Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Excess anticipation of self-good without self-surrender drains spiritual treasure

1)  ...as the receiving cup of the disciple is lifted upward in holy anticipation.  Between the dark and the daylight--the dark of unmanifest substance and the daylight of manifestation--there is at times a slip of needless dissipation.  Excess anticipation of self-good without self-surrender drains spiritual treasure and prevents manifestation.       -Jesus Christ:  Pearls of Wisdom 11:16

2)  We avow that there is a slip 'twixt the cup and the lip, that injustices creep among the children of men everywhere....may the Sons of Liberty remain active in holding the cup of light that is righteousness and justice for all.        -Saint Germain:  Pearls of Wisdom 12:18 

3)  You cannot fly to the Sun on human pride, the wax of ambition.

Beloved hearts, it is not even lawful for you to claim "my right"  but to realize that the motto of the kings "God and my right" has to do with the right of the Christ Self within you to reign.  The human consciousness imperfect has no rights or privileges except those accorded to it by the Mighty I AM Presence even as the soul has access to the exercise of freewill. Realize then that your right to be and to express freewill is always by grace, and this grace is afforded moment by moment by moment by the freewill of the Lord God Almighty.  It is not something that is yours to keep by right but by grace; and grace is always contingent upon the state of consciousness of the individual.
Grace, as that element of the Holy Spirit, descends only to the level of a certain frequency of vibration of light and consciousness.  And as long as the soul is attuned with that level that soul is draped in the grace and the graciousness of the Person of God, of the holy office and of the garments worn.   But when there is the subtle slipping away from that office and from its vibration, so it is as the slip of the cup.  And therefore there are moments when those who ought to be in the grace of Almighty God lose that grace.  And it is then that they cry, "My right!" and they claim the authority which is not theirs except when they are under the shadow of their own Christ Self who is indeed the most gracious King of kings, the Immanuel--the "God with us."              -Lord Maitreya:  12-4-1980 at Summit University, Camelot, Los Angeles
4)  we have already set in motion that which is necessary for your victory.  Therefore only your own folly could deprive you of that victory (--with) the slip that so often occurs 'twixt the cup and the lip.          -Morya El:  6-3-1985 via Messenger ECP

5)   This law I revealed to the tender young heart of this Messenger who observed at the early age of seven through my eye that all things are in a state of decay and that the only thing that lives forever is the light of the heart.        -Jesus Christ:  12-25-1986 at RTR, Montana
 -as in Prayer and Meditation, 1978


Maui, June 1972

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