Saturday, April 2, 2016

all men are fashioned of His supreme essence and light

(the many) have felt the surge of life through their beings again and again without ever becoming the quick.  These have remained in the devoid state of lacking enough divine grace, enough of the essence of the Holy Spirit to give them the body and substance of soul which would drive them toward God with such a mighty heart-thrust as to set them free from the dust of self-extinction whereby men play out their roles and their tiny flames upon the wanton dissipation of name or fame without ever laying claim to that wondrous glory of supreme identity—the Christ majesty of the Son of God….
  Hail, o Good Report, for all who have believed thee shall in God have the mysteries of eternal Life revealed to them!       -Maha Chohan:  Pearls of Wisdom 8:48   

Maha Chohan


  The joy of that crown (of Life), the joy of victory, the joy of freedom in the heart of God is worth all giving and all giving up of the earth.  Beloved ones, you can enjoy the beauties of this world which are the beauties of God without being overcome by the world.  We are not here to advocate extreme austerity and a bed of nails as the key to salvation  Nay, we are here to tell you that the embracing of life and of love in all creation is reunion with the Father.  To praise God in all men is to know the true I AM, for He is in you all, and all men are fashioned of His supreme essence and light.  All else is naught; shun it then.  Divest yourselves of that which would impede the flow of light within you and create burdens too dense to be taken to the summit height…..

  I have given my all that you may start
Upon the homeward path of light
Where angels guard all through the night

  You are the chosen ones so blest
Stand steadfast, God will do the rest
Never let your faith be replaced
By clouds of darkness and disgrace               -Archeia Mary:  Pearls of Wisdom 9:18

  We have seen instances where individuals whose physical lives were endangered (sometimes by the threat of the onward march of war, sometimes by water and then again by fire) would discard one by one all of their most treasured possessions—accumulations of a lifetime—in the hope that somehow they might sustain their physical lives.  Today the planet is in the throes of a death struggle which is not always apparent to the unobserving or the unalert, but it cannot be denied by those observers of the political and religious scene who have the capacity to analyze the widespread degradations that go on among nations and governments, peoples and organizations.
  The promised newness of life that was captured so magnificently in the Christian concept of the Holy Family has been lost in a melange of Middle Age darkness, Renaissance skepticism and revolutionary class struggle.  The dialectical materialism of the age that has spawned the wind—the careless wind unleashed by thoughtless and selfish men—descends soon and often as a whirlwind to sweep away from their moorings those unanchored values which, because they have not been employed as divine talents, are taken away from those who have not used them….
  Smart argument and wit/ Have often made a line of it,/ A smacking impact out of fact/ That seems so smug/ And yet does lack/ The balance of the cosmic Law          -Saint Germain:  Pearls of Wisdom 11:7

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