Wednesday, January 20, 2016

It was difficult to convince my fellow slave companions

 rain-cut granite
 Mt. Ashland
young deodars with cedar lining the street

You think that your rights are stepped on by this little this and this little that.  Well I tell you, beloved ones, freedom is a new adventure on planet Earth relatively speaking, except for the past golden ages.  I have lived in an hour when I was under the fiercest of dark tyrants.  And by the flame within my heart I determined with the deepest determination of my being that I would be free, that I would come out from under the yoke of these fallen angels.  I knew who they were, I recognized them and they recognized me.  Therefore they enslaved me and dealt with me with such brutality as you cannot imagine.  It was difficult to convince my fellow slave companions of the evil of these fallen ones or that we must band together to overthrow them.  These were dark dark days on planet Earth when Earth was in a Kali Yuga experiencing that darkness getting darker, just as you are [experiencing it today] in some places....
I recommend this to you, beloved ones:  find those chinks (in your armour)!  Find those weaknesses!  Make them your greatest strengths....Yes, beloved, be analysts of your mind, your consciousness, your heart; shore up your being; balance your heartflame.  Balance the substances you take into your bodies.  And do not be found in a weak moment waking or sleeping caught offguard (which means off or out of balance) and therefore allowing a fallen one to thrust home and to bind you and to hold you under his foot.  Yes, beloved, they fight to the end, their own end, and they know their end is coming.  They are the ones who have nothing to lose....Yes, you have all these things to lose in an unguarded moment.  Watch the hours, watch the day, watch your consciousness!
I AM a Mother; I need tools; I require all of your freedom songs...on compact discs...(as) the means, [the instrumentation] whereby you do not lose the high vibration that is present right here so mush so that you can touch it physically.  You must not lose it!...
But remember, they (fallen ones) will try every way to needle you or to take a needle and put you to sleep so that you will not rise to your victorious day and to the Sun of Helios and Vesta....I have much to tell you.  I shall tell you things each one personally.  I shall tell you in the retreats, I shall tell you as I walk at your side.          -Goddess of Freedom:  7-4-1992 at RTR, Montana
over U S Capitol, by Thomas Crawford

Thomas Crawford, 1846
387.  The ancients in their pranayama (breathing control) exercises introduced a certain rhythm, but now everything is permitted, and man is the slave of everything.      -Morya:  Fiery World 1933
572.  He who rejects cooperation inevitably falls into slavery.  There are different aspects of bondage which should be recognized, otherwise the branded slave will think himself free and will even become so used to his shackles that he will regard them as a chain of honor.  It must be understood that in human society there can be either free cooperation or slavery in all its aspects.   -Morya:  Brotherhood 1937

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