Sunday, January 24, 2016

When therefore governmental systems, religious bodies, movements of the masses say, "Come this way... is so often the case that the people rally around those who carry a false banner and do not indeed keep the standard of that Christ.  And why do they rally?  Because the false standard requires no sacrifice, no discipline, no surrender of something in order to walk up the steps and stand with the Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ and to be with him at the right hand of God.
You cannot have all these things of the creature comforts and pleasures of life and the full support of a socialist system of government that on the inner planes appears as a planetary beast with many tubes coming out of this giant beast, all feeding the lifewaves of Earth through the navel--a false mother in effect feeding the people rather than cutting that umbilical cord and allowing them to seek and find the crystal cord to their own I AM Presence and to draw down all of the ingenuity, the handiwork, the talent, the perfecting of the way to meet their own needs through the LORD God Almighty.
It is the inalienable divine right of every man, woman, and child to maintain direct contact through Christ the Mediator with this beloved I AM Presence.  When therefore governmental systems, religious bodies, movements of the masses say, "Come this way and you will have all things given unto you," remember that they deprive you of the path of becoming the Christ where you are.  They deprive you of that moment of aloneness--be it a desperate moment, a painful one, even one of disillusionment--when you must cry out to the living God and be reconnected to that divine source because you have left off from the way of the Tree of Life. 
Beloved ones, there is a moment in every life when the individual must feel bereft and alone, moving into adulthood and knowing one can no longer depend upon human parents but one must become the divine parent who I AM--that moment of saying, "I AM truly launched from the heart of God.  Now I must stand beneath my own vine and fig tree."
Beloved ones, it is a delicious moment to go hungry, having forsaken and rejected the mess of pottage that the world offers perpetually.  It is a moment of the fresh mountain breeze....
Beloved of the light, understand that this message comes to all but not all receive it:  the receptivity, the desire, and the willingness to give up the false props of civilization contrived by the fallen ones must be there--self-contained.  God has given much good to civilization. And the pioneer spirit is always the key to the expansion of the causal body here below.
But they have inserted through the media, through the control of the press and the food itself these dependencies upon chemicals and drugs and everything else but the living God. With their lips they recite, but in their hearts they are far from Him.    -Zarathustra:  3-29-1986 at Summit University, Camelot, Los Angeles
It is not that the germ of reality and truth is not active within the many spiritual organizations upon earth; it is simply that individuals do not grasp truth when they find it but prefer instead to form their own anthropomorphic god and to embrace concepts that are foreign to reality.        -Goddess of Liberty:  Pearls of Wisdom 11:26

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