Monday, January 11, 2016

Bartok: Rumanian Dances--clip

Bartok:  Rumanian Dances--clip at
I AM Pallas Athena shaking my spear of Truth.  And the spear that I shake is the ray of light now piercing/penetrating/vibrating from the heart of God unto the heart of devotees on earth....

O light of Immortality, descend! descend!
For we come to defend flaming truth--
And every vessel/ That is our chalice of a consciousness/ Of righteousness in Truth.
Therefore children of my heart, lend an ear
That I might tell the message of Truth
And you without fear/ Might go forth as its living proof.

There is abroad in the earth a level of self-destruction that is based upon Self-denial.  And that level of consciousness is no good nor does it portend good for any man or woman.  There is a level of the consciousness of Serpent--of the Liar and his lie--embodied by the masses.  From the top levels of the fallen ones to the lowest level of those who embody their lie there is a permeation of society with a level of untruth that prevents the rays of light from penetrating even into the sunconscious strata of the mind and soul....
In order for there to be a revolution at all and in order for light to triumph truth must indeed be raised up....Let none fall!  Let not the light of Mother fall within you....Our brotherhood* will not let the little child fall.             -Pallas Athena:  8-17-1980 via Messenger ECP at Camelot, Los Angeles
*brotherhood of truth focused over Crete in the etheric
Athena. 1001: Reconstruction of a lost bronze group from Acropolis. Städtische Galerie-Liebighaus, Museum alter Plastik, Frankfurt.

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