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it is in its correct use that the gift becomes invaluable

  1)    The Externalization of Vision
    Behold perfection!  The transfer of a man’s vision to its externalization, the transfer of a thought to its realization can be accomplished by a most direct route.  But if the individual would be the director of his own life pattern the motive behind each vision and each thought must be carefully analyzed and approved by him before he attempts to carry it through.
  To be given the control of one’s life, to have the opportunity to take dominion over one’s world is a most generous gift.  But it is in its correct use that the gift becomes invaluable.  Thus the masters have always directed their students to ask to be given the wisdom of right choice, to ask for God-direction in all that they would do; for they know that man triumphs in the arena of action proportionately as he obeys the admonishment “Ask, and ye shall receive.”  Great care should be exercised throughout the forthcoming year if one’s resolutions are to be implemented by the determination toward God-given action.  To receive when one has asked, blessed ones, shows forth the marvelous result of having set the cosmic Law into motion in one’s life.  Many times all that the Law requires is a wise whisper of approbation nodding one’s acceptance of the divine will to which the heart so readily consents.
  Do not discount the words “Except ye become as a little child” or the admonishments that lead to what may appear to be ordinary manifestations.  For the most profound gifts are to be found in the performance of those cosmically guided actions that are brooded over by the omnipresence of the Holy Spirit.  If man only knew, if he would only realize that it is God’s will that he should enjoy the abundant Life, that he should master all circumstances in his world, and that he can do so with divine approval he would readily find the crisp and clear-cut answers to the journey of life which he professes to seek.
  As one who by heavenly grace is a focus for the all-seeing Eye of God, as one of the Seven Spirits that comprise the foundation stones of the throne of the Godhead I am able to externalize at will, for those who trust me, the divine answer to life’s problems.  And the divine answer, precious ones, is the only answer that will create the necessary tie between vision and action that changes lives from darkness into light (Acts 26:18; I Pet. 2:9).
  How true it is that the process of vision is an orderly one whereby those dramatic strides of the great Law of infinite action are transferred through the blessed receptacle of the mind from the forcefields of Spirit into the domain of matter.  Will you understand how closely allied Spirit is to matter and how the will of man is united through an act of grace with the will of God?
  There simply is only one will in the universe.  When individuals understand this fact they will overcome the conflict of wills that seems to create a barrier between manifestation originating in and as a spiritual action and manifestation that rises solely from material causes and effects.  When they realize that form is an extension of the Spirit and that their lives need not become a wasteland of endless struggle but rather an ordered garden of the Holy Spirit that promotes constructivism in countless other lives they will cast off their trivia and their fears that dry up the Divine Fount and prevent the very manifestations they seek.
  God-seekers should realize that they need to know what they should ask for and what they should seek.  Sometimes it is better to simply pray “Thy will be done!” than to attempt to build a city without first formulating the plans and the purpose.  From the moment a God-idea is developed enough to actively create a mental picture thereof the beautiful cosmic forces of light inherent within the universe rush to fulfill its intent, so gloriously organizing and ordaining the future of individualized man that if people would perceive the strength of the gift of vision they would immediately begin to use it.
  So often we find that the very disorganization of men’s thoughts and the apprehension that something not to their liking may occur in their lives are open doors to unwanted conditions.  As Job lamented, “The thing which I greatly feared is come upon me.”  Rejoice!:  the reversal of the negative becomes the positive magnet that attracts the desired results.
  We want individuals to understand the great blessing that the ascended master consciousness can bring to all, both as an instrument for the externalization of perfection in their lives and as the motivating force that solves each and every problem.  It is true that there are many ways by which embodied humanity can achieve what appear to be the same results.  But the more of God and the more of His pure intent to do well that man can absorb and then introduce with the fullness of faith into the motive and the concept that form the basis of his actions the more spiritually perfect, the more intrinsically beautiful and the more scientifically certain will be the achievement.
  The world in its ignorance may presume that the Godhead will permit all things to continue as they are, but with the coming of each new year a new cycle is introduced.  Some years portend great good to mankind or to the individual. Others are charged with fear, doubt and destruction through the imminent descent of mankind’s karma.  The Karmic Lords–those who have been given the responsibility for the administration of universal justice to the earth–may well offer to men and women in the compartment of the forthcoming year the vital opportunity to choose whom they will serve. 
  Wise then are those who this year, recognizing the earth as the Lord’s and the fullness thereof, will keep themselves in attunement with the Presence each day and each hour, never forgetting to sow the flame of gratitude as they plan with the Hierarchy to enrichen mankind’s lives with the knowledge of the Law and the vision of the golden age.
  As the Brotherhood seeks to externalize for mankind the sublime purposes of the Godhead the noble of heart will be desirous of entering into the fullest Spirit of cooperation with them; this they realize becomes possible as the fruit of gratitude for cosmic graces flows abundantly into their lives. For gratitude is the power that shapes coming events in those wondrous images that, in developing the God-man individualized, cannot refrain from externalizing the collective good as it flows to all of humanity from the hand of the Universal Brotherhood.
  That the Brotherhood exists ought to be a foregone conclusion to each one; therefore man should welcome the opportunity to cooperate with it and thereby strengthen the plantings that will bring forth ripened fruit to the earth at the harvest of the year, not only in the lives of the students but also in the abundant good which the Hierarchy seeks to externalize on behalf of all who are striving for a better world.
What glorious news the Brotherhood publishes abroad in the world in its attempt to increase the measure of God-awareness among mankind and the sense of the Infinite that makes heaven and heaven’s emissaries not afar off but very close at hand!
  Will you then engage your energies in the direct action of pouring out your love and faith to God?  For thereby will you be blessed with those unctions of the Spirit that enable you to receive each day, as you are able, a small or larger portion of the hopes of the angels for a struggling humanity.  Descending upon the soul like the vision of gardens of flowers their hopes will step up your determinations, your formulations of the will of God, your devotion to your fellowman and your vision of heavenly goals.  Then what to some might seem ordinary events will be transformed into those extraordinary spiritual matrices that turn every man from the human consciousness toward the divine.
  The heavenly Father, made personal through the living individualized God Presence, is eager to release in conjunction with the Holy Spirit His energy, wisdom and love into your lives and to turn the most drab life into the most beautiful.  Through attunement with Him and with His Spirit the light that is in you will day by day continue to illumine your vision with the faith, the hope and the charity that transform.
       I AM and I remain your infinite servant,  
                                   Cyclopea, Elohim of the Fifth Ray       Pearls of Wisdom 15:2
2)         Vol. 16 No. 33-4 - The Beloved Great Divine Director - August 19, 1973
                               A Replica of the Great Pyramid  

   Sons and Daughters of the Most High God:
  Heaven salutes you in the hour of the vanquishment of human error!  For though darkness increases as the rising tide of the consciousness of the mass mind expands the darkness from within, so the light increases!  The light intensifies in the planetary body, in the heart of the Earth and in the hearts of the sons and daughters of the Infinite Fire.
  I am come, the Initiator of Cycles!  And in my right hand I bear a symbol, and the symbol is the replica of the Great Pyramid.  And within that Pyramid there is an ascending spiral of light that cannot be denied its culmination in the capstone of Christ-reality made perfect in man as the power of the Logos.  And why have I brought this symbol?  Because I desire to make known to you that there shall be builded around the forcefield of your body temple by angelic hosts who serve the Initiator of Cycles the replica of the Great Pyramid.
  For it is my desire–and I have expressed this desire before Almighty God–to create an experiment upon Terra to see if the children of the light and specifically the Keepers of the Flame when given the opportunity of having within the forcefield of their consciousness the patterns of the Great Pyramid will rise to the occasion and seize the opportunity to overcome and to be counted among the overcomers.
  You see, it is one thing to know of the tests of the Pyramid, of the king and the queen’s chamber and of the subterranean passage, the bottomless pit—it is another to experience that perfect balance of the Master Mason Himself.  Stone upon stone, line upon line the angels then begin to build the Great Pyramid around each one of you who will accept within your heart now this opportunity to be a living example of the overcoming of the tests of life.
  I desire to see the side of the North perfected in you!  Where else but in man and in woman can God appear?  For this is the supreme creation of Life.  I desire to see the side of the north, the memory body of each one of you, become as burnished steel, as fiery whitelight that the hand of Almighty God might descend to place its imprint upon the Book of Life within you.  I desire to see the side of the east, the mental body of each one, become the pure golden yellow illumination of the Christ mind.  And therefore I call forth the energies of Omega, of Alpha to arrest the spirals of the misuse of the active principle of the Godhead.
  Legions now within these rooms, burn all that the great Law will allow out of these devotees of the flame!  Blaze through them!  And burn up the searing memories of human experience–all that can be taken that obstructs the divine memory.  Let then the divine memory come forth, I say, of the golden ages and the origin of man.  Let the divine ideations come forth in the mental body!  Let the perfect geometric forms be established!  For by the authority of my office and the power vested in me and the light in the Cave of Light I have come to challenge the warps in the mental belt.  I have come to arrest the spirals of darkness and decay and death.  Sheaths and layers are being withdrawn as though you were seated in the Cave of Light.
  Angels of light, now descend for the purification of the emotional quadrant!  And let the Divine Mother appear within the heart, within the emotional body!  And let the waters of the mind be still, be still by the power of the Elohim!  Ur!  [chant]  I say, resist not, for angels of love surround thee.  Blaze the light of love into the feeling bodies and wash them clean!  Wash them clean, wash them clean, wash them clean!  Burn through and seize the serpentine lie!  Angels of light, build stone upon stone; and let the south side of the pyramid rise now.
  I call to the Lords of Mind, Lords of Form, Lords of Individuality and Lords of Creation to reestablish and align the atomic structure of the physical bodies of those assembled here.  Flow, O power of the Holy Spirit!  Let the will of God appear!  Let the breath of the Holy Spirit blow through, blow through, blow through the space between the foci of light in man’s body.  So let the side of the west be the testimony of the reality of God in manifestation.
  Now then the inner workings of the Great Pyramid has focused within the power of the seven rays, the power of the secret rays, focuses of the chakras.  Build on, angels of light, noble creation.  Thus the testing ground and the threshing floor of the Almighty has come within the forcefield of your consciousness.  You have come to the mountain and the mountain has come to you.  For this is the summit of attainment:  to realize the power of the Eye of the mind of God–and to place it upon the crown.  My angels shall not place the capstone upon this Pyramid; they shall instead allow you the privilege of doing so yourselves.
  I said that I have made my desire known before God, pleading before His throne to make this experiment upon Terra.  And if the experiment succeeds and a certain percentage among you rise to the level of the Christ consciousness and remain there holding the focus of the Great Pyramid for the nations, then more shall be given.  But if the experiment fails and you do not honor the habitation of the Most High God, then that which you have shall be taken from you and no more shall be added.  Heaven is always ready to try—to try again and again and again and to extend opportunity and hope to mankind.  We are full of hope this night, for we have seen the devotion of your hearts.  We are full of hope because we know what the light of one heart in consummate abandon to the flame of the Buddha can achieve for a planetary home.
  Only one light is needed, and yet many lights are here.  What went ye out to see?  A reed shaken by the wind?  A pillar of fire?  A cloud of witness?  Symbols in the air, now descend!  Focus within these children of my heart the great symbols of the sacred fire from the ancient temples of Mu–symbols and hieroglyphs of light that shall magnetize and demagnetize, magnetize and demagnetize, magnetize and demagnetize the light, turning all darkness into light, focusing the momentum of the Central Sun, the great houses of reality and the Solar Hierarchies descending to defend, defending to descend, and so coming in the power of the light that mankind might ascend, that the planet Earth might ascend, that elemental life might ascend!
  This is the desire of the Almighty God this night, and this is the cycle that spirals through cosmos at the velocity of the speed of light, descending to penetrate your forcefields!  For now you have been given those hieroglyphs of the priests of the sacred fire that shall focus within your consciousness the power of the Great Divine Director, the wisdom of the Great Divine Director, the love of the Great Divine Director to release to the mankind of Earth the full-gathered momentum of the Resurrection Spiral that shall not leave mankind as he was found but raise him to the heights of Christ-mastery and the ascension spiral that is the goal of life for every man!
  Know you now what has transpired?  You have been placed for that brief moment in an acceleration chamber made possible by the forcefield of the Great Pyramid upon your consciousness, a chamber that can accelerate the velocity and intensity of Life within you preparatory for your own ascension.  And the very atoms of your being during that moment were stepped up that they might have the impression upon the memory bank and the memory body of what it is like to be raised by the fires of the ascension current to that point of the apex of the Pyramid that is the ascended Jesus Christ consciousness for all mankind.
  O beloved mankind, how Saint Germain desires to step through the veil, to place a focus of the ascension chair within your midst, to give you the opportunity within an outer retreat of the Great White Brotherhood such as this to make progress steadfast in the light!  How heaven waits, hoping that enough devotees will purify and rectify and make whole, that heaven might lower into manifestation greater and greater dispensations of light!  But ah, how the karmic cycles have woven an intensity of self-destruction upon mankind so that if we were to increase our focuses of light, it would be a matter of mankind’s own self-destruction when they approached our focuses!  And therefore out of love for humanity we have tempered the wind of the Holy Spirit to the shorn lamb of mankind’s identity–but not for long.
  For I perceive upon the hillsides of the world devotees clothed in white, saints robed in holy attire, moving in the spirals, swaying in the symphony of the air to the worship of the Mother-flame.  And there where the elect are gathered together there will the mighty eagle of the Great God Star Sirius descend as the formation of angels of whitefire and blue lightning, legions to descend and hold consort with the saints upon the hillsides of the world.
  Harmony is the requirement.  Precious hearts, know you not that when you are disturbed no matter what the cause–of world conditions, inner turmoil–you cannot hold consort with the heavenly hosts.  I am asking you to surrender within your heart the spirals of disturbance concerning the rightness and the wrongness of actions in the world, in the family, in the community.  Rightness and wrongness are but phases of the human consciousness.  Do you not understand this?  There is only reality and unreality.  Within unreality there is the entire spectrum of mankind’s justices and injustices.  Forsake them all!  Be free of the inner strife!  Be free of the alignment of your consciousness to the stars of the world, figureheads, personalities, warring factions.
  For I have come to set you free from all that–from all the struggles of the world and the sense of struggle.  For I would raise you to the heights of Christ-mastery that you might stand and pronounce the great Word of “Peace!”:  to command the waves to be still, command the fires to take the form of the Christ, command the earth to be molded in the image of the Holy Spirit.
  Sit no longer in the seat of the scornful in condemnation, in self-righteousness but withdraw to the center of Being and there within the sheaths of the secret rays you will find the protection that is the perfection of the light.  Go within and find the ray of the Mother.  And when you go within, all initiations that come to you will be passed successfully because you are protected by the sheaths of the secret rays.
  No problems of the world can be solved by the outer consciousnes but only by going within.  But going within is not to lie down and be trampled upon by the hooves of horses that gallop in the night.  Going within is to affirm the Be-ness of God that has all power to align all conditions in the world at large.
  And now the angels have completed the inner chambers and the focuses of the great chakras.  This forcefield will rest upon you for a twelve-month cycle.  If it is used, amplified by you, it will be renewed again automatically at the end of the twelve months.  If it is neglected, it will be withdrawn.  Within that twelve-month cycle you will experience the test of the ten and the initiations of the Twelve Solar Hierarchies within the Pyramid of Life.  Three in one, three in one, three in one, three in one!
  And so the pilgrimage that you desired to make to the Great Pyramid, to all of its chambers, is fulfilled in you this night. How blessed is the Lord God!  How loving!  How great His concern for each one of you!  Our love is boundless; and if you knew the great love of the angelic hosts and the masters for each one of you, I am certain that your efforts would be increased a thousandfold.  And therefore for a moment within these walls our legions will intensify the action of love from the throne of your divinity.  [Pause]
  Intensify!  Immensify!  Magnify!  O Love of God, press upon the hearts of these ones!  Melt the darkness!  Melt the hardness!  Melt the recalcitrance and the impositions of the world!  O Love, set their hearts aglow!  Set them afire!  [Pause]
  At the conclusion of this dictation the action of love sustained by your own heartflame will resume the normal frequency.  But you will not be the same, for the very cells of your heart are impressed with the memory of God’s love, and so the pattern has been set for you to magnetize that great love again.  I have initiated a love-spiral within you, but you must fulfill that spiral–if you wish.  For God will not impose Himself upon you, precious hearts; for He desires that you come because you love, because you have freewill.
  Hear then, precious children.  Do you sometimes feel that the ascended masters come as Santa Claus to bestow the many gifts of the sacred fire from the pack upon their backs?  Well, you know, we enjoy playing the role of Santa Claus, and we carry that mighty pink flame of love that was within the heart of Saint Nicholas.
  Precious heats, as we focus our consciousness in the all-seeing Eye of God and behold the great manifestations of His great glow-ray we are transfigured again and again.  And there are cycles of transfiguration that transcend each other; and so through the initiations of Hierarchy the thirty-three steps are repeated over and over and over again, and the cosmos is ever new.  And it is out of the grand perspective of the divine order of life that we find the fulfillment of the will of God.  As above, so below—in this perspective we perceive no problem too hard for the Lord.  We transcend cycles; we cut across cycles, lines of force where all is God and there is none else beside Him.  We enter other orbits, other galaxies where error is no more and the light does shine:

And from far-off worlds
We know that the fulcrum
Of the power of the universe
Is sufficient to thrust
The very dust of the earth
Into the flame
And bring mankind to her feet again
Before the Almighty One
Who is indeed a blazing Sun.
Dazzling, golden-pink glow-ray,
Is the light, the fire I say,
Reaching the farthest edges of space
Where there is a mirror,
And in that mirror behold the face
Of Christed ones ascending.

And so the great story unending
Of man perfecting, being perfected,
Is come, is come again.
And there in the far reaches
I AM the consciousness of the Initiator of Cycles.
There is a heightening,
A glorying effect
Of light mirrored in light,
Love reflected in truth,
Truth reflected in love.
How the starry fires of the universe
Beam the lightwaves of attainment
Across the skies!
And mankind’s consciousness, as it expands,
Is intercepted by interplanetary bands,
Forcefields of ascended ones
Who have accepted their role in life
To be electrodes of mighty power,
Mighty love, mighty wisdom.

Take dominion then, I say,
Sons and daughters of Mary–
Of the Mother-ray!
Take dominion in the footstool kingdom!
Take that kingdom and fling it into the flame
To do His will in God’s own name!
For it is the will to do
And the doing of the will
That shall return this orb
Into the starry height
To be a testimony throughout eternity
Of the overcomers who have won the fight!

  The Karmic Board salutes you and by the power of the seven rays charges you to be representatives of God-justice upon the earth:
Courage, O hearts of fire!
Courage, I say!
For the light of the New Day shall dawn!
And you shall win all the way!      
3)         Vol. 16 No. 35 - Beloved Lord Maitreya - September 2, 1973

The Tutoring of the Little Ones in Precepts Holy

     Hail, O light within the heart!  Hail, light!  I AM light!  And I have come–Maitreya–out of the East.  You have called the Son of God, and I AM come in the glory of the risen Christ!  So is everyone that is born of the Spirit, born to the Spirit of eternal Life, borne by the winds of the Holy Spirit.
  All life is renewed this day by the fires of the Resurrection!  And I proclaim the triumph of the cosmic Eastertide, the tide of light cascading now from the Great Central Sun in spiraling undulations of power, wisdom and love–pearly-white radiance caressing the souls evolving throughout the immortal spheres.  O Light, Thou art one!  Thou art all!  Thou art the magnificent fiat of creation in Alpha, in Omega!
  I AM the initiator of the cycles of mankind’s perfection.  And perfection rolls this day, rolls across the face of the earth!  How glorious is the contemplation of Thy Law, O Lord–Thy Law perfected in the inward parts of man! 
   And now the light swells from beneath, from within–drawing mankind’s consciousness to the fire of the heart, the sacred altar where the supreme sacrifice is made, where the ego is laid down and the Christ is raised up.
  I, Maitreya, project the meaning of the Resurrection, and I impress it upon every heart upon this planetary home.  I infuse the souls of mankind with the resurgent fires of regeneration!   Now let it go forth!   In the name of the Divine Mother let mankind awake and be resurrected!  Blaze the fires of Resurrection!  O legions of angels of the Resurrection Flame, form the pillars of fire that shall lead the children of reality out of the land of bondage into the promised land of truth triumphant!
  When Jesus was yet a small lad I came to him to announce myself as the focalpoint of the Father and of Initiator of cycles of Christhood within him.  His heart expected my coming, and he looked for me.  And when I came he exclaimed:  “O my Father, my Father, you have come at last!  Oh now my Father, do begin the sacred triad of manifestation.”
  His countenance shining as the sun, his hair flaxen gold, he looked up into my face and he heard the immortal words that he was to hear again and again:  “My beloved Son in whom I AM well pleased, come, take my hand, and we shall talk of the example that must be set forth before the multitudes.”
  Many times we sat together on the rock or in the field and went over the gentle precepts of the Law which Jesus had learned even before descending into embodiment.  And now in this hour when all the children of the world are blessed with the radiance of the Son of God, I, Maitreya, have come forth to place the image of the Father, of the Cosmic Christ, before the children of the world, for I would tutor them as I tutored Jesus.
  And therefore the dispensation shall go forth from this hour that each child that is born of the heart of God that has the flame of Life burning within him shall receive from time to time the visitation of Maitreya.  And I shall place my Electronic Presence, the image of the Christ–of Father–at the side, even the right hand of the children of the world.
  And some will see me while they sleep at night, and some will retain the memory of that image.  All will know the comfort of having the real Father of Life focus the power of Alpha.  And my Presence shall be to them as a rod of authority, and they shall feel the sacred scepter of the Law.  And they shall learn to love, to honor, to obey and to respect the Laws of the Father-Mother God.
  And I shall tutor the souls of these little ones in the precepts holy; for each one does have a very special work, a divine plan, you know, sent from Alpha and Omega.  And from the strands of my heart I shall weave a mighty cable of light, and I shall weave the strands of their hearts also, blending the fires of the Cosmic Christ with the Christ Self.  And thus the overshadowing of Maitreya of the youth of the world shall produce, as above so below, the macrocosmic Christ, the microcosmic Christ–the fusion of energies as above so below. And the children shall come to know once again that which they were taught at inner levels.
  And I say, no man, no woman, no influence shall be able to take from these children the fires of Maitreya.  For my angels shall stand guard, and the angels of their Presence shall stand guard, and the Son of God shall emblazon upon their consciousness the golden dawn of the Age of Aquarius and their place in that age.  And so it shall come to pass, they shall all know me from the least unto the greatest.  For I AM Maitreya, and I carry the banner of the World Mother!  And so in knowing the Father the children shall come to know that Mother is near.
  I ask one thing of you, blest Keepers of the Flame, initiates of fire–that you shall also pray as the authority for this octave that the children and youth of the world shall absorb into their outer consciousness that which I shall impart at inner levels and shall retain within their four lower bodies the sacred image of the Christ.
  Let the image of the Lord Jesus now be imprinted upon the four lower bodies of the youth–as when blessed Veronica wiped the face of Jesus and the imprint was left upon her handkerchief.  So let now angels of the sacred fire, Electronic Presence of Lord Jesus, press upon the memory of the youth, upon the mental body, upon the feelings and in the physical–within the very cells of being.
  So let Christ be Lord and King and Savior to all forever and forever and forevermore!  Let the Christ reign in the citadel of mankind’s consciousness!  Let the fires burn and expand and expand the image of the Son of God until all life pulsates anew with His light, His fragrance, His glory!
  Angels, sound the trumpets of the Resurrection!  Angels, sound the trumpets!  The clarion call is heard!  It is heard by the souls of all.  And there is a great tumult in heaven as angels and choirs celebrate the mass—the glorious mass of the Resurrection!  And the great music of that mass shall one day be brought forth upon earth by one of your composers–the glorious mass of the Resurrection.  So let it be heard and let the priests of the sacred fire who celebrate this mass touch you also with the blessing of the ancient Order of Melchizedek.  So the fires descend now as the priests minister at the altar of the sacred fire within you, and you are touched this day each one by a member of that order.
  You know, precious hearts, there are many orders in heaven–of angels and bright Seraphim and masters and Cosmic Beings.  And in every order the devotees look for recruits among mankind to draw them into the service of the mandala of light.  And so even the priests of the Order of Melchizedek look among you for those who have taken inner vows and those who shall take inner vows to become priest and priestess at the altar of the sacred fire.  And thus you are touched by the hands of those who have served the Christ, who have served the Most High God as ministers of fire. They leave with you the blessing of the Lord God Almighty.
  The Lord God omnipotent reigneth!  Alleluia!  Alleluia!  He is risen!

4)     Pearls of Wisdom Vol. 16 No. 36 - Beloved Jesus the Christ - September 9, 1973

                 The New Name and the Baptism by Fire

   My Beloved,
  I have called to you and I have spoken your name upon the winds and in the fire, in the earth and in the water.  I have pronounced the new name which no man knoweth save the Father.  For the true name of each man, each woman and each child is written in the Book of Life and inscribed within the fiery core of Being.
  And therefore I baptize you, one and all, in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit; and I baptize you after the name written in the Book of Life.  And you shall receive that name at the hour of your own resurrection.  Until that hour, precious hearts, let no man impose another name upon you save the name given to you at birth, for that name is the name that keys to the I AM Presence.
  As I have baptized you with the sacred fire so then the energy coils which are released from the new name are released into your world this hour.  And this is the meaning of the baptism by fire, for the real name of every man is the key that unlocks the energies of the core of being.  And so as John came to preach the baptism of repentance from sin, so I also preach the baptism of the sacred fire which is put on each devotee in stages of unfoldment, in increments of light.  The putting-on of the new man and the putting-off of the old man must be a daily process.
  And so I came to the disciples, to all who would hear my Word, those in the Essene community, to preach deliverance from the round of self-justification, from the round of self-righteousness and the condemnation of the inner Christed being.  And I rejoice this day that many hearts the world around during this two-thousand-year cycle have received that teaching, have benefited thereby and have gained entrée into the courts of Luxor.   And how many have ascended!   It is pleasing to the Hierarchy, and yet the Hierarchy has raised the standard and requires that more among mankind prepare for the ascension.  For these are times of acceleration, and the Lords of Karma have permitted me to come again to assist Saint Germain in the Aquarian Age, to assist mankind to find freedom through the Christed example of my life.
  O angels from the Central Sun, descend at this hour and infuse the earth now with the fires of regeneration from my heart!  My heart is aflame this day, an all-consuming fire fusing light with light and melting darkness.  And thus the new heaven and the new earth begin to unfold in the consciousness of those attuned to my office as World Teacher.
Angels from the Central Sun, take your places appointed by the Almighty, fixed upon the grids and forcefields of Terra!  Now the electrodes of the Mighty Elohim are being inserted at certain points upon the planetary body where angels stand guard—those that I have invoked in a prearranged ceremony ordained at the Court of the Sacred Fire for the holding of the balance of the planet Earth during the realignment of the four lower bodies and of the axis.  These electrodes are in fixed positions, and the blueprint of these positions is held within the retreat of Mighty Cuzco.
  And I, Jesus, have placed my Electronic Presence as the focal point for the electrodes.  And thus I stand in the risen body of the Christ, the body which I wore at the hour of the Resurrection to focus the consciousness of the Resurrection for mankind.  I stand with arms outreached, radiating the light of the Central Sun, the fires of the Resurrection unto mankind.  And I shall hold that focus as the Christ of the Andes at these selected points across the planetary body.  And surrounding that Electronic Presence shall stand twelve angels in circle to keep the way of the Tree of Life by the power of the flaming sword—and each angel holds the sword, the replica of the sword of Eden.
  Mighty Cherubim, mighty Cherubim, descend and take your positions!  Thus the guardian action of the sacred fire is established.  I AM the guard!  The angelic hosts shall keep the way of the Tree of Life on behalf of mankind desiring to pass the initiations of the Twelve Solar Hierarchies, and the flaming sword shall stand to guard mankind’s consciousness against the amplification of lunar substance which tears down the holy-innocent consciousness of the Christed man. And whether or not mankind have an awareness of these tests they shall also be fortified; but it shall take an act of freewill—as it always has and it always will—for man to align his consciousness with the consciousness of God.
  And therefore those angels, formerly fallen ones who have now accepted the Christ consciousness, who have been taken to the Great Central Sun and repolarized to the will of God, stand ready to serve the Earth, and they come forth to balance the energies which they have misused against life.  Their hearts rejoice, and they are full of gratitude to each one of you for standing fast while the Mother of the Flame made invocation before the Court of the Sacred Fire in their behalf.
These angels are friends at court, and they shall stand to defend you in your hour of need.  Invoke them, I say, for they will always come when called upon.  They stand then to reinforce the angels who keep the way of the Tree of Life at the portals of the Twelve Hierarchies of the Sun surrounding my Electronic Presence.
  And there are now 144 such focuses anchored upon the planetary body.  This is to ensure the momentum of the causal body of the cosmos being available to every man, woman and child for the influx of the golden liquid light that is the elixir given by angelic hands at inner levels at the hour of each man’s transfiguration.  Thus all is in readiness, and the guardian action of the sacred fire will serve to hold the balance as you in embodiment seek to hold the balance and serve together as one mind, one body, one soul.
  I am Jesus, and my name is given for the salvation of a planet and a people.  My name, precious hearts, as the fiery core of the hieroglyph of my God-identity is given as the center of the spiral of light whereon all mankind may find their own new name written in the Book of Life.  For by tracing the spiral of the God-identity of the Christed man, of the Son of God, each individual comes to the flame of the only begotten Son—and within that Flame he finds his own true name.
  Thus Life is one, and as you acknowledge the Christ in me or in any ascended being you acknowledge the Christ within yourself.  And this is why no man can come to the Father except he confess the Lord, Christ Jesus.  Thus it is written. For as I set the record as the example of the Christ to the age so no man in that age can bypass my identity, my living consciousness, and be found worthy to be received of the Father; for no man can bypass the Christ of his being. 
  I say then that in the next two-thousand-year cycle it shall come to pass that all mankind shall bow the knee and confess the Christed-being Saint Germain, the God of Freedom to the Earth!  And if mankind will not humble themselves before the Christed ones who stand to bear witness of the flame of Life then they shall also see the attrition of their own flame and the receding of their own Christ consciousness.  Inasmuch as ye have done it unto the least of these and the greatest of these my brethren ye have done it unto Me and unto your own Christed self.
  Let the energy spirals then be released from the inner being of each one of you and all who have attained to this level of awareness upon the planetary body!  For the light of Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the ending, comes forth through the sacred hieroglyph!  And you are the newness of the name, the name of the Holy One of God!  I seal you this day and I proclaim the holiness of the manifestation of God within you forevermore!
  I AM your elder brother on the path that leads all home.   
5)      Vol. 16 No. 42 - Beloved Great Divine Director - October 21, 1973

                   God-Direction for the Coming Cycle

    Good Evening, Ladies and Gentlemen:
  Hearts afire with God-determination, I salute you in the flame of the direction of God which I AM by invocation, by authority and by dominion.  I am called the Great Divine Director; for God gave to me that name, a name whereby mankind might identify with the cosmic spirals of divine direction that are initiated within His consciousness and within my awareness of that consciousness.
  I am the founder of the House of Rakoczy.  And in our mansion in Transylvania where there has been established on the etheric plane a sacred temple of the Maltese cross there are enshrined records of past civilizations of glory and blueprints for a golden age to come.  Some of you have journeyed to that retreat in past embodiments when Saint Germain acted as host, and you came in physical bodies to be entertained there by the Wonder Man of Europe, my disciple and your Knight Commander.
  And thus the seventh ray, the fanning of the fires of freedom, continues behind the iron curtain and without.  For mankind above all yearnings, above all desires, yearn to be free.  The quest for freedom, the thirst for freedom have provoked many a revolution and many an uprising as mankind have sought to overthrow oppressors of one form or another.  Then there have been occasions where the fires of freedom have been used in a perverse manner to excite the lust for carnal freedom, for the independence of the ego.  And thus men have been incited through their lower natures to do those things which they ought not to do and which ought never to have been.
  I say then, it is time for freedom to be enshrined with God-control.  When freedom is found within the soul of a man or a woman–the freedom enshrined as an opportunity to elect to do the will of God–then do you know what takes place?  Freedom in the soul becomes a magnet, and to that one is given God-power!  And God-power—do you know to do what with?  To initiate spirals of God-direction.  Thus by embellishing and ennobling the fires of freedom within the soul and within the heart you may earn the reward of the all-power in heaven and in earth that is given unto the Christ to give to whomsoever he will. 
  And so you see how mankind have lost the opportunity to have the power that freedom requires as a backing, as a thrust, as a motivating, activating principle.  Mankind by their misuse of the energies of the violet flame have lost the ballgame!  And they are completely out of the ballpark, as you would say.  Now I would have you to understand this most important precept.  For only to those who control the desire for freedom and who know that that desire is the yearning of the soul to unite with God–only to these can we give the thrust of God-power that is the initiation of a golden age.
  All cycles begin in the house of the twelve (o’clock).  And I am the authority for that house for this solar system, this galaxy and for yourself as well.  I enshrine the God-power that heaven desires to bequeath to you.  But heaven waits to see what you will do with the fires of freedom.  And therefore as a testing action of the great Law there is given to you this night an extraordinary amount of the fires of freedom that come forth from our retreat in Transylvania.
  To you is given the violet fire in excess, in abundance to do with what you will. For I have determined that you shall go forth from this conference with the buoyant joy of the freedom to be in truth that which you are–a God-free, Christed-free, Solar Being commanding cycles and energies and worlds within worlds!
  And so you shall go forth–somewhat like prodigal sons of old.  For God gives to you this night a portion of the inheritance of freedom.  And after a fortnight the Lords of Karma shall observe the record of your works, your thoughts and feelings to see what you have done with the fires of freedom for mankind, for self, for country, for elementals, for life.  And then we will see what portion of God-power can be given unto you, what portion of the omnipotence of God can be entrusted to your care.
  Yes, this is the testing of a group of devotees.  It is also the test of certain members of Hierarchy who have stood to sponsor you.  And I am in a position to say, being a member of the Karmic Board, that it would be well for you to pass the test, if only to support those ascended masters who are supporting you.  For they are the dearest and truest friends that you will ever know.  They are real and I AM real, whereas those who live in illusion, who support illusion, who sponsor illusion, they themselves become a mirage upon the deserts of life.  And they fade out of existence because they have not placed themselves within the lens of God’s consciousness, within the center of His all-seeing Eye.  Because they are not aware of God, God as the awareness of Himself within man is not aware of them.  For He is only aware of that which identifies with reality.
  And this is a great mystery.  But I choose not to expound upon it this night.  For I desire that you should consider moreover the great testing of the vials of life that are poured upon the earth by the angels.  The vials contain the portions of mankind’s karma.  And as the law of cycles is unfailing so karma is cyclic and comes forth at the appointed hour.
  The combined momentum of the violet flame bequeathed to you is great enough to transmute, if put to that use, a certain vial of mankind’s karma that must be poured out this night.  And although the Hierarchy regrets and your Christ consciousness regrets, the hour is come, the clock has turned and thus there is an angel who stands above the earth this night to pour out one of the vials of the seven plagues. 
  Fear not.  All that is real is God in you.  If you so choose by the authority of your sacred fire and Christ-power, you may send forth the violet flame to greet the vial and the contents thereof.  What do you suppose will happen then?  The contents thereof will be consumed and only a minor action will reach those who are unprepared.
  I say then, is it not a worthy project to consecrate your energies for such a momentous purpose?  It is all in how you take the balance of life.  Do you look on the right side or do you look on the left side?  Do you look up to behold the face of God and live, or do you look down into the consciousness of doom and the dragon that ascends out of the bottomless pit? 
  Where your gaze is there shall your life be.  For in the eye is the power of the great flow of energy from the Godhead.  And the more you become godlike the more the light of the eyes has the power to burn holes right through the discordant miasma, to burn holes right through the maya and the illusion.  Guard then the power of the eye, and let it not rest upon eyes that are not pure and holy and virtuous and adoring of the Presence of God.
  And so I say, the earth is in your hands.  You may say it is in God’s hands; but long ago God gave to you the authority when He said “Take dominion over the earth!”  And so in the footstool kingdom only those who wear physical forms can invoke the power of light for change, for transmutation and then for transfiguration.  Do you find this hard to understand?  I say blessed are ye who when you understand not yet believe because you know our vibration and our radiation and our God-reality.  Although the Law be complex, to those who are tuned to the Law its complexities become facile and easy of comprehension.
  I say then, God in you is the authority for the redemption of the earth, and all that the Hierarchies of Light can do is to wait and to listen for your call.  And then we must answer, for the call does compel the answer and we must step forth and give the energies that you invoke!  For as we have become one with God we realize that you are God.
  As Moses said in the wilderness to the children of Israel “Ye are gods!” so I proclaim it to you this night!  A god is one who has authority; and the fire of the I AM within the heart, within the Christ, within your I AM Presence is the God to whom we must answer.  And the answer always comes forth.  Have faith then!  Have hope!  But above all have charity toward the ascended hosts!  And let your charity be a liberal and abundant invocation of our Presence, for in these times we must be called forth.  We must come forth to do the works of God.
  The violet fire is released into your hand, your heart and your head.  And there it shall stay and be multiplied and returned to you so long as you send it forth in holy purpose.  For that which is given to God and to man for the glory of both must return to the sender, to the giver, multiplied and ready to be used again.  But that which is dissipated cannot return, but the karma shall return even while the angelic hosts seize that energy loaned to you from the Godhead.
  And so for every evil under the Sun either there is a remedy or there is none.  God has provided a remedy this night to balance the pouring-forth of the vial of man’s karma.  And this is the remedy, this is opportunity, this is how God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son that the world through Him might be saved. The Son of God is the Sun of Christ-awareness in each one. This is my body which was broken for you—and thus the Only Begotten, fragmented into a million billion starry bodies, became mankind’s individualized Christ-awareness.
  Go forth, I say, and claim the earth!  All that the eye can see—claim it from the height of Megiddo.  And behold, claim it for the Mother!  Claim it for the Cosmic Virgin!  Claim it for the divine Manchild!  For the earth is the Lord’s and the fullness thereof. 
  And so I say, it is our good pleasure to address you, to receive you into the uttermost parts of the divinity of the Godhead, to give unto you all that God has required to be given unto you this night.  It is our privilege to stand at that place at the hour of the twelve where all cycles of God-goodness and God-power begin and where all cycles end.  And thus it is the position of Alpha, the beginning, of Omega, the ending, and of the culmination of all cycles of manifestation.
  I AM the Great Divine Director.  If any man requires divine direction, let him come to me this night or any night of the year to ask what God has in store for him.  And as you ask so you shall receive the plan divine as a scroll within the soul that shall unfold to make you whole. This is the Law and the prophecy that shall not fail—ask and ye shall receive.
  If you would know all that God has in store for you, come to me and I will be your mentor on the path until you are surfeited in the direction of God and you say:  O Great Divine Director, let me go!  Let me go forth to live the direction of God and to study under another hierarchy of light that I might also learn of God-love, God-might, God-mastery, God-light, God-control, God-energy and God-obedience, God-will and God-wisdom, God-illumination, and God-harmony, God-gratitude and God-victory, God-justice, Godly virtue and God-power, God-reality every hour, God-vision and God-mastery, the energy of the free, God-victory, God-victory, God-victory!
  And so you see there are cycles within cycles within cycles.  And I will be glad when you have become surfeited in my flame so that you can go forth from the starting point of all reality, the center of God-power.  Oh, be free gentle hearts!  Ladies and gentlemen, be free and claim your immortality!
   I thank you and I bid you good evening.    
6)     “The Crescendo of Truth–An Exposure in This Age” by Elohim Cyclopea given at the Motherhouse, Santa Barbara, California, August 12, 1973

     …We desire to send you forth two by two into the world to claim a remnant for the Lords of Karma, for the Christ and for the age.  We desire to sponsor you.  Therefore consider well how you may attend the university, how you may reserve this twelve-week cycle for the final training, the purging of your soul by the cosmic secret rays from the heart of Cosmos, the preparing of your being and consciousness for the going-forth to the multitudes, standing for truth, being interviewed on radio and television.
  When you are ready we will arrange the interviews, we will arrange for the multitudes.  For we have tempered the wind of mankind’s carnal-mindedness to the shorn lamb of the identity of the children of God.  We have not pressed upon you the multitudes who will come crying for healing when they realize the great healing focus of the Maha Chohan, of the emerald ray that is anchored in this focus and in the Retreat of the Resurrection Spiral.  Throngs, numberless throngs, will press about you when they realize that the Holy Spirit is within you.
  Therefore I say, we are ready when you are ready.  But we cannot release to you the multitudes if you cannot stand up before them, if you cannot stand up against the substance of their four lower bodies.  For at the hour and the moment when mankind are prepared to receive the Holy Ghost and the righteousness of the saints, the mantle of the saints, it is then that the dweller on the threshold—the accumulation of their entire momentum of karma, which is called the carnal mind—arrays itself against the Christ.  And thus to be a true teacher of the light you must be able to stand before the disciple, to challenge and bind the dweller on the threshold while speaking the gentle Word of truth, the admonishment of the soul which will woo the heart, the mind and the soul into the knowledge of the Law.
  This is the responsibility of the World Teachers.  This was the momentum of the Lord Jesus as he walked among the multitudes who thronged him and desired to kill him; and he disappeared from their midst by the power of the divine alchemy.  For you see it was the carnal mind within them that would have killed him, while the soul and the Christ within hungered after his Truth–the Truth that the soul understands will make it free. 
  We have stood by and seen how these Messengers have had to deal with the disciplining of the outer consciousness, with the training of souls in the mastery and the dominion of these momentums, and how often the rebellion of the outer mind and its freewill has caused some souls to retreat from before the flame.  And we have watched how the soul has been in agony as the outer consciousness withdrew from service or was disobedient.  For the soul of these ones was intimately aware of the rebuttal and the disobedience of the outer consciousness and of the great period of time that would be required for the humbling of the outer self to return once again to the place of the Ascended Masters Teachings.
  Thus inner conflict is ever and always the dichotomy of the momentum of past ages of sin and oppression that works and strives against the momentum of the Christ that is in the Causal Body of man.  Thus Joshua said, “Choose you this day whom ye will serve.”  Will you serve the Christ within or the carnal mind?
  Each hour you are making choices.  The hours grow shorter and shorter as the hour of the judgment of the elect comes to the fore.  In the final hours of mankind’s crystallization of the consciousness of the Christ there is choice—the choice that must be made hourly, momentarily, daily, weekly and monthly.  The hour is come then when the true worshipers must worship the Son of God in Spirit and in truth. 
  I AM Cyclopea!  I blaze forth the light of the all-seeing Eye of God into every church and every assembly of religious devotees this day and every Sunday for the balance of this year!  I plant my electrodes of truth in the altars of the world for the redemption of the children of God and the exposure of the liars who preach from the pulpits of the world a false dogma, a false doctrine, indoctrinating the minds and souls and hearts of the people against the Christ and against the Laws of God!  So let the power of truth go forth to expose the lie of the Illuminati and the Satanists and all Communism within the churches of the world!
  I send forth the aid of truth to those of the Christian Church who are behind the iron and bamboo curtains!  Let the Christians who follow the walk of the Christ receive the succor of truth this day!  Let them be raised and uplifted by the power of the mighty avatars as we release our light to those who are walking the earth in physical, tangible bodies to preach to the Christians and to the lightbearers and Keepers of the Flame throughout the world.
  Let truth be anchored in form by the power of the Hierarchies of the Sun!  Let the Four and Twenty Elders release the power of the Elohim and Mighty Cosmos’ secret rays which shall intensify this hour the action of truth from the heart of Cyclopea and Virginia.  I AM the power of truth.  I press the power of truth into the four lower bodies of a planet, into the elementals, into the sylphs of the air, the undines, the fiery salamanders and the gnomes.  I press the consciousness of truth from the very heart of Alpha and Omega into the waters, into the fire of the rock and into the heart of man!
  I say, let it be a chemicalization!  Let truth disturb the consciousness!  Let there be that chemistry, that bitterness, that causes mankind to be turned upside down and inside out and restored to the presence of his right mind, his right consciousness in Christ!  I say, let truth prevail!  Let light prevail!  Let truth be anchored this day!  Let the chips fall where they may!
  I come and I AM truth!  And my legions are here!  My legions are here and they gather for the crystal whitefire light!  They gather for the crystal whitefire light to be expanded within your hearts!  Stand to receive their blessing!  Stand to pledge your energies to the increase of truth–truth as the condensation of purity, as the precipitation of purity within the physical octave!  This is the light!  This is the grace!  This is the salvation of our God!  Espouse truth and be free!
  I thank you and I bless you and I hold you within the hollow of my hand forever and forever.                  
7)          Beloved Kuan Yin -
at Freedom Conference 1973, Land of Lanello near Colorado Springs

                           A Vial of Mercy’s Flame

     I am the Goddess of Mercy–so named by Alpha and Omega, for I have tended the God-flame of mercy for an incomparable span of time and space.  Long ago in another system of worlds, in the evolution of the brothers and sisters of a particular planet I perceived the need for mercy, for the ark that provides the way of escape for the evolving consciousness that arrives at the place of desire–God-desire–a desire so great for the Law and for true Being that it becomes a magnet to draw God into manifestation.  And then the consciousness abides in the state of desirelessness.
  For the consciousness that has desired God realizes that it is God.  But until that experience takes place and while it is taking place the devotee, in order to be found worthy of receiving the God-flame, must meet the dweller on the threshold of his own returning karma, the beasts of prey, the dragon, the satanic force that sends forth the flood against the Divine Woman that is appearing in the consciousness of each one.  And so at that moment the devotee must learn balance.
  As the faithful juggler who juggled before the statue of Mother Mary, offering his only gift to the Virgin Queen, so the devotee must become a juggler juggling his own karma, keeping that energy going into the flame while putting on the robes of his divinity.  And I saw that if I knelt in prayer to invoke mercy from the Heart of God on behalf of those who were finding difficulty in managing this juggling act, they received succor and an upholding and a setting-aside of certain passages of the orchestration of their own karmic evolution until they might become a little bit stronger, a little bit taller on the path.
  And so I said to myself, indeed there is no quality more precious than the mercy of God.  I would become that mercy, and I would be that mercy on behalf of all.  For, precious hearts, when I saw the difference between those who were given mercy through intercessory prayer and those who had not that mercy I could not withhold my service, I could not set my hand to another task.  I must be there, I must walk by the side of each one, I must have and hold and be the cup of mercy.
  Do you know, precious hearts, the rewards of this service have been very great.  Millions of souls have passed through the travail of maya, of samsara, of the perversions of the Mother-flame because I have held the flame of mercy.  And because I have upheld it for you, precious hearts, you also find yourselves in this place in time and space able to receive my word.
  So many manifestations are an action of mercy that I cannot even count them or portray them to you in one address.  I would point however to the great mercy of nature and the nature kingdom–that with all of the effluvia, with all of the contamination of mankind the precious elementals, by the action of mercy’s flame, are still able to create the perfect rose, flowers in the fields of life, trees that provide shade and protection, great forests and vast plains.  And the cycles of the year and of the harvest and of the sowing are kept by the action of mercy.
  For, you see, I know that it comes as no surprise to you but I must tell you that mankind’s own karma shows that they do not merit the setting-aside of their own darkness; they do not merit all that they have.  And yet God in His infinite goodness has again and again listened to the pleas of my angels, of my office, of Mary the Mother and other lady masters who have journeyed to the courts of heaven to make intercession on behalf of a wayward humanity.  “Just a little while longer!”  we have pleaded.  “For mankind, if they but knew the Law, would do the works of that Law in action.”  And so we have given dispensations of mercy from this very platform through our Messengers.  We have delivered the karmic edicts concluding dispensations of mercy for the publishing of the Everlasting Gospel, for the expanding of the teachings, for the drawing into the light of greater and greater numbers of souls who would take the cup offered by the Lords of Karma and drink all of it in the name of the risen Christ.
  And so the Lords of Karma are rewarded this day that this assembly has gathered together to uphold the light on behalf of America, on behalf of Saint Germain, on behalf of the planet Earth.  And the Lords of Karma are watching to see how the efforts will be forthcoming, how the devotions will be given in this conference and what final dispensations can be made on the Fourth of July.
  And so I come to inaugurate a cycle of the violet fire of freedom in the heart of the Mother for the balancing of the emotional bodies of mankind and the perfect outpicturing of the blueprint of the etheric plan held in the heart of God for each one.  You have a fiery blueprint, and it comes forth from the hand of Almighty God as a branding iron to fire upon your consciousness anew, to accelerate within your being the ancient covenants, the perfection of the Law, the divine geometry of our fathers and of the Ancient of Days.
  This is mercy–that from deep within the etheric body the divine pattern and plan can be restored at conscious levels. For a moment there is the bleating in the human consciousness like the bleating of the lambs and there is that feeling of the sacred fire as it comes in contact with the outer momentums of carnality.  But when the imprint of divinity is stamped upon the forehead it reverses the tide of the mark of the beast and it sets forth for all time the age of the Christ, the King of Kings and Lord of Lords.  For He is the One Supreme Being, the only begotten Son, the great Word out of which all were formed and created, out of which all received the Christ consciousness in abundant measure to go forth and prove as prodigal sons the Law and the Word and the sacred trust.
  I am Kuan Yin.  And I am sending forth from my retreat, by order of the Great Central Sun Messengers, energies of mercy’s flame that will accelerate and intensify the return of humanity’s karma as a gentle action of the Law, as a containment action, as a preparatory action that mankind might learn through trial—some through pain and suffering and some through the glorious invocation of mercy’s flame—how to balance, how to reclaim, how to restore, how to purify and revivify the body consciousness of all mankind, the planes of the Earth and elemental life.
  And I have in my hand a vial, although it is not one of the vials of the seven last plagues, but it is a dispenser of mercy’s flame.  And as I open it the very fragrance of the atoms which are volatile ascends into the atmosphere and there is a going-forth of millions of atoms of mercy’s flame charged with the etheric blueprint of the golden age, of the planet Earth, and of every son and daughter of God living upon this Earth in this very hour.
  Out of the vial comes forth the atomic energy, the atomic pattern and the sacred fire.  And these energies shall go into the atmosphere, into the plane of air to charge the consciousness of the race with the purity of the fiery pattern, to thwart the plans and the pride and the prejudice of the Luciferians and their hypocrisy.  And so in the mental belt these shall manifest as floating atoms, as you would say, floating grids and forcefields.  Like tiny balloons these inundate the earth.
  And do you know, I would tell you about the sons and daughters of God; for they are a distinct and holy race of God-free beings who serve at outer levels to reform the consciousness of humanity.  And they are distinguished from the children of God, from the fallen angels and from the Luciferians.  Sons and daughters of God are those who have a certain initiatic attainment, who have applied themselves to the Law, who have come forth from God as joint heirs with Christ.  These are the true ruling class of a planet and its people, but their rulership has been usurped by the sons and daughters of Lucifer and the fallen ones.
  Therefore when we send forth the fiery blueprint as dispensation, as intercession it is for the restoration of the fiery blueprint of the sons and daughters of God in the mental belt, in order that the children of God—that who have not yet attained to Christhood or recognized the age of their responsibility to be proliferators of the Word of God–might have the benefit of the plasticity of that pattern being impressed upon Mater–upon fire, air, water and earth–upon their consciousness.
  This is the means Hierarchy is using to lower into the planes of Mater the ascended masters’ consciousness, for these patterns are taken from the very causal bodies, the I AM Presence, of the sons and daughters of God.  And thus Hierarchy serves with unascended evolutions this day to press in upon the mass consciousness a higher way, a better way, a more merciful way of attaining Godhood.  This then is one answer and one key that is forthcoming by your efforts, by the grace of the Cosmic Christ.
  And what then of the fallen ones, the fallen angels who have taken the left-handed path because they followed the arch-deceiver and his lie?  You have already been told, and you have received the pronouncement of Archangel Uriel reading the great Scroll of Life from the heart of Alpha and Omega, of the opportunity for the fallen ones to return to the Christ, to bend the knee and pay homage and allegiance to the God within and the God without.  This has been given, and thus the fallen ones have had their dispensation.  And I am joyous to report to you the report from the Keeper of the Scrolls that ten thousand fallen ones have returned to the heart of God since that dispensation was given.  And many more are on their way.
  And so I say, is not mercy worthwhile?  Is not opportunity worthwhile?  Is it not worthwhile to give mankind freedom to become God?  And now we are at that time of the year when the Mother comes forth to teach the children the hows and the whys and the wherefores of the judgments of the Father, of the sternness of the Law, and why these must be outpictured swiftly ere the cycles descend.  For, you see, the entire cosmos is a spiral with many spirals within the great spiral, and all is a great timetable.  And therefore at the end of a cycle man’s consciousness must be aligned with the great spirals of Life, for this is the mighty track of the ongoing, the marching of the forces of light.
  If you would be part of the forward movement of the entire cosmic egg you must become aligned with the Law and with its dispensations, you must be found approved of God.  And therefore although God’s mercy endures forever the cycles which you call time and space have a finite period and then they are spent.  And thus for mercy to be gained again another cycle must be created.  And in the human consciousness these cycles take thousands of years, precious hearts, specifically ten thousand in number.
  And so you see, the consciousness that will sin just one more time, resting upon the thought of God’s infinite mercy, may make the mistake just one time too many and then find itself completely off the track, off the spiral and unable to move forward in the light.  I trust that none of you will be counted among those who miss the great spiral of this conference, its purpose and our intent to bathe you, to infuse you, to make you walking, living electrodes of ascended aster consciousness and light-substance on behalf of all humanity.  I trust this final experiment in the archives of the Brotherhood will prove of such great fruit that we will be able to continue our conferences uninterrupted season after season at each quarterly cycle.
  All depends now on the response of the student body.  For humanity have given their response, and their energies have been found wanting.  They have been weighed in the balance and, yes, humanity have been found wanting.  But the children of the light have not been found wanting, and the sons and daughters of God stand as the avant-garde of the age.  And so the Lords of Karma are willing to entrust these the devotees with the momentums of light that will carry the Earth forward into another cycle of opportunity.
  I AM mercy’s flame.  I stand at the door and knock.  The door is the door of opportunity.  Will you open the door of opportunity and let in the ascended master consciousness?  It is our fond hope, our trust that you will.  I thank you and bid you good afternoon.                   
8)       Beloved Elohim of Purity - at Freedom Conference 1973 at Land of Lanello near Colorado Springs

    The Restoration of Mankind to the Original State of Pristine Purity

   The rushing of the wind is the mighty sound of purity’s flame.  And the flame of purity is able to restore mankind to the God-estate, to the communion of the Ancient of Days when angels and men walked and talked with the Elohim as dearest friend.  The Elohim desire to restore mankind to the original state of pristine purity, and our delight is in the Law of God which framed all of cosmos through the consciousness and the labors of the Elohim.
  I AM Purity.  And I am known as the shining one for I use the great consciousness of purity which God by His grace has bestowed upon me, as a giant reflector for the Great Central Sun Magnet.  And thus my consciousness of purity is dedicated to the reflection and the refraction of God’s consciousness on behalf of all evolutions abiding in this system of worlds.
  I send forth the light of the Father.  And Astrea, serving as the potential of the Mother in the cosmos of the fourth ray, wields the mighty circle and sword of blue flame to arrest the spirals of those miscreations that defile the purity of Almighty God.  And thus the action of twinflames goes on into infinity after infinity as light descends and light ascends and the wholeness of the Divine Presence is made known.
  I release purity this day!  For think you, O man, that the Elohim descend to engage in idle chatter?  I tell you nay. When we come forth to speak through our Prophets we come forth to release dispensations and cycles which affect aeons of time as measured and recorded by your evolutions.  And so I say, the spiral of purity goes forth, and it enfolds this solar system and each planet therein.  The Earth is bathed this day, coalescing through the power of the spoken Word the fire of purity, the air of purity, the water of purity, the earth of purity!  Thus the cosmos is the Lord’s and the fullness thereof. 
I AM the manifestation of the purity of cosmos, the purity in every cell and atom of every man and every woman, every child.  I AM the Elohim consciousness of purity within you, gathering more of the flame of purity as you invoke that flame from my heart.  And so I come forth to complete the task of Hierarchy in the popularization of the angels of purity upon the planetary body.
  And I tell you not a fortnight shall pass that mankind en masse shall not rise up in appreciation for the flame of purity in government, in the economy, in the households, in education, and in music and the arts.  For the electrifying power of purity goes forth by the fiat of Alpha and Omega this day.  And the Earth shall be filled with the purity of the Lord, and none shall stay that action.
  And so I am come, and so I have made to you the announcement of this century for the Elohim of the Fourth Ray–the release of purity this day.  It is an awesome and an auspicious event in the halls of the Great Central Sun, and mighty messengers of light go forth bearing purity.  And the mighty comet that shall appear in the heavens ere six months shall pass is a manifestation of the messengers of cosmic purity which come forth periodically from the heart of Alpha and Omega as emissaries of light to greet those twinflames who hold the focus of light on behalf of evolutions.
  And thus Helios and Vesta shall be expecting this emissary of the hierarchies of purity, and thus all evolutions shall know that purity is in vogue.  And this is the hour, this is the time to embrace purity, to walk in purity, to dress in purity, to drink in purity, to live and to love purity–purity as the vivid colors of the seven rays of the Mighty Elohim, the Archangels, and the Chohans, purity of effort, purity of design, purity of meter, purity of being that enhances perfection everywhere and brings forth the true love in a maiden’s prayer.

O hearts filled with the longing to be true,
Know that I manifest the white and the blue.
And I come forth to seal you in purity’s ray,
To manifest the golden light of the Sun this day.
For the cosmic honor flame is enshrined
And the golden liquid light is restored
As the culture of the Father and of the Mother.

   This age then shall come to know and esteem and to revere the light that lighteth every man that cometh into the world,  the light of the Elohim that ignites the spark and gives forth the energies of the Holy Spirit through the representative, the Maha Chohan, for each system of worlds.
  To each one of you I say:  if you will accept my ray I shall place upon you now a replica of the cosmic ovoid called the cosmic egg.  And I shall place around you the formation of cosmos itself, and you shall come to know yourself as child-man evolving within the incubator of cosmos.  And when the hour of your ascension draws nigh, as a tiny bird you will prick the shell of purity’s flame of the cosmic egg.  And that flame will infold into the ascension spiral, and you will stand forth born again from the womb of the Cosmic Virgin to the eternal day of the divine appearing.  And I shall welcome you into the arms of purity where you shall dwell forevermore!
  I take my leave of you to minister unto the vast evolutions of the cosmic egg, and one day you shall minister unto them with me and with my legions of light.  I promise you that I shall take you upon a journey such as no mortal can even imagine at the hour of your ascension to explore the vast reaches of this giant egg.  Therefore make your home in the womb of the Divine Mother; and know that the cosmic egg is that womb, that place, that abode for the evolutions of millions and billions of starry beings, ovoids and galaxies, Christs, Sons of God!
     Elohim! (chanted by Messenger)    

9)          The Starry Body of Man:  A Talisman for the Secret Rays

     Sons and daughters of God, from out the whitefire core of Being you have come—I have come.  And I welcome you this evening into the chambers of the secret rays.  For there I desire to instruct you in the action of the secret rays upon your consciousness and what you can expect to receive and to give in the presence of the secret rays.
  The secret rays promote an action of detail, the final sculpturing of the mind and consciousness in the perfect image of the Christ.  The secret rays are like the refiner’s fire. They purge, they purify.  When man has said of himself “My work is finished,” I have sent forth the secret rays to show him that the detail was not finished.  For in the conclusion of the spiral the Law requires perfection.
  As Mary the Mother took the trouble to arrange the flowers, the precious roses, in the apron of Juan Diego so the secret rays come into your being to arrange the floral offering of the soul, to see that all is in readiness that you might stand before the Court of the Sacred Fire and present yourself in the best light, the best image which you can muster and which you have built as the giant pyramid through the ages, ages of incarnation.
  You have heard that man is a starry body, a five-pointed star. The five points of light that make the star of this version of man’s consciousness are the five secret rays. The exactness of the secret rays as they are released from the centers placed within your form for this purpose goes forth into the world to draw all into the plumb line of divinity.  I say then, this is no time for dalliance, for sloppiness, for lack of cleanliness in your person. For this is the hour when God demands the allness of man.  And perfection is the great standard.
  I ask you now to stand and to raise your hands [audience rises], for I desire to show you how the very palms of your hands are the focus for the currents of the secret rays.  When the Christ raised his hands to bless the multitudes he was giving forth the action of Cosmos’ secret rays.
  Now I shall intensify the fire within the palm of the hand. And momentarily I shall place the electronic presence of my being over each one of you so that the hand of man shall become the hand of God.  For I desire that you should feel in this hour the intensity of the fire that can go forth from your hands to bless and heal mankind and especially to hold the tide of the elements during those periods of cataclysm, of natural chaos.
  Do you notice how very swiftly your arms become heavy in this position?  You remember when Moses was required to raise his hands that the battle might be won, that the victory of the Lord might manifest.  And he required two assistants to raise up his hands, for he could not hold them up all the day. And each time he let down his hands the battle went against the light and into the hands of the powers of darkness.
  Do you see then that it was the action of the secret rays which Moses released into the midst of the fray?  And I desire that you shall know how to do the same, for one day you may be called upon to raise your arms to turn back the Saracens as when Clare raised the holy symbol of the cross to turn back the dark forces.  So the Lord God requires a talisman; and the body of man–the starry body of man–becomes the talisman for the talismanic magic of the secret rays.
  Now I ask two of my angels to assist each one of you in holding up your arms, for I desire that you shall keep them raised high.  For I am multiplying my Presence through you this night for a specific action for the protection of the flame of freedom in the heart of America and in the heart of the earth.
  This is indeed the hour of the battle of Armageddon.  And although you do not see them, the mighty hosts of the Lord are camped upon the hillsides that surround this very tent–legions of Maitreya carrying the banner of the Divine Woman and Her Seed, carrying the banner of the Cosmic Christ, legions of Archangel Michael and Faith.  And they have formed a mighty circle of the heavenly hosts around this place, and they are prepared to do battle with the forces of darkness who would gather here and array themselves against the light.
  Let the power of the secret rays go forth!  Let these mighty rays be the action of Alpha and Omega through these blessed hearts who are willing to uphold the Law and the Truth and the honor of the Cosmic Virgin incarnate.
  I am intensifying the action of the secret rays through you; and they are forming a giant grid and forcefield around the planetary body. And while this action is taking place, the legions of Light are protecting your consciousness and this specific activity from any and all interference through the astral hordes, the dark ones who desire to make you dark also.     But they cannot, because the light is bright within your heart.
  And now, won’t you spread your feet apart, astride?  For I desire to release the power of the secret rays into the earth through the chakras that are the very soles of your feet.  How beautiful upon the mountains are the feet of him that bringeth good tidings, that publisheth peace, that publisheth salvation!  So are your feet made beautiful this night by the two additional rays of Mighty Cosmos. And these currents penetrate now Mother Earth; and I have established an action of flow between the earth body and your bodies through the power of the secret rays.  And now the anchoring of the fifth secret ray through the thymus, a point near the heart, near the threefold flame. Voilà!—the five-pointed star of man in manifestation is renewed in these souls dedicated to the light!
Clasp now your hands to your heart and feel the presence of the flame of peace from the heart of Gautama Buddha who anoints you even now with the oil of peace, of rejoicing and illumination.  This is your calling!  This is your election–to be the five-pointed stars of Mighty Cosmos. And thus in the twinkling of an eye I have made you stars of Cosmos, stars of Saint Germain.
  As you bring these rays into the heart they continue to cycle and to manifest the ageless, the everlasting Presence of Alpha and Omega.  Perhaps you will understand, precious hearts, in the great energy that you required to hold your hands upraised for this period what a great determination what a great energy is required to thrust home the power of Almighty God through the density of the maya of illusion upon this planetary home.  I say to you that the power of the secret rays is able to penetrate that density and to etch in letters of living flame upon the very soul consciousness of mankind the exact detail of the exact replica of the Christed-being which every son and daughter of God is.
  I say to you then:  use the starry body to perfect your mastery under the Twelve Hierarchies (of the Sun).  Working together with the seven beloved chohans use the secret rays to perfect the power, the faith and the goodwill of God in your life.  Let the secret rays enhance the blue flame, and let God’s will be done!  Let the secret rays enhance and establish the action of wisdom, of illumination and the power of the mind of Christ to be the perfect mind within you that always knows and hears and sees the thoughts of Almighty God. And as soon as the mind perceives it makes these tangible in action.
  Action is the byword of the secret rays.  And you ask, how can we be active if we go within?  Man’s concept of going within is a passive state of meditation.  But I say to you that I come to inaugurate an activity such as the world has never dreamed of through going within to the whitefire core and charging the being with the sacred fire of the very core of Being.  Within that core and center a fire within you is the greatest activity, the perpetual motion of the action of the love of the Holy Spirit.
  And so I say, use the secret rays to intensify the third ray of God’s love, the fourth ray of His purity, the fifth ray of His healing, science and truth, the sixth ray of ministration and service, and the seventh ray of freedom.  All of the colors of the seven rays become more vivid and intense as they pass through the chemicalization of the secret rays. Now the anchoring of your body temples in Terra is complete in the secret rays, and you may be seated.  [Audience sits.]
  In the heart of Almighty God I AM Cosmos.  In the Being of God I AM Cosmos.  There is a very special action of the Law that is required of you this night. And I come bearing the tidings of good news which shall indeed be to all people.  It is the coming of the Christ consciousness in the activity of the secret rays.
  The very nature of the secret rays–clothed as they are in a sheath of blue lightning to seal them from the prying eye of mortals who have eaten of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil—the very nature of those rays makes it impossible to understand them until you stand within them.  You must pass through the sheath.  And I tell you that to pass through that sheath is comparable in your octave to passing through a wall of steel.  And yet that itself is not a difficult feat.  It requires only the rearrangement of the atoms of your being and the magnetization of your forcefield in alignment with the Great Central Sun Magnet.
  Although you might not be ready to pass through solid concrete or steel in the physical consciousness I assure you that your soul is ready in its etheric envelope to pass through the sheath of the secret rays.  There is one sheath for each of the rays.  And do you know, your very hands are molded after the radial pattern of the secret rays that come forth from the hand of Almighty God—five fingers, giving you another clue to the action of the secret rays.  Do you use each finger or the thumb in an identical manner?  Does not each one have an identity, a vibration, an action?   So it is with the secret rays.
  Now, I say, come with me.  Take my hand, and let us merge the energies of the secret rays–Alpha and Omega.  When you shake hands in greeting to friends you are exchanging the energies of the secret rays, and a blessing occurs to each one. As you give so you receive.  And sometimes you find that the exchange is of the human consciousness.  But I assure you, then that when you take my hand you shall receive only the divine consciousness.  Come then, for I desire to draw you into my heart which I claim as the heart of God and there once again to instruct you in the principle that is the underlying Law, the governing principle, of the activity of each of the rays which I ensoul. 
  As you come within the chamber of my heart, which I have expanded to include all in this tent—and thus I stand thousands of feet in height proportionately, that my heart and my body might include you–as you pass into my being, you pass through the sheath of the secret rays.  And I assist you to walk through.  Standing in the center of the secret rays I will leave you to your own perception—for this is the law of the secret rays—to determine the mighty rainbow of color that is present here, as you are able to receive it.
  Now I desire that you shall tune into the quietude, the peace of this chamber, making your consciousness one with the peace, the all-oneness, of my heart.  You realize, precious hearts, that nothing outside God’s heart is real.  All of the meanderings of the outer consciousness, the experience of the senses—these drop away.  You cannot even remember the centuries you have passed in that outer nightmare of confusion, delusion.  And all is vanity there; all is purity here. Sitting in the seat of oneness you have a glimpse of how life appears from the ascended octave, and you know that only God and His invincible Presence is real in you.
  This is the mighty discovery of the secret rays:  that God has an entire cosmos within His heart.  And I AM that cosmos, and I say it again and again, for I desire you to say it also.  I desire that you should affirm “I AM Cosmos,” for how will you become the cosmos if you do not begin to affirm it?   Do you suppose that as you walk along the pathway of life–hill and dale, up and down–you can remember once in a while to say “I AM Cosmos”?   Try it [Audience says “I AM Cosmos!”]  Gently, for you are within the vast Being of God where all sound is a soundless sound and all is heard and known.  [Audience says “I AM Cosmos, I AM Cosmos.”]  So you too can be the allness of the cosmic egg.
  Now then, another aspect of the interior of the secret rays that I desire to acquaint you with is the nature of the solar consciousness.  The consciousness of the soul knows all things.  You can know all things if you remember to go within, into the center of the soul.  You can discern immediately the character, the nature, of human beings in your company.  You can discern the will of God at the specific moment that you require it.  You can discern the wisdom of what to do, how to do it, how to be effective servers.  Again you see, detail is the allness of the interior of God’s consciousness.
  Now in your meditation upon the secret rays I would like you to remember that there is a rhythm and a divine harmony to each of the rays.  Some of you know that in the oriental languages a different intonation gains an entire new meaning for a word.  I would tell you that your very posture as you are seated in the center of the secret rays–the inclination of your head, the position of your hands–has a bearing on what aspect of the secret rays you will encounter, how your solar awareness as the antenna of your body consciousness can function.
  This is why the teachers of the Himalayas, the ancient yogis, teach their disciples to sit in the lotus posture.  For this is the most effective posture for the meditation upon the secret rays. Your spine is erect, your head is level, your energies flow in the five-pointed star, and yet they return within by the crossing of the legs.  And so you establish a forcefield of the secret rays revolving and intensifying within your being.
  It would be well then to exercise a little bit each day until you can attain the mastery of the lotus posture.  For in that posture as I have indicated you will gain the greatest benefit of my secret rays.  I claim them, but you should also claim them as my secret rays.  For do they not come forth from the heart of God, and is not His heart your heart?  And so you realize you are more than you thought you were.  You contain the potential of cosmos.
  One final aspect–the crystalline nature of the secret rays:  when these rays coalesce in the physical body of the earth they coalesce as crystal.  And this will give you one clue to the fact that various types of crystal which are respected as gems and of precious value by mankind are the condensation of the secret rays.  These jewels are the repository for the flames of the secret rays.  And I will let you meditate upon the various formations and forms of crystal.  And I will let your holy Christ Self and your solar awareness tell you at the appointed hour which formations represent which of the five secret rays.
  It is the very delight of the World Teachers and of the Hierarchy to give you this opportunity, shedding a little more light upon the secret rays, the vibration, so that you in your meditation may be certain of that gentle enfolding action that has the power of the diamond-shining mind of God, of burnished steel, of the hardest substance known to man, and yet it is as gentle as the wind or the raindrops upon your soul. Such is the nature of the fiery core of Being–always in motion, for the flame never ceases to pulsate.
  And thus perpetual motion becomes the way of the devotees of the secret rays.  Some of you have noted that your lives have become perpetual motion in the past few weeks as you prepared for this conference.  I hope you are not thinking of ceasing this perpetual motion, precious hearts; for you have proven to the Hierarchy that you can embrace the secret rays. And the wheels of your being turn to the cycles of Cosmos;  and soon you find when Cosmos thinks a thought the thought is in your very mind.
  I say, release the sloth–the density that weighs you down and makes you inactive, makes you saunter around with your spines crooked, your heads wagging, your tongues wagging, and your feet helter and skelter!  I say, let your posture be for the glory of God and the secret rays!  I say, let your mind become fiery!  And let your being become the perpetual motion of the fiery core!
  There is rest in action, and the rest comes from a change of pace.  As you change the tempo of life from a waltz to a march, from six-eight to two-four time, you change that tempo by going through the patterns of the seven rays each day of the week and the patterns of the threefold flame in the cycle of the twenty-four hours.  And so you see just when you think you are weary and ready to stop dead in your tracks then comes the next flame of the next hour or the next day and you are renewed, for progress and change are the order of the Law of God’s Being.
  Now I do not suggest that you refrain from sleeping or eating as a sign of attainment or as the mark of perpetual motion.  It is important that you rest and rest well, for you must come and leave your bodies at night to continue the perpetual motion in other spheres, other climes, other ways.  And thus you see it is conceivable to the very soul to be in perpetual motion twenty-four hours a day but in different phases of the four lower bodies. During some periods your activity is physical, then again you project the power of God through feeling or through the mind, and the etheric activity is the leaving of the body temple to assist the angelic hosts of light in etheric octaves.
  And so I set before you this night the opportunity to balance karma twenty-four hours a day, always, and in the perpetual motion of the whitefire core.  Now may I warn you, lest in my presence you receive the impression that this will be an easy task. It is easy in my presence, and this is the key.  If you depart from the presence of Mighty Cosmos and begin to center your attention wholly on outer things you will, as the vernacular goes, run yourselves ragged trying to keep in perpetual motion.
  And so I say, take the time often during the day to close your eyes and say “I AM Cosmos” and go into the center of the heart and there meditate upon the action of the Christ through the secret rays made tangible in the seven rays.  As the Christ is the thirteenth member of the order, so the secret rays, the five, and the seven rays together make up the activity of the twelve apostles, or the Twelve Hierarchies within you.
  It is possible to accomplish this great serenity. But please, precious hearts, do not consider that remaining in meditation or in inactivity is fulfilling the requirement of the hour.  I tell you it is not, it cannot be.  And I warn you of those false doctrines and false teachers that would have you, in a sense, still the outer consciousness so completely as to make it lose its practicality in challenging the darkness and challenging the action of darkness in your life.
  Now precious hearts, take my hand again, and let us come out of the heart of Cosmos and stand once again in the glory of nature, in the presence of the Holy Spirit, in the presence of the Mother.  You may stand, precious hearts.  [Audience rises.]
You can become the inner lodestone and the active Presence all at once.  This is the fulfillment of the androgynous nature of God—as above, so below!  As within, so without!  Let God reign and be supreme within you, without!  And you shall know with the fiery determination given to you of old in the very center of God the way and the means to make use of every precious erg of energy, every precious moment and hour.
  I am stepping down the action of the secret rays to assist you in your orientation to your environment.  But I leave within your heart the memory of this experience as a nugget of gold. And I urge you to repeat that experience at least once a week, entering the chamber of God’s Heart to find there the only reality that there is anywhere.
  I AM Cosmos.  I seal you with the seal of the Great White Brotherhood.  And it shall be a seal upon your forehead as long as you desire to retain it, as long as you shall intensify good in the third eye.  Seeing good, beholding good, giving good, receiving good, you shall know the oneness of Cosmos and the secret rays.         -Mighty Cosmos:  early July 1973 at Land of Lanello near Colorado Springs via Messenger ECP
-Messengers M and E Prophet
 10)          The Dedication of the Sons and Daughters of God to the Solar Sun Consciousness    by Helios at 1973 Freedom Conference on Land of Lanello near Colorado Springs via Messenger E C Prophet

       I AM Helios!  And I have chosen to enter the atmosphere of Earth this day to quicken the Electronic Presence and the vital power of the atom within every soul evolving upon the planetary body.  I am calling home the atom!  I am calling home the children of the Sun!  And I stand forth for the realignment of your bodies in conjunction with the release of Cosmos’ secret rays.  I come to align the bodies of man and the body of the planet Earth.
  I come and my legions come with me!  And we stand upon the Land of Lanello to consecrate this earth, this hallowed ground, to the service of the light, to the unfoldment of the light, and to the victory of the light in all mankind for all time to come, until time is no more and space is no more.
  I am the God of the Sun, and the Sun is the Christ-light.  And the emanation of that light from my Presence is great enough to absorb the entire planetary body into the ascension currents.  And thus my energies are stepped down this day that you might receive that just portion which the Lords of Karma have meted out to you, each one.  The Woman clothed with the Sun stands before you, and the Manchild is appearing high in the atmosphere as the great Cosmic Light that descends into the heart of the Mother to be released at the appointed hour for the blessing of all mankind.
  Vesta is the light of the Mother for this solar system, and together we release the golden pink glo-ray that comes from the very center of the great cosmic egg.  And as these spirals are now anchored in the planetary body there shall occur a rejuvenation in hearts of the appreciation of the Woman and Her Seed; for the archetype of the Divine Mother and of the Christ must appear again and again and again.  And thus we impress this pattern upon your very souls as the magnet of Her appearing to all life in all life for the conclusion and the victory of the age.
  I AM Helios!  And I dedicate the sons and daughters of God to the Solar Sun consciousness!  I charge you and I place my electrode within your very minds and brains this day that you might be aligned with the cosmic rays–not with the son of darkness but with the Son of Light!
  I free you this hour, O beloved children of my heart!  I free you this hour from the impositions of the dark ones!  I intensify now the action of the Great Central Sun Magnet to demagnetize the sun-centers within your being of all false teachings, false hierarchies, psychic and astral effluvia, all substance that impedes the flow of the sun.
  Descend, I say!  Let the pillar of fire from on high come forth on each one!  Burn through the spine!  Burn through the highway of the chakras!  Let the channels of the chakras be cleared by the pillar of fire that descends as a mighty golden needle from the heart of our Sun Presence. For we desire to make you the Presence of the Son of God in a more than ordinary way this day.
  And as you were told by the Spokesman for the Karmic Board there are certain dispensations being given forth in this conference that only those who are present can receive. And this is one such blessing, for it can only be released at this moment in the cosmic cycle from the heart of our Presence.  And therefore you, each one of you seated here, comprise a nucleus of the Sun-activity upon earth that shall unfold during the next one-thousand-year cycle.  And I extend this blessing to the children and to those who are serving on the Land of Lanello.  All who then are participating in goodwill and in good faith in this conference shall receive that electrode and that Presence.
  I tell you that this day I sent forth the direction to our Messenger to remove two individuals from this conference and from this land who were not receptive to the true Hierarchy of Light but chose to make themselves instead, through psychic means, the focus of the false hierarchy.  I issue a stern warning to all souls who desire to be emissaries of light:  watch that you do not lend your consciousness to the false hierarchs and to the psychic emanations that they bear.  Far better to be silent and to allow the light to flow through you than to release through the sacred chakra, the throat chakra, the mouthings of evil spirits who come to you as an adornment for your pride and for your ego.  There is no profit to the soul in any communication other than the communi­cation of the ascended hosts of light, your own God Presence and your Christ Self.
  Let no man deceive you!  Let no man deceive you!  Let no man deceive you!  Whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap; for God is not mocked!  Therefore be washed clean.
I, Helios, stand in this place.  And I intensify the heat of the Sun to burn out of you the cause and core of all entity possession and demon possession, for I will not have in the body temple of the Sun-bearers any foreign influence whatsoever!  And therefore I say, be purged by the action of the sacred fire this day and kneel before the very Presence of your God!  For God incarnate is holy.  God incarnate in man and in woman shall bring forth the true androgynous consciousness as the foundation for the Holy Family for the great golden age.
  And I say that whosoever shall leave this place and make his consciousness a whoredom for astral forces shall have this pillar of golden fire removed from his consciousness forthwith.  For either you are a temple of the Sun, the Son of the living God, or you are a temple of darkness.  And what fellowship hath light with darkness?  Therefore if the light that be in thee is darkness, how great is that darkness! 
  So the light that I bring shall light up the farthest corner of conscious­ness to expose the lie and to consume it.  I am Helios, and I impress you with my Electronic Presence.  I make you atoms in the Being of God before your ascension.  I press you now close in my hands.  As the Divine Potter presses and molds the clay to form the perfect image so I make of you all cells in the body of God, each one of you forming an aspect of the divine consciousness, of the Father-Mother upon earth.  You are one in Helios and Vesta, and we are one in you.
  It is absolutely necessary for a group of lightbearers to hold the focus of Helios during time of cataclysm.  And therefore this is more than an experiment of the Solar Hierarchies.  It is a necessity; it is a cosmic dispen­sation.  And whether or not the outer consciousness seems worthy to you I say the Christ in you is worthy to bear the Sun-center of Being.  And I say that if you do not succeed in carrying the fiery Sun Presence unto the end,the time will come when there will not be enough light in Terra to hold her very atoms together, so great will be the darkness and the weeping and the gnashing of teeth. 
  Many shall forget their God; many shall forget to call upon the name of the Lord.  And in the absence of the call is the absence of the answer.  Therefore the Solar Hierarchies have placed within you this day, in advance   the need, the answer for which you have called. For you have given forth the call; therefore the answer is given.  And therefore when mankind feel the blessing of the Most High God they shall remember the words “Before they call I will answer; thus saith the Lord.” 
  Elohim from the heart of Alpha and Omega, descend into the earth and focus the power of the seven rays in the chakras of the earth to expand and intensify the Christ-potential, the solar potential, the God-potential of every man, woman, and child upon the planetary body!
  The light descends and intensifies within your heart, and there it shall remain until it is no longer welcome.  And if it be welcome, then say, “Welcome, O light!  Welcome, O light!  Welcome, O light!”  [Audience repeats with Helios.] You see, blessed hearts of light–and you are indeed hearts of light–you must welcome the light, pour forth your gratitude to the light, devote your very life and being and energy to the light, and feel the mighty winds of the Holy Spirit surge through you, surge through you, burn through you, blaze through you to be the manifestation of the Holy of Holies!
  Thus I have come!  Hail, O Alpha!  Hail, Omega!  The task to which you have sent me is accomplished; and I take my leave of Terra and my legions with me.  And we arise!  We rise into the center of the Sun!  And one day you shall also rise into the center of the Sun.  So let it be done!  You have the blessing and the authority of Helios and Vesta. Use it well, use it wisely, and all shall go well for Terra!   

11)           To Sponsor the Children of the Sun

  I AM Jophiel of the Sun!  And I radiate forth the wisdom of the Christ Mind to each and every one!  I come and I stand in this place to rehearse the grand choir of the victory of the light within you.
  I come and my legions come with me, and Christine is at my side.  And we have come forth this day in the Divine Mother, in the radiance of the Cosmic Virgin, to preach to you of wisdom and to enfold you in wisdom’s garments.  Embrace the light and the teaching of the Cosmic Virgin, and you shall find the mystery of the Christ, of the Holy Spirit, of the Father.
  We stand as the Archangel and Archeia of the second ray of the Lord’s anointing of His people with holy wisdom. One hundred and forty-four thousand legions of lightbearers carry the flame of wisdom around the planetary body this hour in the Twelve Houses of the Sun. Twelve thousand angels ensoul the wisdom of each of the hierarchies on behalf of mankind, and these are sent to you from the great halls of the Central Sun as lodestones of the wisdom of the Mother and of the Father. For the Hierarchy is determined that every man, woman and child evolving upon Terra shall have the opportunity before the year 2001 to know God, to know His Laws, to know ancient mysteries and to know the science of the cosmic clock.
We espouse the teaching of the clock as the spiral that unwinds and reveals to man his own innate identity.  Who are you, man?  Who are you, woman?  Do you know that I AM?  Do you respond with the Christ-command “I AM that I AM” when you are questioned regarding your identity?  I perceive that many among you know not what you are or who you are, because you cannot differentiate between the reality of your causal body and the unreality of the cause-effect sequences that you have set up contrary to cosmic law in the plane of matter.
  I say then, identify with your causal body; for it is the body of First Cause.  It is the dwelling place of the Most High God eternal in the heavens. It is your mighty sphere of light.  And in the center of that sphere pulsating is the divine identity of the fiery ovoid of every man and every woman, the I AM Presence of all Life.
  This is true Being, this is true consciousness, and this Law I etch in fire upon the rocks and in the waters and in the air, in the fire this day.  For all elemental life shall also be apprised of the nature of true Being sent from the voice of an Archangel and an Archeia to proclaim the glorious radiance, the Gloria in Excelsis Deo.  Glory to God in the highest and in the lowest of God’s creatures, for all is one in the consciousness of love made understandable by the wisdom flame which we bear.

Life receives a new impetus for living through wisdom’s holy air.
Life receives rejoicing in the Mother’s prayer.
Life is come again above and below
That all mankind shall live and know
I AM that I AM!
I AM the open door which no man can shut!
And the open door, the golden door to opportunity
In heavenly octaves and earthly octaves,
Must be the wisdom of the Law.
  We welcome you into our hearts and into our retreat on the etheric plane over China. We welcome you to study the ancient law of the Chin, the mysteries of the flow of wisdom taught by Confucius and Lanto of old, who also came to our retreat to receive the sacred power of the Word of wisdom from our flame.  The sacred fire, the yellow-diamond hue, is the focus this hour of the Mother and the Child and the wisdom that crisscrosses as a mighty forcefield rolled out as a scroll around the planetary body, winding and wrapping the earth in the pulsations and forcefields of the Almighty One.
  You have heard the dispensation of the Electronic Presence of Jesus the Christ sustaining the focalpoint for transition. The angels who have come with me this day also serve at these points of light around the earth to amplify from the heart of Jesus the wisdom which he taught to initiate the Piscean Age, which wisdom has been aborted by the dark ones–but not all. For that wisdom is here, and it lives in the flame in our retreat and in the flame within your hearts.
  Precious ones, as the truth is that which makes man free, wisdom is the explanation of truth. Mankind crave to know the Law; and therefore I say, teach them.  But before you teach them learn yourself the holy precepts pure from the very hand of the Mother of the Flame–the representative of the Divine Mother in this age, who stands waiting to award you with that which is rightfully yours, that which you have earned through many cycles of preparation.  You are not dense; you are not dark; you are not heavily laden by karmic weight.  For I see beyond all that, and I see the spirals of wisdom that you have pursued even before coming to this planetary home.
  I see it as the golden vein that inspires mankind to worship once again the light, the fiery gold that expands and makes the rocks to split, that wisdom might come forth as fount of living flame and fire.  Ho, everyone that thirsteth!  Come ye to the waters; buy and drink!  Drink ye and drink freely of the waters of eternal Life.  Ho, I say!  Let all stop and prepare the way for the coming of the Son of man, for the coming of the avatars, for the coming of lightbearers.  Are you prepared to receive them, to teach the little ones as they are born to you–born to love, yes, but also born to teach?
  I urge you then to think carefully and to plan how you can best take the training of the Mother under the guidance of Hierarchy.  I urge you to consider what the inauguration of the Ascended Masters University means to the World Teachers today.  It means that if some will pledge their lives and energies to espousing wisdom’s honor–honor I say, for honor is the true wisdom of the Law–then the World Teachers may recommend to the Cosmic Christ and to Lord Gautama himself that greater sons of flame might be authorized to take embodiment because there by some who stand waiting to pass the torch of wisdom.
  No matter how high the evolution or the attainment, all who embody upon Terra must pass through the veil, coming into embodiment with the child mind which must be built precept upon precept, line upon line, by the mother and the father and by the teachers who have vowed to guide these little ones from their conception unto their ascension.
  We will not cast our pearls midst the swine.  We will not send our Cosmic Christs to come into an era and into a system where they will not receive the great Teachings of the Law.  Do you desire to have them among you?  Then I say, be prepared, make ready!  Know the Teachings and know them accurately. For I say to you, as Jesus said of old, that any among you who should hurt one of these little ones by false indoctrination or false teaching, it would be better for him that a millstone were tied around his neck and that he should perish at the bottom of the sea, the sea of his own density, rather than to perpetuate that density in the minds of light, minds of fervor, minds of fire longing to descend, to take embodiment and to be the fullness of all that mankind require to be loosed from the skeins of their darkness and their human consciousness.
  Thus in heaven souls are longing to descend, and on earth souls are longing to ascend. But I am certain that you who long to ascend would rather stay another round to prepare for these little ones, to make straight their paths even as John the Baptist, who had earned his immortal freedom as Elijah, who had earned his ascension and was witnessed going into God in a chariot of fire.  So he came forth once again to prepare the way for his pupil, Elisha, making way for Jesus the Christ to be born again and to review the covenants of the Law and to demonstrate the great miracles which he had been taught of old.
  So now it is your hour to go before the Cosmic Christs, for you to decrease that they might increase, for you to expand your light and then give that light unto them that they might have the glory and hold the focalpoint for the age. What opportunity can come to earth if but a few will consecrate themselves anew to be teachers–to graduate from the neophyte, from the disciple, from the acolyte and to become teachers under the World Teachers!
  I, Jophiel, ask you to write to the Lords of Karma in your own handwriting, to address a letter to the Karmic Board, if you desire to be counted among the cadres of the World Teachers in this age.  If you desire to consecrate your life to those who wish to embody, I ask you to make this known to the Lords of Karma and to the Mother of the Flame.  I ask you to submit your applications for the Ascended Master University.  For I desire to sponsor you!  And I, Jophiel, have stood before the Lords of Karma this day, and I have said to them, whatever number among this group desire to attend our university–even if they be found wanting, even if they are not wholly prepared–I will sponsor them.  For I am determined that mankind shall have the wisdom of the Mother.  And I shall lay before the Lords of Karma this day the yellow diamonds of my attainment as collateral for those students; and if they fail I shall willingly forfeit those diamonds.  For this is my gift; this is my faith in these students; this is my faith in mankind and in the God in man.
  Therefore I come as your sponsor!  Golden children of the Sun, I stand to sponsor you!  And all who will take up the call may know that I will walk with you; I will be with you in your hours of study and self-transmutation and purification.  And I will give the full power of my being and exert that power to make you ready to release the spoken Word and to give the teachings that are needed that this era might be known as the one that preceded the glory of the Golden Age, that prepared the way, that sealed the cycle of the Golden Age of Aquarius.
  This is my love, this is my wisdom, this is my power to you.  I AM and I remain, by the authority of Almighty God, Jophiel, Archangel of the Second Ray.
    at Freedom Conference 1973 at Land of Lanello near Colorado Springs via Messenger E C Prophet       
 12)        New Age Teaching Methods

    There is a gentleness in the flowing stream of God’s illumination that can be felt only when the cares and the burdens of the world with its knowledge, its pursuits, are set aside.  And then the gentle, rhythmic, rolling currents of the mighty river of illumination that flows from the heart of the Father to the heart of the Mother is sensed.  And then it is that man no longer desires to return to the worldly life with its worldly living; for he has found the fountain of youth, the elixir of golden liquid light. And when it is drunk he experiences the illumination of the Buddhic consciousness, of the thousand-petaled lotus.
  I AM there in the flowing stream of illumination.  For I AM the Mother of the flame of illumination as the archeia of this tender ray which has the power to cut through all ignorance, to realign your very brain cells, to make you, one and all, the wise men of the East.  Precious children, do you not realize that you have so classified yourself and hardened your concept of yourself and accepted the educational methods, the testing methods of these schools of the world, that you believe that you have only a certain mental capacity and that your outreach is limited by the gift, or lack of it, of intelligence with which you were born.
  What a tragedy it is that mankind must always analyze, categorize and attempt to put a mark upon the minds of one another.  Then when the angels of illumination come to infire and infuse the mind with a greater perception of the Christ, they find that although Mater will respond, the human consciousness does not respond.  It is not an open door.  It does not perceive, hence it does not receive.
  I am here to tell you that the fixation of the dark ones, the Luciferians, upon your consciousness has limited you and mankind en masse to one-tenth of their present mental capacity.  And I speak of that which is possible now without even an increase in the power of illumination’s flame.  You do not even realize how general is this misconception–an almost universal brainwashing that only the few have the intelligence to pursue the study of wisdom.
  Yet the Cosmic Virgin enfolds all in the wisdom of Her flame and discounts no one.  All may learn from Her even the most complicated subjects.  It is a matter of how these subjects are taught; for some children and some adults require different methods to receive advanced science and teachings of cosmic engineering and the juxtaposition of forces and the interplay of cosmic rays, higher mathematics and geometry.
  There is a gap between the schools of heaven and the schools of earth.  For on the etheric plane we adjust the course to the pupil, but on earth the pupil must adjust to the course and either sink or swim, as you would say.  We never allow a pupil to sink, for we would consider that it would be our fault and not the pupil’s fault.  There are many dedicated educators among mankind who share this philosophy, for they have learned it in our retreat.  But I would ask you this day if you will not pray that the World Teachers and the Hierarchies of Illumination might release to the instructors and teachers among mankind, and especially to yourselves, new and advanced methods of teaching all subjects.
  We have released some of these methods to the teachers and the sponsors of Montessori International, even as we released that method to Maria Montessori.  But I tell you there is so much to be delivered that we can have many amanuenses among the teachers of the world.  For it is our desire to set forth for these little ones who desire to be the forerunners of the golden age practical methods of reaching them with all facets of the Law.  And so after you have attended the Ascended Masters’ University, and also during that period, I trust you will invoke my flame and ask me to intercede with the Cosmic Christ for you to release methods of teaching, the teachings of the Brotherhood, on film, in all forms.
  Some of you are fond of the artistic work of Walt Disney, who was also inspired by the Brotherhood to teach the ever new truths of life to the children of the world.  Many children have no knowledge of the cosmic honor flame, of fairies and angels and masters except through the films of Walt Disney.
  Now has come an era when we desire to make films depicting the ascended masters’ retreats, depicting the facets of the Law, the movement of the flame, the lives of the elementals. We desire to show on screen before all mankind how the violet flame works in the elemental kingdom, how these little creatures respond to the calls.  We desire to show how an individual invoking the flame of illumination at one point on the planetary body can cause an entire spiral of ideas and ideational patterns to flow into the minds of one or several or hundreds of individuals who are seeking knowledge at another point on the earth.
  We desire to show the harmonics of the music of the spheres, the rhythm of the mighty Elohim and their sacred tones.  We desire to sound these tones at the physical level so that mankind might perceive these tones.  And then we shall show in moving picture how these tones are able to actually change the cell patterns and the cell formations of children, of those who are incarcerated in mental institutions and in prisons, those who are lost to society because of their own rebellions against the Law.
  Of course Hierarchy never interferes with freewill, and thus we do not interfere with those who do not desire to be changed.  But we can show them films of how they might be changed, if they would consent by their freewill.  And I say, would that not be better than showing films of pornography, of lewd entertainment, of all types of astral nightmares that are paraded before the youth of the world every Friday and Saturday night?  And they continue to flock to the cinemas because they have nowhere else to go in many places and they desire to remove themselves from their parent’s eye.  And thus they flock and thus they are fed, and in their very cell patterns the entire roll of film is cast upon that plastic substance of protoplasm. And sometime, somewhere all of that violence and indiscretion must be outpictured, else transmuted if they would make progress.
  Now it has long been the concern of Saint Germain and his desire to see Hierarchy have at least equal representation and equal voice through the media, through the mass communications, radio and television, through all avenues of release of the culture of the Mother.  We are searching for souls who will devote themselves to the portrayal of the divine life, of life as it is lived in the fourteen etheric cities which are above the seas and the deserts of the earth.  For these are the cities from whence you come, and these are the cities to which you are taken after the loss of the physical body.  And so all of you have dwelled in these cities at one time or another between embodiments.
  By an action of the flame of Jophiel and Christine we can activate the memory of the life in those etheric cities–the pastel trees, the radiant hues, the frolicking through the grasses violet and blue in color, the games that are played by the children where excellence is the goal rather than competition and pride and where the Christ example is the solution to all forms of problems that eventuate in the ego of the adult and in lack of mastery.
  Oh, the world is so full of so many beautiful things waiting to be outpictured!  And so I would tell you of the power of illumination’s flame, of the golden flame, to mold your very brain–first of all, to raise you to a level where you are using first 20, 30, 40, 50 percent of your capacity and finally 100 percent of the basic raw material with which you came into embodiment.
  Then when you are making maximum use of the focus of the chakras of the brain then the invocations can be stepped up; an increase of mind power can be given you both through your invocation and through your blessing, through your coming to our retreat, through your basic realization that all can be changed and that you can wax in wisdom and in grace as Jesus did as a small lad by clothing himself in the royal robe of the Brothers of the Golden Robe, that is worn by those who have consecrated the life of their cells to the intelligence of God.  The very electron itself is intelligent and self-luminous and can release to you more fire, white-yellow fire, of the diamond-shining mind of God.
  I have desired to make this known to you so that you might increase your invocation to the wisdom flame.  I perceive that the level of your invocation to that flame has not yet been great enough in this conference to warrant a proportionate increase by our Presence here.  But I trust that ere you leave you will have invoked sufficient quantity of illumination’s spirals, melting the density within you, that we might come forth again and release to you a dispensation of golden liquid light to increase your awareness of cosmos, of your mission and of the vast Intelligences who govern cosmos and their vast knowledge that is waiting to be tapped.
  I perceive that between you and the realm of glorious light, the light of wisdom’s mighty flowing river there is a river of darkness that has its focus on the astral plane and within the astral bodies.  In some of you it penetrates into the brain and into the neck area and into your lower bodies.  This is the flood that the dragon has sent forth against the Divine Woman and Her Seed.  Most of you have accepted it much as you would accept a muddy river that must be forged.  You have been in the world; the world has been muddied; and some has come off and intermingled with your consciousness.
  I assure you that by the action of the violet flame, mighty Astrea’s cosmic circle and sword of blue flame and a generous portion of wisdom’s release you can cut yourself free from that density and stand apart from the mass consciousness, obeying the admonishment of the Lord “Come apart and be a separate people” (2 Cor. 6:17).  Thus I come as the Mother urging Her children on to new heights of glory and attainment, showing you how with just a little more effort so much greatness and glory can be won for God, for Hierarchy and for your fellowman.  Make the effort this day!  Abide in the gratitude of divine love for wisdom’s flame!  Make the effort!  Come up higher!  And as you rise each step of the way you will find the trailing garments of the angels of our bands are within the reach of your very hands.  And you will reach out to grasp the golden robe of one who tarries in your midst, and you will thereby be blessed forever with a charge of holiness and the desire to be holy because wisdom, above all, is holiness.
  I seal you with the kiss of the archangels who minister unto you to nourish you in the fires of Be-ness, consciousness and victory.           -Archeia Christine:  Freedom Conference 1973 at Land of Lanello near Colorado Springs via Messenger E C Prophet
 13)      The Middle Way of Resourcefulness, Action and Contemplation   by Gautama Buddha at Freedom Conference 1973 at Land of Lanello near Colorado Springs via Messenger E C Prophet

    The night winds are soft and gentle, blowing from the Himalayas and across the Gobi Desert, across the polar regions, across the Rocky Mountains.  And here the sylphs make their way to bring you the tidings of the Temple of Shamballa where the threefold flame is enshrined for a planet and its people.
  Here came Sanat Kumara of old, Hierarch of Venus, who proposed to Cosmic Councils that he would keep the flame of Life when no other would uphold it that he would keep the flame until another would come to receive it.  And there I saw the Ancient of Days and I knew him as my teacher.  And I came to Shamballa to be taught the way of the Buddha and of the thousand-petaled lotus flame.
  Prince Siddhartha they called me.  They sheltered me; they kept me from the sorrow and the pain of worldly life.  And when I found that my brothers and sisters were in need I left family, home, palace, wealth and went to sit under that famous tree to attain God-consciousness, to attain nirvana, and to bring back to humanity the teachings of the Ancient of Days on the Eightfold Path–the middle way of resourcefulness, of action and contemplation, of meditation and transmutation, and of total mastery of karmic cycles and conditions.
  Thus I came to know the Lord of the World and the great concern of Hierarchy for the suffering in samsara.  I came to know that I could be the Buddha, that I could manifest the Buddhic consciousness that other men might see because I chose to see God, that other men might walk because I chose to walk with God, that other men might know because I chose to know God.
  And so I gave my life to him, Sanat Kumara, and became his disciple.  And Maitreya soon came with me and we were taught together.  And when the time came for our teacher to return to his home star, Venus, he anointed me as the Buddha for the planetary body and bequeathed to me the Office of Lord of the World.
  The meaning of that office is manifold, for I hold the authority for the world insomuch as I release the energies of the Twelve Hierarchies of the Sun in perfect balance through the threefold flame.  And that threefold flame at Shamballa is the lifeline to all evolving here.  The threefold flame within your heart is attached by my love to the heartbeat of God enshrined in our temple.  It is also in my authority to dispense the wisdom of God; and this I do through Maitreya and through the World Teachers, Jesus and Kuthumi.
  My activities in releasing the light of Wesak are with elemental life; for they too depend upon the love of the Lord Buddha for the sustaining action of life in their service to humanity.  The Maha Chohan, whose retreat is at Ceylon, assists me in expanding the mighty power of the Holy Ghost through elemental life that they might be contained and follow the patterns of the group soul given to them from the hand of the Lord of the World.  Thus all life is contained and sustained by the flames that blaze now from many retreats tended by the masters of the Great White Brotherhood.
  Yes, the evolutions of this planet are greatly loved; and contrary to their concept, they are greatly understood. Hierarchy understands the trials and the tribulations, the thinking processes, moments of emotion, moments of deep meditation and attunement.  For Hierarchy at ascended levels is comprised of those Elder Brothers and Sisters of the race who have walked the same path that you now walk.  We have taken the same tests and we have made the same mistakes. For you must understand that in a finite world and a finite consciousness there are only a certain number of mistakes that are possible, and these have all been made by one or another of those who walk as the Brothers in White.  Therefore fear not and do not doubt the way, for the path is clearly marked.  It is marked with our footprints in the sands of time; and you have but only to place your feet in those very footprints to walk all the way home to God, to become also a servitor of those lifestreams who are yet floundering in the astral sea of mass emotions.
  You who have compassion as I had compassion upon the sick, the maimed, the halt, the deaf, the blind, those caught in the wheel of karma, you who have the compassion of Jesus the Christ, must understand that true compassion must manifest as the ordination of the will of God, as the magnetization of the will of God to raise the lesser consciousness to the level of God-centeredness.
  It does not contribute to the evolution of a sphere to agree by way of human sympathy with human imperfection or sorrow, and therefore the only true way to be of any help at all to humanity is to yourself rise to the level of God’s will and from that vantage point draw all mankind up to your level and not allow yourself to be drawn down, except to stand in the midst of the masses to proclaim the immaculate conception of God’s ideational pattern, the immaculate image held in the beginning whereby all things return to the state of oneness and bliss.
  I AM the devotee of the Divine Mother.  I meditate upon the Cosmic Virgin day and night, upon the Omega of Consciousness and upon the ray that originated the Omega consciousness, upon the Sun behind the sun of the Divine Mother.  You might say that I am Her electrode in Hierarchy for the planetary body. And as I focus the masculine consciousness of the Godhead for the earth, the magnet of my Spirit does draw the energies of the Divine Mother on high into manifestation, into the Divine Mother, here below.  Thus when you look upon the sphinxlike face of the Buddha carved in stone, in statue, in jade you can know that the thoughts of the Buddha are upon the Mother and upon Her child that is the seed of the Father, the seed of the Christ that is in you all.
  I AM the Lord of the whirl of cosmic energies in you and if I desire I may bequeath to you a certain authority over that whirl which gives to you in turn the authority to transfer that whirl to others who have not yet entered either the domain or the age of responsibility for worlds within worlds and whirling cycles of energy potential made available through Hierarchy at all levels of evolution and humanity’s evolving consciousness.
  I adorn the feminine ray in you this night.  And as I choose to enfold the Mother of the Flame in my mantle I cannot ignore the mother in you all.  For you all can be, as Mary has said, the Mother of God, the Mother of the incarnation of God in man. Therefore I appeal to the Mother-flame in you; I appeal by the power of the Great Central Sun Magnet. And by my love I draw up that flame that it might flower as the white lily of purity to give impetus to purity within the mind.
  For my goal as the Buddha is to teach you how to unfold the wisdom of the crown chakra that is the wisdom of Alpha.  And therefore my meditations upon the Mother are to that end, that mankind might have the wisdom of the Father through the raising of these energies and the anchoring of the lily-whitefire, the lily-white cloud, the cloud of witness whereby you bear witness to the flame of the Father.
  Often I choose to leave Shamballa to walk the earth to observe my children; and I walk through the large cities, holding my mantle around those who are in need of sustaining righteousness.  For righteousness is the right use of the Law and the right use of energy and the right use of freewill.  When I choose to qualify my mantle with righteousness men and women bowed down by the cares of the world realize suddenly as if by a bolt of blue lightning, that righteousness in all ways is the answer to life’s problems.  And so I observe the humble and the proud, the great and the small–all who are talented, but some whose talents are undeveloped, some whose talents are developed incorrectly and who pervert the very talents that God has given to them.
  And I pour forth my love, and I magnetize the very love within the cells and atoms of the beings of the masses.  And how often that grace, that devotion which I pay to the God within man, results in the healing of all manner of diseases before they even begin to cycle at the physical plane.  And mankind know not the devastation they have been spared by the love of one member of Hierarchy.
  I have always desired to make you the Buddha where you are.  You have thought of becoming the Christ, but have you also thought of becoming the Buddha?  To attain the Buddhic Consciousness requires certain initiations which Maitreya at your behest will give to you, for he is the Great Initiator.
  Always remember when you ask for a test that that test will be forthcoming at the hour and the time of the Lord’s appointing, according to the cycles of your own karmic wheel. If you forget that you have asked for a test and it comes in a month or two, then perhaps you will also forget to be prepared and to pass the test.  Perhaps you will forget to even maintain the consciousness of being tested.  Lofty thoughts have a way of being drowned out and lost as you walk among the masses; and therefore I always counsel to write down those things which you desire to remember because you desire to go and be the Buddha in action.
  The prayers of a little child offered this night to the Divine Mother have been heard by the angels and the Archangels. And they have been reported to me, for it is the fervent desire and prayer of this little child who kneels at his bedside that his mother’s life should be spared.  I have heard the calls of this little one; and because of this child’s devotion, in addition to his good karma in a previous life when he nurtured the one who is now his mother, I have taken his request to the Lords of Karma, who shall consider whether the karmic weight of the mother warrants her passing from the screen of life at this time.  And even if it does warrant that passing, I tell you that the glow of the heart chakra of that little child and the faith in the power of Almighty God to heal his mother is great enough to hold the balance for the karma of his mother.  Such is the power of intercessory prayer, precious hearts.
  If that is the action of a little child, the childlike consciousness that shall lead all humanity, what then is the power of child man tutored in the knowledge of the Law who knows the cycles of Life, who knows the names of ascended beings, who can call upon the Lord of Life in invocation, in the rhythm of our decrees which we have set forth through this activity for the freeing of the age?   I tell you, the invocations of the students have held back calamity after calamity for the planetary body, have stayed epidemics, mass crimes, and all types of unseen crimes that occur in high levels of government, of religion, and in the economies of the nations.
  Listening Angel and all in the legions of Listening Angel do listen to the slightest prayer breathed as a breath from the lips of one weary in toil and travail.  And every prayer is recorded, noted down and taken before the Court of the Sacred Fire or the Karmic Board for action.  You have but to speak the word in the name of God, I AM, to receive action on any point of life, major or minor; for every word is heard by God.
  Did your mother tell you this when you were a child?  Do you remember her soft voice leading you in your bedside prayers?  Do you remember how as the years passed and you began to reap your karma and to be in the world with its temptations that you lost the contact with both mother and God and therefore lost your faith that your heart’s desires could be heard by a God that you could not see?
  I have come to restore that faith.  Even as you now have faith in nature and in the gentleness of the breezes of the night, so know that God is in the breeze; God is in the night; God is in the rock and in the flower and in loved ones.  And God is ready to bestow upon you the mantle of the Lord of the World when you have made yourself ready to receive it and to be all phases of mastery at your point in time and space.
  I assure you that if one devotee such as Milarepa–tutored in the black arts, who became a practitioner of black magic and then recognized the error of his ways and sought and found the great guru in the Hierarchy and lineage of the Lords of the World and the Buddhas of the East–if such a one could attain to such mastery, can you not also attain, O ye of little faith?
  I have come to give you the faith of the Lord of the World–faith in the Cosmic Virgin, faith in Hierarchy, faith in the love that heals, faith in unseen voices and seen manifestations of life and light from other octaves and other spheres. As Archangel Michael comes to summon you in the faith of the Archangel so I come to summon you in the faith of the Lord of the World.  And I pronounce my message to you this hour for the preparedness of your body temples for the influx of light and the raising-up of the energies of the chakras for the glory of the golden age and the coming of the Son of man, which must come first into manifestation within you before it can come into manifestation without.
  I have addressed the meeting of the Lords of Karma in the Grand Teton Retreat this night; and I have placed before Cosmic Councils a document which contains my recommendations for the best tutoring of the sons and daughters of God upon earth.  The Lords of Karma shall act upon this document, and Alpha and Omega shall also examine it.  And if it be their desire, they shall report to you through the Spokesman for the Karmic Board in her address on the Fourth of July.  I shall not take from them the honor of setting forth the plan of Hierarchy for the coming six-month cycle and cycles that are to follow.  But I shall place in the hands of the Goddess of Liberty my blessing and my vow to perpetuate the torch held high of the golden flame of illumination.
  I AM the Lord of the World.  You are the Lord of your world. You can become the law of your world as you mesh your energies and consciousness with my own and with the great Hierarchies of Light.
  I enfold you in my love this night.  And I prepare you for the meshing of your being with my own and for that supreme moment when we two, we three, we four, we infinity shall stand in one place and declare we are one, we are one, we are one!  We have won, we have won, we have won!  We shall be because we go be!  
-Gautama Buddha:  1973 Freedom Conference at Land of Lanello near Colorado Springs via Messenger ECP
14)           Coronation of the Vicar of Christ
      Knights and ladies of the flame, most gracious ladies and gentlemen, I greet you in the spirit of immortal freedom and in the name of Saint Germain, my beloved consort and the Knight Commander of the Keepers of the Flame Fraternity.
  I am privileged to address you today on the subject of universal and individual justice and freedom.  I come wearing the robes of the Lords of Karma, for I sit among that august body as one of the seven who must mete out justice on behalf of humanity.  And thus the honor of the Karmic Board is upon this assembly this day, and you are honored by the presence of the seven rays emanating from the heart of God for the preservation of opportunity to become the Christ in each of the seven rays and their attendant Christ Consciousness.
  Opportunity, as you have heard, is the open portal to unity. When you walk through the portal that God opens before you you can be certain that unity with God, unity with man will ensue.  And you will enjoy a greater communion of the saints ascended and the saints unascended as you walk the spiral home, the pathway spiral that is a giant merging of flames striving for the summit of Being, striving for the light of His Presence that is the flame of Life to which you have dedicated yourselves and which you have vowed to keep.
  The Keeper of the Flame is the Holy Spirit that ignites the spark of identity, the threefold flame, at birth and receives that flame upon the passing of the soul to its etheric home. Thus I salute the Maha Chohan as the Keeper of the Flame of Life within all mankind and as your guide and guardian in the keeping of that flame on behalf of all evolutions upon this planetary home.
  I come then to show you the opportunity of souls appointed by God to come together in this time as the foundation of the new church, the Holy Jerusalem that cometh down from heaven as a bride adorned for her husband.  The true church is the Bride of Christ, the Lamb’s wife.  I come to announce to you this day that the Keepers of the Flame, as a body across the planetary home, constitute the true church of Lord Jesus and Lord Gautama, the new church that is the foundation for the golden age and the work of Saint Germain and myself as the father and mother of freedom for the Golden Age of Aquarius.  We have been preparing this church at inner levels; and we have been preparing your souls through the tutoring of the Keepers of the Flame Lessons, our dictations and all that has been provided by Hierarchy in the publications of the Summit Lighthouse and the efforts of our Messengers.
  In addition to these we have provided a haven of light in our retreats at the etheric level for the tutoring of the souls who comprise the true church.  And thus unbeknownst to you, you have been taken specifically and individually for many years into temple training to prepare you for the time when you would recognize in your outer consciousness the Teachings of the Ascended Masters and how much they mean for the salvation of the planet and its people and the resurrection of the Christ consciousness in all.
  Many of you came before the Karmic Board and petitioned Saint Germain and myself that we would sponsor you in this embodiment and draw you into this very activity forming in the nucleus, in the heart, of El Morya and the members of the Darjeeling Council.  Thus the time has come to announce to the Keepers of the Flame Fraternity that you have a high and holy office to preserve the white stone that each of you is, that builds the True Pyramid and the City Foursquare, stone upon stone.  Each of you is designed to be a perfect stone in the building of the temple of the New Jerusalem.  And thus the pattern and the mark of the Christ is the chief cornerstone, the chief atom, in each stone which you are.  And thus the foundation of a golden age is built upon hearts united and dedicated to the keeping of the flame of Life.
  Now I have the privilege also to announce to you this day that due to certain perversions in the outer churches of the world both in East and West, due to the absence of our authority in backing the authorities of these churches in embodiment because of their departure–their marked departure–from the precepts of the Brotherhood it has become necessary and it has been decided by the Knight Commander, by Jesus the Christ and by the Darjeeling Council that the Great White Brotherhood should vest the authority of the Vicar of Christ and the head of the true Church, the Church Universal and Triumphant, in the Mother of the Flame. Although she has not desired to make this known to you or to tell you publicly of the visitation which she received a year ago from Jesus the Christ in which he anointed her as the Vicar of Christ, we have desired to make this announcement to this body this day.
  We also make known to you that Saint Germain, the Knight Commander, as proof to the Mother of the Flame of the authority that is given to her, both on the inner and the outer, to inaugurate this new church has caused the representative of the Knight Commander to bring to her in physical, tangible manifestation a single perfect diamond that shall be the focus of the will of God and the focus of the Knight Commander and of the true Teachings of the Christ to the age.  This diamond, its value great in the marts of men, is seven and a half carats. Presented to her then in service and as a tribute of the light the Hierarchy ascended and our representative in embodiment do acknowledge that by the efforts united of Lanello and the Mother, the true Church Universal and Triumphant, built upon the stones of rejoicing, the lively stones of the whitefire, shall rise up and shall manifest unto the perfect day.
  Although it is not to the liking, or the preference should I say, of this Messenger to have this announcement made through her I have explained and insisted that unless the announcement be released by Hierarchy into the ethers by the power of the spoken Word and anchored in the body of the Keepers of the Flame, Hierarchy would not be able to precipitate upon this matrix of the fohatic light that we release in our dictations all that we desire to manifest and to bring forth through the manifold projects that have been discussed in the Keepers of the Flame business meeting this day.
  Therefore we make known to you our anointing and our appointment of this Messenger this day who shall minister unto you and unto the true body of lightbearers across the face of the earth as our representative upholding the fires of the Divine Mother and the Cosmic Virgin incarnate.  Blest is the earth to have in her and in you a focus true of the light that shall not fail, the torch that shall not be let down, and the truth that shall prevail.
  Hierarchy vests you this day with the authority to carry the power of the spoken Word and the true Teachings of the Brotherhood north, south, east and west.  We bless you, we commend you into the keeping of the Mother-flame. We commend you into her hands for the teaching and for the wisdom of the flame that is hers to impart. This is opportunity given to one who long ago at the hour of passing from the screen of life and receiving the last rites from a passing priest who was her own twinflame cried out, “Opportunité!  Opportunité!”  And thus as Elizabeth sent forth the call to me for another opportunity, another life, another embodiment to show forth the wonders of the Divine Mother so I have sponsored her to be the open portal for the unity of the body of God upon earth as it is in heaven.  I ask you to rise in the name of the Knight Commander to pay homage to the flame of the Divine Mother and to the coronation of the Vicar of Christ for the commencement of the Aquarian Age.
  I bless you with the flame of justice that shall be a mark upon your forehead that God-justice prevail upon earth and that you stand in the pillar of that fire to defend justice and mercy, opportunity and freedom as the four pillars in the temple of the golden age structure that is the seventh ray that sponsors the seventh root race and the completion and the fulfillment of the divine plan of the Earth under the Great Divine Director.
  May you always know wherever you go that God is justice, God is mercy, God is freedom, God is opportunity!                     
-Portia:  1973 Freedom Conference at Land of Lanello near Colorado Springs via Messenger ECP
15)       Excerpt from dictation by the Maha Chohan—“Espouse the Flame of the Cosmic Virgin”—given July 22, 1973 on Ascension Hill on the Lake of Coeur d’Alene, Idaho

   The rod of the Holy Spirit is held in the hand, the right hand, of the representative of the Holy Spirit.  I am that representative to this Earth and its evolutions.  I hold the scepter of authority that is the discipline of the Law of man’s own true Being.  For unless and until man’s energies are aligned with the inner Law of his own being he cannot receive the Holy Ghost.  And until he receives the Holy Ghost he does not experience the rebirth and the preparation of the body temple whereby he is prepared to become immortal, whereby the human is replaced by the divine.
  Some of you understand the line and the measure of the building of a house, as Jesus learned in his work as the carpenter of Nazareth.  You understand that if one side of the house is crooked all will be crooked, like the crooked man who had a crooked house who walked the crooked mile.   Man’s consciousness has been crooked for many thousands of years; and once the foundation of life is based upon the crookedness of the mortal consciousness with all of its dying, its endless dyings, then all that ensues must also be crooked.
  When you think about building the City Foursquare and the temple therein in the being of man it is sometimes necessary for the Master Architect and the Master Builder to tear down all that you have builded back to the very foundation to show you how that foundation was crooked from the start, hence no subsequent building could result in the perfect manifestation of the divine blueprint.  Thus when some disciples of Christ who consider themselves to be devotees of long standing come into the Teachings of the Brotherhood they find at first less response from heaven, less fervor within their hearts and only the toilsome sense of burden day by day as they give their decrees diligently and yet find no immediate signs of progress and perhaps even a backward step, a retrogression.
  Let those who come newly into the Teachings of the Ascended Masters, who rejoice to find the true path understand that when you were babes in Christ you enjoyed a certain amount of freedom in the playpen of God’s universe.  And you frolicked and enjoyed the radiations that emanated from the Cosmic Christ, from Jesus the Christ and many other ascended masters whose identity you failed to recognize.  Entering upon the true path you are required yourself to be the focalpoint for the emanations of the Christ for those babes in Christ who yet remain in the playpen of life, waiting to receive the milk of the Word from your hand.
  In order for you to be a true representative of the Christ, as I am a true representative of the Holy Spirit, you must be willing not only to build but to tear down, to go back to the very foundation of being, to clear the land, to restore the divine blueprint of your identity, to secure the Christ as the cornerstone, the stone which the mortal builders rejected and which they therefore must now accept.  For there is no other foundation that can be laid except your own Christ Self, your own Christ consciousness, your own Christ identity.     


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