Tuesday, April 26, 2016

we are robin hood; this challenge of initiation

  Meshing our consciousness with the mathematics of a cosmos is this challenge of initiation,
listening with the inner ear to the commands of conscience,
a conscience not programmed by society but a conscience that comes from within the soul,
from its divine origins.  Listening for the command, responding with alacrity,
responding with the swiftness of the wings of an eagle, obeying the inner clock
we find that we are at the right point in time and space at all times.
-Messenger E C Prophet:  Predict Your Future, 2004, p. 3

BBC RH production (above)

II, ii, 9.   Consciousness is akin to the spirit understanding--it grows until one's whole being is engulfed as in a flame.  During this process the chips of memory, like dross, impede the burning....He who attains hastens on without looking back.  Humanity must remember the transmutation of consciousness.        -Leaves of Morya's Garden 1925

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