Monday, April 25, 2016

the human person is also sacred to God

  Men have never understood that the human person is also sacred to God--in all of its ugliness, in all of its waywardness, in all of its destructivity.  God already is and He can say with all the power of His light “I AM.”  But man even in his present state is but a creature of becoming who can only say “Through the power of God I AM.”
  Man has failed to understand that God loves even the human person and that He holds him dear to His heart--yes, even with all his defects.  For by His great love God hopes to transmit the radiance of the divine Image to the mortal self that it might clasp to its consciousness His own thought about the identity of the real man.  And it is thus that God hopes to imbue man with the power to mold and to shape his character according to the wondrous manifestation of the only begotten Son.  This is the true meaning of the celebration of the Christ Mass; this is the means by which the soul imbibes his true worth and the precious gift of immortality.
  All who destroy the character of God in themselves, who permit themselves to lie and to steal, to depart from principle and to compromise the Law, all who are pleasure-mad and who live only for themselves know it not but they are entering into the vortex of the bottomless pit.      -Lord Meru:  Pearls of Wisdom 12:48

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