Thursday, April 14, 2016

Some are guardians of the sacred steps built by others

  Have the courage to be even among the Alpine goats and the bighorn sheep and the edelweiss.  Be the flower that grows in the highest rock that all men seek, the starry white that does proclaim the footprint of an ascending one passed by....
  Life is a ladder, there be some on every step.  Some are guardians of the sacred steps built by others who have scaled the heights [in order] that you might climb in orderly fashion in your time.
  Know then beloved, as the sentinels keep the way of the steps you may move upward--steady gait, steady eye, serene, beholding new vistas as you leave behind the valleys of indecision for that one great decision of life:  union.  O the union that is sought!  Why, the Divine Mother rising in the temple does become thyself and She does rise and leap to meet Her Lord, the infinite fire.        
 -Archeia Mary:  4-17-1988 at Toronto via Messenger E C Prophet   
 by Ruth Hawkins

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