Saturday, April 23, 2016

until you have balance, even in the threefold flame, your perception may not be balanced

 Thus above all it is incumbent upon the bodhisattva to do well and it is necessary that what he does well he should do with completeness, having as a goal the rendering whole of some portion of self rather than the transformation of the entire self all at once.  All of you are being transformed through your Dharmakaya even as you are transforming yourselves through discipleship measure by measure....
 Thus know that until you have balance, even in the threefold flame, your perception may not be balanced.  The five secret rays are a tremendous aid in your achieving balance at all levels.  These will pierce impure substances, cut the Gordian knots, repolarize the behavioral patterns and replace  misconceptions with right conceptions....
 When all the fire of your being infolds itself into that supreme whitefire core of Self then you know the strength, the vajra, of the Buddhas.  Then you need not continually push forth that strength or demonstrate it to others.  For then you are pure being.
 If you think you cannot attain this, I tell you, you never will if you do not begin. And if you begin and if you work day by day with the equilateral triangle of self, you will find a deep inner empowerment that has naught to do with outer politics or rising above your fellows, ruling nations and seeing yourselves as important people.
 As you understand the principle of the Tao, which is the fount of all Buddhism, you will come to realize that there is a trinity of movement within.  And you will see that the greater the internalization of that Buddhic energy, the less fanfare you need to have concerning your outer person....
 I come then with a certain substance of light that is for the binding-up of the brokenhearted, that is for the ministering unto the poor, that is for the binding together of all true souls of light who would create out of this community the geometry of a giant honeycomb, each little hexagon filled with the elixir of the golden oil of the honeybee.       -Vairochana:  12-30-1993 at RTR, Montana

  In the divine romance the Beloved must be seen and known as the reality of the self, and love itself must be regarded as the means of transmitting the identity of the Beloved into all-enfolding action in the formless as well as in the form world.  This is the purpose of the divine romance, and the imitation of Christ is the highest love to which the chela can aspire….
  No mission is greater than the mission of unity with God….He who loves God is beloved of God….the Word is the burning power of the Spirit that abides in the flesh but consumes it not, that transforms it, that raises the whole man with his passion for reality vibrationally, emotionally, mentally, ethnically and spiritually.  For the entire being of man must be touched by the power of truth, and truth is the nature of God.      -Kuthumi:  Pearls of Wisdom 11:21

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