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each child shall receive from time to time the visitation of Maitreya

  Nature must balance what mankind refuse to balance.  The beings of the elements, the beings of nature and the Elohim take command in that hour of initiation, and they must effect planetary transmutation through cataclysm if mankind fail to make the invocations, to make the concentrated action of the light within themselves that is necessary to hold the balance….
  In every age it is the few who hold the balance whereby transition can be made.  There was great furor and turmoil and chaos in the days of Rome.  Jesus and the disciples and the group, the mystical community that surrounded them, carried the flame for the Piscean age for all the world….It is no longer possible for the few to hold the balance for the many.  Therefore at this moment Hierarchy is contacting their chelas to see if the many will respond to hold the balance so that Earth can pass into the new dispensation without a total disruption through cataclysm or war or atomic holocaust or mass disease or such a disruption of life through pollution as to effectively destroy millions upon the planetary body.         -Messenger ECP:  7-3-1975 at Mt. Shasta Freedom Conference
And therefore the dispensation shall go forth from this hour that each child that is born of the heart of God that has the flame of Life burning within him shall receive from time to time the visitation of Maitreya.  And I shall place my Electronic Presence, the image of the Christ--of Father--at the side, even the right hand of the children of the world.
And some will see me while they sleep at night; and some will retain the memory of that image.  All will know the comfort of having the real Father of Life focus the power of Alpha.  And my Presence shall be to them as a rod of authority, and they shall feel the sacred scepter of the Law.  And they shall learn to love, to honor, to obey and to respect the laws of the Father-Mother God.
And I shall tutor the souls of these little ones in the precepts holy, for each one does have a very special work, a divine plan, you know, sent from Alpha and Omega. And from the strands of my heart I shall weave a mighty cable of light; and I shall weave the strands of their hearts also, blending the fires of the Cosmic Christ with the Christ Self.  And thus the overshadowing of Maitreya of the youth of the world shall produce, as above so below, the macrocosmic Christ, the microcosmic Christ--the fusion of energies as above, so below.  And the children shall come to know once again that which they were taught at inner levels.
And I say, no man, no woman, no influence shall be able to take from these children the fires of Maitreya.  For my angels shall stand guard, and the angels of their Presence shall stand guard, and the Son of God shall emblazon upon their consciousness the golden dawn of the Age of Aquarius and their place in that age. And so it shall come to pass, they shall all know me from the least unto the greatest. For I AM Maitreya, and I carry the banner of the World Mother!  And so in knowing the Father the children shall come to know that Mother is near.

I ask one thing of you, blest Keepers of the Flame, initiates of Fire--that you shall also pray, as the authority for this octave, that the children and youth of the world shall absorb into their outer consciousness that which I shall impart at inner levels and shall retain within their four lower bodies the sacred image of the Christ.         -Maitreya:  Pearls of Wisdom 16:35 (9-2-1973)    
Harmony is the requirement.  Precious hearts, know you not that when you are disturbed no matter what the cause--of world conditions, inner turmoil--you cannot hold consort with the heavenly hosts.  I am asking you to surrender within your heart the spirals of disturbance concerning the rightness and the wrongness of actions in the world, in the family, in the community.  Rightness and wrongness are but phases of the human consciousness.   Do you not understand this?  There is only Reality and unreality.  Within unreality there is the entire spectrum of mankind’s justices and injustices.  Forsake them all!  Be free of the inner strife!  Be free of the alignment of your consciousness to the stars of the world, figureheads, personalities, warring factions. ...
Sit no longer in the seat of the scornful, in condemnation, in self-righteousness; but withdraw to the center of Being.  And there within the sheaths of the secret rays you will find the protection that is the perfection of the light.  Go within and find the ray of the Mother.  And when you go within all initiations that come to you will be passed successfully because you are protected by the sheaths of the secret rays.
No problems of the world can be solved by the outer consciousness but only by going within.  But going within is not to lie down and be trampled upon by the hooves of horses that gallop in the night.  Going within is to affirm the Be-ness of God that has all power to align all conditions in the world at large. ...
How great His concern for each one of you!  Our love is boundless; and if you knew the great love of the angelic hosts and the Masters for each one of you, I am certain that your efforts would be increased a thousandfold....
The Karmic Board salutes you and by the power of the seven rays charges you to be representatives of God-justice upon the earth.  Courage, O hearts of fire!/ Courage, I say!/ For the light of the New Day shall dawn!/ And you shall win all the way!            -Great Divine Director:  4-21-1973 at Colorado Springs via Messenger ECP    
by Sindelar

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