Monday, April 18, 2016

I AM certain that neither your efforts nor ours are in vain.

  The golden age can manifest, beloved ones, only when the golden rule is universally lived.  I AM certain that neither your efforts nor ours are in vain.     -Lanto:  Keepers of the Flame lesson 9
  Jesus came as a lone avatar, and he had to stand against the entire Bablyon of church and the Babylon of state.  He stood against the priesthood that had invaded the people of Israel, that had destroyed the real essence of the teaching of Moses and Sanat Kumara.
  Because they had already lost their true race and had commingled with the peoples of Canaan and of the Fertile Crescent most of the twelve tribes had compromised their own Christ consciousness given to them by their prophets.  Therefore they could not recognize the Christ in Jesus.  Nevertheless he came and when he raised up his apostles and gave them his mantle to go after the lost sheep of the house of Israel he was sending them to find the lightbearers of the lost tribes, those who had lost their identity, forgotten who they were and were now scattered abroad....
  We also see in Joseph (of the coat of many colors) that he married the daughter of an Egyptian priest and therefore the seed of (the light of) Egypt and of the ancient pharaohs--even coming down from Ikhnaton and Nefertiti and the religion of monotheism--is among these particular tribes (descended from Joseph).  They went to the  British Isles and became the nucleus of the English-speaking people in Britain, America and the world.  It was given them to carry the cup of the Christ consciousness....
-Messengers M & E Prophet: Path of Brotherhood, 2003, pp. 137-8, 141.

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