Thursday, January 21, 2016

“Thy race,” Answered the King, “counteth a hundred thrones

Grizzly Peak, Cascades, 5920 foot elevation

Afterwards passed he, said they, by the hills
Unto Benares, where he taught the Five,
Showing how birth and death should be destroyed,
And how man hath no fate except past deeds,
No Hell but what he makes, no Heaven too high
For those to reach whose passions sleep (nirvana) subdued.
-Sir E. Arnold:  The Light of Asia, Theosophical Pub., Wheaton, IL, 1969, (orig. pub. in 1879), book 7, p. 121

“My son! heir of this spacious power, and heir
Of Kings who did but clap their palms to have
What earth could give or eager service bring….
Son! why is this?”
                              “My father!” came reply
“It is the custom of my race.”
                                           “Thy race,”
Answered the King, “counteth a hundred thrones
From Maha Sammat, but no deed like this.”
“Not of a mortal line,” the Master said,
“I spake but of descent invisible,
The Buddhas who have been and who shall be:
Of these am I, and what they did I do,
And this which now befalls so fell before…”
-ibid., book 7, p. 131

In the 1970s and 1980s Guru Ma was hot for the proposition that great things could Bacon have achieved had he been granted the kingship of England by Queen and her high council.  The royal line proposition is seen in Lords of the Seven Rays, 1986, wherein Guru Ma treated of Saint Germain’s embodiments.  “Francis Bacon is known as the father of inductive reasoning and the scientific method….Yet he could have been an even greater boon to England and the whole world had he been allowed to fulfill his destiny.  The same ciphers which run throughout the Shakespearean plays also run through Francis Bacon’s own works and those of many of his circle of friends,” wrote Guru Ma at pages 265, 267.  

Guru Ma took up this royal line proposition (i.e., "allowed to fulfill his destiny"), not by induction!  This same proposition was championed by Wells Gallup, but not by induction!  Nor was her “bilateral decoding” by induction, rather she just borrowed Dr. Owen’s material on Bacon!  The royal line proposition so very long in favor in the nations of the Earth is the very one we see that Gautama refuted in favor of himself in the line of Buddhas, awakened beings, not by bloodline at all.   

Well, Bacon achieved all right, but not because of the Tudor lineage!  Notice that Kuthumi in 1976 Pearls treated of that Tudor lineage and the deeds of Henry VIII, exposing the falsity therein, especially Henry’s fiat claim to head (and his lineage after him to head) the Church in England!  

Now kings (presidents) use fiat (executive orders)  for what they like in America, including FDR’s decree that Americans own no gold, which ran from 1933-75.  (Wall Street bankers of course did own that gold though from 1933-75—perhaps they too are of the royal bloodline, eh?, and covertly make the law of the land.)

     -R., Ashland, Oregon
Therefore while it is true that the universe could be considered as a great machine or motor it is also true that the currents of energy flowing through the outer form of that "motor" are derived from spiritual levels of universal love and power whose holy design can be found in the very Word (Logos) itself            -Great Divine Director:  The Soulless One, "Creation", 1965                                             -by Sindelar

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