Thursday, August 2, 2018

the stakes are very high

           Freedom then is a name and a game, but the stakes are very high.  The Great Alchemist demands absolute obedience from every adherent and from all who would practice the game of victorious becoming….
  I advise all to learn to seek in meditation those peaks of cosmic elevation that will enable them to understand and interpret the language of the angels.  I advise all to take the time to learn what is real and to develop passions of genuine love toward humanity.  But let not these passions take the form of mere devotion to communal efforts or to the raising of one segment of life into a more advanced state of economic development; rather let them take the form of raising men to new levels of spiritual appreciation of their own divine potential as sons of God.
  Only by this form of devotion shall their hearts, touched by the hands of the Infinite Creator, be imbued with such reality and love that they will move with precision to execute the divine will.  Thus shall men behold the outworkings of a Providence that has for so long yearned to find greater expression in mortal affairs that those affairs might become truly guided by the power of Life from on high.
  Then shall liberty live in human lives.  Then shall freedom in honor raise men to a state where they can invoke, by the creative power of the Spirit, a golden age that will transcend the age of Pericles and every other golden age that the Earth has ever known.  This shall come about through the establishment of a fountain of living flame-power, -wisdom and -love.   That fountain shall inundate the souls of men and drench their garments with so much of the essence of freedom that they will perceive spiritual alchemy as the means to every cosmic end.  And the glory of the threefold flame, now saturating their consciousness with a fiery brilliance, will evoke an equal response in the very heart of God.

  The bond thus established between earth and heaven shall raise this star to a position of greater brilliance than the Star of the East that heralded the approach of the Master Jesus two thousand years ago, for this light will signify the victory of the Christ consciousness not only in one Son of God but also in all mankind.     
(by Sindelar)
                        -Saint Germain:   Pearls of Wisdom 13:8

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