Sunday, November 26, 2017

for the worn-out nation the idea of a hero seems wearisome and pointless


71.  Some await a Messiah for a single nation, but this is ignorant for evolution of the planet can be only on a planetary scale.  Precisely, the manifestation of universality must be assimilated.  Only one blood flows, and the external world will no more be divided into races of primitive formation.    
                                             -Morya:   Community 1926

19.  Each great achievement of a nation, each great leader, each important discovery, each cataclysm, each podvig is veiled in winged legend.  Therefore let us not disdain the legends of truth; let us discern keenly and cherish the words of reality.
46.  The nation that ascends dreams of heroes.  But for the worn-out nation the idea of a hero seems wearisome and pointless.  Though this nation may be showered with gold, though its conceit still may be impassioned, it will be unfit for podvig.  The dreams and ardor of real daring have passed out of the walls of the nation that knows only reason.
522.  People who have stored psychic energy should be considered as treasures of the nation.  Not of its millions of citizens should a country be proud but of its store of psychic energy.  For the sake of even one individual with a store of energy thousands of average ones must be spared.  Like a magnet each one with an intensified store of psychic energy attracts the embryonic energies buried deep within people.  This means that each possessor of conscious energy is himself an embodiment of the general good. 
670.  A life imbued with the qualities of Fire is a life of podvig (a Russian word, meaning a selfless, heroic act).       -M:  Agni Yoga 1929

282.  When the center of a nation is under tension toward a founding of a finer energy center our finer action is directing the finer seeds.  Verily thus is the life of the planet created.     -M:  Infinity 1, 1930

43.  The path of the hero proceeds by thorny ways.  Therefore one should always revere the path of self-renunciation, because each advancement upon the face of the Earth which affirms heroism of the Spirit guarantees a new beginning….Thus on the path to the fiery world one should revere the heroes of everyday life who saturate life with an achievement in each hour.  The community of labor should cultivate these heroes because the pillars of a nation stand erect only on the qualities of heroism of the Spirit and the heart.  He who knows the heroism of self-renunciation will not be a chance hero of an hour--the records of space will mark forever the labors of the hero of the Spirit.      -M:  Fiery World 1935

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