Friday, January 19, 2018

your own Holy Christ Self is the high priest in the Holy of Holies

-Messenger E C Prophet:  Prophecy to the Nations, 1, S. U. Press, 1990, p. 44
            I come in this hour to explain to you that due to the [inaction of the] hierarchy of the [Roman] Church it is not possible to save the millions of souls whom I desire to save, such limitations and constraints have they placed upon them and upon myself and upon my message and upon my Messenger.  Therefore, beloved, those who are told merely to pray the rosary may increase holiness, may raise up the light within themselves, but, not [being] taught how to challenge the very ones who should be the instrument of the dark prophecies that I did deliver, [they do not fulfill their karmic role as soldiers of the Church Militant.
  Therefore understand, beloved, that the saving of these souls may be unto eternal Life but it may not be that they will endure to bring in the New Age in this life.  Blessed ones, it is because the door to the Holy of Holies has not been opened unto them and [because]  those who reserve this place at the altar of God for themselves have failed to tell my children, as you have been taught by the Mother, that your own Holy Christ Self is the high priest in the Holy of Holies, the inner sanctum of your own being....Blessed ones, all religions have fallen into decay when the ritual of the Word has become rote.  Not only do you not exert a fire in delivering the Word by the power of the throat chakra but you fail to remember that a decree is given through seven chakras and that the fervor of the seven rays in you going forth can in fact be the instrument of the Elohim of God through you....
  Billions of souls have been lost to World Communism by the  betrayers in the United States government.  Look at China herself and the Soviet Union.  These could have been turned to [in the direction of] the free enterprise societies.  These people who were once industrious and filled with the divine spark of the threefold flame, who had every opportunity and joy and determination to be the builders of the future have now gone down under a system whose very evil, beloved, does cause them to lose hope, to lose faith, to have crushed in them their own charity....
  Therefore, beloved, it is certainly a truth that in this age my Son will not allow these deprivations of the Light [of the Divine Mother] in the earth to continue.  Know then beloved, that the hour is long past that this judgment should have taken place.  But for the faithful who have given the rosary, but for yourselves whose calls have been powerful and an immense barrier to the acceleration of World Communism all these things should have already come to pass.
  Nevertheless in the interim greater preparations have been made by these forces of the fallen ones.  Therefore, beloved, it must be unmistakable in your awareness that the plan for Europe is no ordinary war.  You may not think back on World War II and say to yourselves, “I will stay and hold the balance and somehow survive” or “I will get out at the last minute.”
  Blessed ones, if (and I say if, for nothing is final until it is physical), but if and when such a war should take place, it should be a blitzkrieg such as none has ever seen.  And this lightning war should descend as chemical death, as biological/bacteriological death along with those forces of modern weapons and warfare.  Understand therefore,that should it take place the devastation would be almost instantaneous.
  This is a plot of the Soviet world so intense, so calculated, so planned, charted and visualized, so prepared for that any of you who will call to me may be shown by myself directly or from our retreat the very image of these Soviet tanks moving across Europe en masse.  Blessed ones, it is not hard to see.  But those who do not see are those who will not see, for it is frightful indeed.        
(by Ruth Hawkins)
                         -Archeia Mary:  3-1-1988 at Fatima via Messenger Elizabeth Clare Prophet

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