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I will tell you of the origin of the controversy between Buddha and Devadatta.

III, ii, 5.  I will tell you of the origin of the controversy between Buddha and Devadatta.
  Devadatta asked:  “Wherefrom is each action begun?”  The Blessed One answered:  “From the most necessary, because each moment contains its necessity, and this is called the justice of action.”  Devadatta persisted:  “How is the evidence of necessity ascertained?”  The Blessed One answered:  “The thread of necessity crosses all worlds, but whoever has failed to realize this remains within a dangerous chasm, unsheltered from the stones.”
  Thus Devadatta could not distinguish the line of necessity, and this obscurity impeded his way.
  A spirited steed even with the end of his hoof feels on which stone to step next.  So is felt the order of mobility, co-measurement and necessity.

III, v, 11-12.  The harm of treachery, slander and revilement can easily be shown in an ordinary example.  Of course the ultimate injury will be not to the betrayed but to the betrayer….Very ancient mysteries said:  "The lingam is the vessel of wisdom," but in time this knowledge was converted into hideous phallic cults, and religion began to prohibit something without knowing exactly why--whereas it should have been said simply that the fact of conception is so wondrous that it is impossible to deal with it by ordinary measures.           
                                                      -Leaves of Morya’s Garden 1925

137.  When one is guided daily one may lose consciousness of the guiding thought.  Weak minds think that they remain without connection with the guide--the details of daily routine reduce them to ordinariness.  But indeed amidst daily routine it is possible to grow flaming thought.  As a metal is forged with an ordinary hammer and as seed filled with the great substance of life is gathered with an ordinary sickle so amid ordinary matters look for the thread of greatness. 

245.  Adaptability is the best means for conservation of forces.  Often it is asked how to develop this quality….Sternly accustom yourselves to the reception of contrasting sensations, to the grasping of unexpectedness.        -M:  Community 1926

211.  Precisely the distribution of assignments in the cosmos upholds the foundations, and the hierarchic chain maintains equilibrium.        -M:  Fiery World 1935

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