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the dedication and constancy of the emerald sword

  “This  day I AM consecrating every erg of energy within my being in the service of the light.  And I shall not be moved; I shall not turn back; I shall have my victory, and the planet shall have its victory!”  Such is the dedication of those who are now cosmic beings, those who have overcome the world.  And this is the dedication and constancy of the emerald sword.  I place that sword upon your heads now.  If you will say within your heart how much dedication you would like to have as a momentum from my heart, the sword will convey it to you now.  All that you ask for is your own to use, I give it to you freely, but if you misuse it I must take back tenfold….

  All power in heaven and earth is given unto me, and I give it to whomever I will.  Forget not the all-seeing Eye, forget not your wholeness, for in your single-eyed vision is your victory.  I thank you.        -Elohim Cyclopea:  1-1-1972 at Colorado Springs via Messenger Mark Prophet
…..                                              ......                                               ......                              ......
  Inner conflict is ever and alway the dichotomy of the momentum of past ages of sin and oppression that works and strives against the momentum of the Christ that is in the causal body of man….
  Let truth be anchored in form by the power of the Elohim and Mighty Cosmos’ secret rays which shall intensify this hour the action of truth from the heart of Cyclopea and Virginia.  I AM the power of truth, I press the power of truth into the four lower bodies of a planet, into elementals--into slyphs of the air, undines, fiery salamanders and gnomes.  I press the consciousness of truth from the very heart of Alpha and Omega into the water, into the fire of the rock and into the heart of man!  I say, let it be a chemicalization!  Let truth disturb the consciousness!  Let there be that chemistry, that bitterness that causes mankind to be turned upside down and inside out and returned to the presence of his right mind, his right consciousness in Christ.  I say, let truth prevail!       -Elohim Cyclopea:  8-12-1973 via Messenger E C Prophet
    Thus I come in this hour, my bodhisattvas with me.  We descend!…
  See thee rings (of the causal body surrounding the I AM Presence) as extending, beloved, see them going out.  See the fiery power of the white, the yellow, the pink, the violet, the purple, the green and the blue.  See that mighty action, beloved one, and know that each day as you fill in the rings by action, by prayer, by determination, by will, by all that you do to the glory of God as above so below you are becoming that auric emanation of your God and of myself.
  Every ascended master lives in the dharmakaya, in the mighty I AM Presence, and we see to it that each and every day we are extending and expanding and strengthening and intensifying the power-wisdom-and-love of the spheres of our causal body.  I have extended my causal body to include planet Earth and far beyond.  And therefore I hold within my very body, within my very being and consciousness and within the very bliss of my being all evolutions who are abiding in the Earth and in other plane of the Earth.
  This is my assignment, beloved ones, and I concentrate upon it, for I AM the Lord of the World in the heart of every person, every son and daughter and every child.  I AM in the heart of sentient life; and I AM even in the heart of the evildoer—I remain there until the last trump of defiance against God is sounded by the one who then must go before the Court of the Sacred Fire and determine whether or not to bend the knee and if not to bend the knee as that one has not for aeons, then to find that that God within is canceled out and all energy of God is [withdrawn], purified, transmuted and restored to the Great Central Sun.  Thus up to the very moment of the extinguishing of the self by the Self I, Gautama, am there to keep the flame.  And if there be no flame I substitute my aura and I extend a certain life, a certain consciousness whereby there is absolutely no possibility for anyone in this universe, especially those connected with the Earth-body, to not be able to understand the choice whether to be or not to be in God….
  Yet what do you see as response to this nurturing of my heart?  Well, beloved, you might say that [the response] is pathetic, but I am also always hopeful.  I am hopeful, beloved, because you have responded to my aura; I am hopeful because Sanat Kumara did come to Earth, did call me, did raise me up to this service….
  And you can make the call to me this day and every day to dispel the fall theology, the fall notions that people in every field of endeavor entertain, for they cannot receive the truth when they hear it because they are indoctrinated.  Understand this principle, beloved one.  I must extend myself through you.  For if I do not hold myself in the place where I AM THAT I AM then would the world verily collapse.  Thus as I hold my position in these octaves and as we press in and among you this day so I say to you, realize in the bliss and meditation of this conference that you can be myself in form.  You can invoke my causal body and my aura.  You can approach everyone you meet, stranger or friend, in the vibration of Gautama Buddha.  And I say, bring gentleness, compassion, but bring the sudden thrust of truth.  For sometimes when truth is leat expected it make its mark and drives deep into the psyche and remains there for many day and many mile until it can no longer be denied.
  Do you know, beloved ones, that when you plant truth in the heart and the being of an individual at that moment it becomes a focus for more of the momentum of truth to gather?  It becomes as a lodestone.  And therefore everywhere he goes that one who has heard the truth spoken by you does bump into that truth in another form, in another manifestation, in odd places and from unusual people.  So it is, beloved, that a great truth is confirmed….
  When you meditate upon the world’s problems call to me for the solution.  Then by your invocations and decrees call to your mighty I AM Presence and Holy Christ Self to direct that very solution as a matrix, a a sphere of light that contains the inner logos for the absolute God-resolution [of a specific problem]….
  If it were possible for all people to see the image of the Chart of the Divine Self, beloved ones, it would open the eyes of the soul for millions….It is the most important single glyph of light, a photograph of the [soul’s] inner being, and its accuracy is such that it does recall the soul—the soul that is a million lightyears away from her God-reality—back to the point of the seat-of-the-soul chakra and to the desiring of resolution, to the worship of her God, to the invocations of the I AM THAT I AM.  There is no greater gift that you can give to anyone than the understanding of his own mighty I AM Presence, his Holy Christ Self and his evolving soul as depicted in the lower figure in the Chart surrounded by the violet flame….
  How do you turn around AIDS and promiscuity and all of the disease that beet the people eve while there are this day cure for the idea that are not even being released?  I will tell you how you turn it around.  You remind yourself at lat once a day that it is the dark ones, the spiritually wicked in high places, the fallen angels, the demons, the fall hierarchies of the Twelfth Planet [who have infected an unsuspecting and a karmically vulnerable humanity with evils that eat away at heart and soul.]  All children of God and all sons and daughters of God with very few exceptions [those exceptions being the who have truly taken the left-handed path], I tell you, beloved, are of good heart, good will and good mind.  And regardless of what they have been taught or how they have been indoctrinated in their items of education or brainwashed in their areas of religious [or political persuasion] these individuals mean well.  They would do the best if they could see the best, if they understood the entire equation of light and darkness and good and evil which does continue on planet Earth….
  Well, I wish you had eternity, but you do not; you have this life.  And insofar as the Law is concerned and insofar as you know you do not have another….I want you to live every day of the rest of your life with the conviction that you have but one life….I wish you to accept this bent of mind, this cast of mind, therefore eliminating all procrastination, beloved ones….Thus contemplate this mystery, beloved; it comes under the Law of the One….Understand the realities of human existence and realize that there is no such thing as a reality of human existence.  Human existence is maya, it is illusion.  And the only thing real about this existence is your daily contact with God and your expanding the flame in the heart.  Your Atman is real but you are not yet your Atman!…You must rise!  And you must rise to the level of the mantra, for there you will find all of the other devotees and disciples reciting the mantra.    
          -Gautama Buddha:  7-4-1992 at Royal Teton Ranch via Messenger E C Prophet
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Chart of the I AM Presence

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