of old the tablet of the Law, the Ten Commandments.  Have you thought of the test of the ten pronounced by Mighty Victory as having begun in ancient time when the Ten Commandments were given to Moses for the salvation of a people and for the alignment of their energies with the Holy Spirit?  And so the Law was given, and upon the foundation of the Law came forth the grace of the Christ Consciousness.  And it is ever so when mankind harmonizes his consciousness with nature and with the laws of nature.  Then he comes into union with all of Life.
  Until you sense the oneness of life you cannot maintain the harmony that will give you dominion over the earth. Harmony of all life, of all cells in the body of God is the answer to all of mankind’s problems.  Do you not understand?  The angel devas who keep the balance of the mighty forests tall upon the mountains and the hillsides of life, holding the balance of the intensity of mankind’s own effluvia in the cities of the world—these angel devas and elemental builders of form wait with arms outstretched to receive man into the heart of a tree.
  Have you thought upon the concept of hugging a tree, of pouring forth the love of your heart to a tree and feeling the love return in the immense cycles of the building of the tower unto the skies, the mighty pines of life?  How often do you pour forth your love to the birds of the air?  And do they come and eat from your hands?  Or do they fear you because they sense that you have partaken of their very flesh?
  When will the reconciliation occur?  When will mankind surrender his desires and be content in the oneness of the consciousness of the Holy Spirit?  Earth stands at the cusp—yea, the doorway of a golden age!  And at the portals of life the mighty consuming fire!  And each man and each woman who would pass that portal must walk through the fires of the Holy Spirit and be baptized by the sacred fire and thus be renewed to be received into the kingdom of our God.
  All initiates of the sacred fire must come to the place where nature is the God-control of the Christ-flame and where the God-control of nature is found within that flame.  And when you come to the place where harmony with nature is of all importance to you you will learn the gentleness of the ways of life, the gentleness of harmony with all life.  And the love of God will flow through the heart chalice, through the very pores of your being, through the fires of the mind.  And angel devas thousands of miles away will return the impulse. And all of life will be a constant flow of the mighty tides of being; and you will feel the energies of self flowing into nature, being raised and being purified and sent back to you as the authority of the Christ.  For you stand as that authority in the midst of nature.  And all of nature rises up to serve the Christed one.
  O mankind, heaven waits for the alignment of your bodies and for the desire to wax strong within you to receive the Holy Ghost that you might be transformed and walk the earth as masters of Life to perform those feats that were performed of old by Elijah, Elisha, by Enoch, by Christ!  Would you walk upon the water?  Do you not know that the water desires to have you walk upon it?  Do you know the thrill of the elementals, the mighty undines who guard the tides of life and the great seas and the waters under the seas and the great flow?  Do you not know that they rejoice in man’s rejoicing in his communion with water?  Their joy is to serve you, O mankind of earth!  And your joy must be to serve with them, to command the life-essence of the Christ, to flow to the elementals, to infuse them with rejoicing and newness of being and fire and the Spirit to bring the earth into a golden age!
  I say:  walk upon the hillsides and in the forests.  Walk in nature and among the flowers and make nature your dearest friend.  For in the blending of the energies of mankind and elemental life there is to be found the key to the golden age. Do you not realize that the separation of man and nature has been a plot from the very start?  Yes, I say a plot.  And I do not consider that that word is overworked.  I consider that the forces of darkness have plotted again and again in a mighty conspiracy of darkness against the children of the light.
  They shall not prevail, I say!  For the thunder from Mount Horeb thunders forth this day!  And the thunderings that go forth are the mighty lightning of the transfiguring energies of the Godhead that roll and descend into the heart of the earth to give that balance that all life requires to move into the spirals of the transfiguration.  As Christ was transfigured before his disciples so I say to you and you, be transfigured before mankind!  Be transfigured before the beings of the elements!  Show forth the radiance that is in the heart!  Show forth the mastery of the Christ and go forth as conquerors of life!
  There is no power anywhere in any time or in any space that can hinder the mighty flow of the God of the Mountains and of the destiny of the sons and daughters of the flame to reunite with that flame!  I say to you, one and all, accept the victory!  Accept the victory this night of the spirits of nature!  Accept the possibility of your own victory in this life!  Be sure as you stand in the flame and as you invoke by the power of the I AM name, the Presence of your Divinity, be certain, be fearless and know that I AM God in the heart of the flame!
  I shall release now certain energies of the sacred fire and the inner fires of your being.  And my angel devas assist me, and these energies shall be released in each one here and across the planetary body who has a certain attunement with the Christ consciousness.  And it shall be for the release of light to a mighty people and a mighty nation and nations and races and those who are willing to bear the chalice unto the hour of the fulfillment of the cycles.
  The purpose for which I am come is accomplished within you—you who have prepared yourselves as the bride adorned for her husband, as the soul that is prepared to meet the Spirit of the I AM in the alchemical union of the marriage of the Lamb.  And that which I have done within the forcefield of your four lower bodies is another preparation for the hour of your victory.
  Cherish well moments of communion.  For one day you will long for that communion; and it shall be a memory, and the fires of Mem will be the source of contact that will carry you into an unknown land.  And you will yearn for the succor; and your memory will tell you that I, Tabor, have spoken and that I have come in the presence of the Comforter to establish that comfort within you that shall be unto you the flame of becoming in the hour of greatest need.
  I AM the God of the Mountains!  And I return to the heart of my retreat in the Rockies where I shall send forth to you, at any hour that you make the call in the name of the Christ, the rays of the diamond-shining mind of God that shall be the lifeline and the salvation of your soul!               Tabor         Pearls of Wisdom 16:40
ice-snow sculpture at Harbin, China



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