Thursday, November 9, 2017

Life as an educational process is schooling for infinity

           Life as an educational process is schooling for infinity.  Babes come into the world of form carrying with them the tides of a subtle glory.  Men marvel at the aptitude of the very young to assimilate knowledge.  It is self-evident that with the pass of the years and the setting-in of personal recalcitrance many cease to be receptive to knowledge or to a reconsideration of that which they have come to accept as truth.
  With this thought in mind it is my desire to establish a greater understanding of the Laws of God.  This we will do by projecting into the consciousness of the race a mighty tide of light from the great golden flame of illumination pulsing high in the Andes in our retreat at Lake Titicaca….
  The attitude of each individual who has fostered a misinterpretation of scriptures or a fraudulent understanding about the vicarious atonement has done much to alienate mankind from genuine truth and to prevent them from being receptive to the Laws of Life which would deliver them from every form of bondage….
  Reembodiment refers to the placing of the soul into new and successive temples of greater usefulness in order that it might evolve progressively toward Godhood.  The teaching of reembodiment has been spiked by the orthodox clergy, and their followers have been taught that they have but one fleeting chance to grasp at the coattails of Deity….They are taught that the blood of Christ literally cleanses them from their sins and that this blood is a proportion for their sins….
  When men turn from darkness to serve light they themselves identify with the Law of Love, and every man must bear his own burden.  Everyone has the opportunity to become one with the Father through his own Holy Christ Self who is the mediator between the human personality and the great individualized God Presence I AM, or the image of God individualized for each one.                 -Goddess Meru:  Pearls of Wisdom 11:41
409.  The Teacher instructs you not to condemn people for their vices but to point out their similarities with animal behavior.  This can help those with insufficiently developed minds.     -M:  Agni Yoga 1929

285.  The world is covered with the ulcers of human vices and defective engenderings.  Incalculable are the human diseases of the spirit which infect the planet.  One of the greatest ulcers is untruthfulness.  When the world is crumbling away soap bubbles are no shield.  When it is necessary to act in defense of such great affirmations as the Banner of the Lords then it is inadmissible to resemble warriors carrying paper shields.                  -M:  Fiery World 1935

319.  Until the vices that obstruct peace are eradicated, true peace will not be possible.         Supermundane 2, 1938
                                                         -Morya:      Supermundane 2, 1938

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