Saturday, April 30, 2016

But who placed this celestial sense within the eyes of the soul?

near Hornbook, CA

But who placed this celestial sense within the eyes of the soul?   Who gave to the inward man the ability to pass beyond the screen of appearances into that realm of thought and feeling where heavenly profundities are born and the soul is free at last to see the perfection already formed in the natural gardens of manifestation?   A flower is so.  The renewal of cycles is so.  The one nods its head in the breezes releasing its essential light, and the other releases the radiated light of the Sun--all simultaneously.  But how few realize that there is within the realm of nature the glorious wonder of God that is emitted even during the night hours from the heart of a flower chalice, shedding abroad the distilled consciousness of the angelic perfume of Life.
I AM Amaryllis to whom is given by heaven the glorious task of coordinating the manifestations of springtime and youth and of the fires of the Sun in the soul of man.  It is my wish that darkness should vanish from the hearts, minds and beings of humanity and that in its place the universal heritage of the pure consciousness of the Christ should permeate the awareness of all....
For the springtime of the golden age is at hand.  It is to be seen in the magnificent pageantry of flowers, in the dance of the nature spirits which produce in the laboratories of nature the alchemical actions that manifest as the chalices of the angels....
O find your way, blessed ones,
Upon this beauteous star!
Cease to ponder and to wonder
Who you really are.
Instead just accept
The blessing on your head
Of Christ within the soul.               -Amaryllis:  Pearls of Wisdom 15:17
Midsummer Eve 
-Amaryllis, Goddess of Spring, or Virgo, Hierarch of earth element, by E. R. Hughes, ~1900
I AM Astrea.  Have you ever thought, beloved ones, that I am yourself?  Have you thought, beloved ones, that each ascended being, each individualized manifestation is in reality all one with every other manifestation of God?  Will you then pay heed to what I speak unto you and understand that the compassion of God is involved with each individual to raise him up into the immaculate concept which God envisioned in the beginning for each creation of His mind?...
I tell you that embodied humanity are often subject to unwanted conditions that individuals little dream of, that certain thoughts flowing into their consciousness are of foreign origin, coming from the lowest type of human consciousness, from astral entities who magnify those dark and strange perceptions which have no part in the divine grace or in the forcefield of light which God sends forth to every individual son and daughter who seeks to manifest His unfailing light.     -Elohim Astrea:  11-21-1971 at Colorado Springs via Messenger M or E C Prophet

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