Sunday, July 3, 2016

When the predominant manifestation is God-orientation there is a natural sloughing-off of the elements of earth

  …true judgment is rendered by a careful sifting of fact and gracious attainment….
  We say, let no one lay down his life in vain, but let all seek that holy wisdom that is like a patina of gold upon the mountain’s summit.  Let the purple hue, transmutation’s balm, glow and emanate the message of our Brotherhood both near and far, infinite mercy and understanding open the heart’s door to the talisman of Ever-Present Love toward all.  In the bond of the heart’s expanding love I enfold all who stand ready to embrace peace and diligently pursue the means to sustain it everywhere with honor.         I AM    Gautama         -Pearls of Wisdom 9:9
in Prayer & Meditation, 1978

  …understand that God has given individuality unto you in order that you may think and act for yourselves.  This does not mean that you cannot implore the Divine One to make His will known nor does it mean that you cannot ask for His loving assistance so readily given.  To lean upon the arm of the Lord does not mean to make of it a crutch but to enter into a partnership whereby patterns as they are found inspire the individual to execute artistically new spirals of thought in keeping with the divine ideals.  Individual action where holy zeal is rightfully tempered by divine wisdom and grace makes of man a God in action….Yet a world steeped in dogma will often reject progressive revelation and the voice of God speaking in all ages through holy prophets….
  The reality of an ardent faith, translated and made manifest, transforms man from lesser images unto greater.  When the predominant manifestation is God-orientation there is a natural sloughing-off of the elements of earth as transmutation’s fires—invited by God-command, uttered within the mind and being of an individualized soul—are called into action….The power of faith constructs from the dead ashes of the phoenix not a trace, a mere atom of human imagination, but a tangible manifest living reality that has the potential to frame its own world….
You must take the first step and all subsequent steps until your aloneness is all oneness.  

  One of the greatest assists that any lifestream can ever have or develop is awareness of the invisible One—the Lord Christ, the beloved Saint Germain, the reverend holy Mother Mary and the blessed angels who every day assist mankind in countless way of which they are scarcely aware.  Through developing faith in our ministration you are able to intensify our pattern until our reality becomes your own….Faith holds you in the hands of God.  Expand the faith!  Expand the faith!  Expand the faith!  For right where you are I AM.               
-Archangel Michael:  Pearls of Wisdom 9:10

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