Friday, August 17, 2018

If the cutting edge is lost

-electrum bowl from Royal Tomb of Ur

   Where is purpose when men become lost in their own astral creation?…We are interested in increasing the awareness of God in the life of each individual so that out of his own knowingness can come the great ratification of the ethers of his own world that shall bring into his consciousness the things of the Spirit that have long been hidden….
  Even the skeptics, the scoffers and the scientists who have stood so rigidly behind those bars of so-called proven truth which have again and again have been altered shall acknowledge the supremacy of the higher law, and at last the scales that have blinded the eyes of the soul, that have actually hidden his divine potential, shall drop away….At last then their mission will become a vital link in the passing scene:  they will acknowledge themselves as one with God and out of that sense they will pledge to do what they can to follow in the Master’s footsteps.        
(by Schmiechen, 1882)
                                               -Kuthumi:   Pearls of Wisdom 13:3
    The truth that frees scatters the chaff of human reason, revealing the perfectly formed matrix of the Eternal God for every individual life manifestation.  Let the souls of men welcome then their much needed scourging as the balm of Gilead, as a sweet anointing, as the bearer of glad tidings; for whereas humanity seek for earthly comfort the mighty sinuous men that We would call the heroes of love have one and all recognized their strength as coming from the chastening of spiritual realms….
  Man’s role as an instrument of the Holy Spirit should be clearly perceived as a spiritual responsibility to manage the energies of life entrusted to his care.  The world of form certified “as below” is also a world whose potential should be recognized as the perfection of the world “as above,”  for the microcosmic world of matter, form and substance in which man lives and moves and has his being is intended to be a schoolroom where joy of self-mastery can be experienced.  But true spiritual experience can come only through contact with the macrocosmic world of Spirit, and this interchange between macrocosm and the microcosm of man’s being is dependent almost entirely upon the development of one’ spiritual faculties….
  Why is it then that humanity does not recognize that his spiritual senses like the sharpest swords of finest steel must be kept untarnished and radiantly sharp?  If the cutting edge is lost, if the senses of spirit become dulled through continual involvement in the psychic battles between human will and human desires, how can humanity find their freedom?…
  Because he has wandered so long from the reality of God the very Law of Love demands that man become engrossed in the search until he finds point by point the lost and broken strands of his own wonderful reality.  Through the ministry of the Holy Spirit the severed strands are once agin united and the body of divine radiance that composes the invisible garment of the servant son is once again placed before him as the means of his goalfittedness for a lifetime.  If he is able first to perceive and then to accept these graces, the development of Christ consciousness, eschewing of evil and exaltation of hope will be accomplished in him as he exclaims:
…I AM always one with God
I AM content to live under the rod
Of the spiritual discipline of Christ
And to overcome the world
I AM determined not to be overcome by the world
For he that lives within me
Is greater than he that is in the world…
Where I AM Thou art, O God.  I AM Thyself
Crown me with the delight of Thy Law
In my inward parts and in my outer actions--
O Holy Spirit, deliver me!       

      Lovingly I AM  
                                    -the Maha Chohan      Pearls of Wisdom 13:4

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