Sunday, April 3, 2016

To be the watchman is to be the lonely one

To be the watchman is to be the lonely one,
To be the keeper/ Of the gate of Christed consciousness
And of souls aborning in time and space--
Souls tender, innocent and helpless
In the womb of the Mother.
And so as knight champions of old
Who came to guard the fold
And to seek the chalice of the Lord--
Come one, come all/ Who the Buddha would be,
Come to defend the age of God-mastery.

Courage is the flame of endurance--
Enduring through the night,
Overcoming the greatest of all foes that is fear,
And the ally of fear that is doubt
And the culminations of spirals/ Of fear and doubt
Which are set forth as the laws of mortality.
These dragons of the deep
Come forth disguised as ghosts of the mist.
They masquerade in all their masks
Of human questioning and querying
All for one end and that end alone--
To take from the watchman/ The countenance of courage
And the roar of the son of God,
To deprive him of the victory of Self    -Gautama Buddha: 
Quietly Comes the Buddha, 1975-6, chapter 7

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