Monday, July 4, 2016

to drown out the still small voice of conscience and of eternal utterance which has been placed within them

  …the strident voices of mankind who shout not so much that they might be heard as to drown out the still small voice of conscience and of eternal utterance which has been placed within them, whether they know it nor know it not.  There is no need for the children of the Sun to hide in the den of the cockatrice or to run from the forces that seek to lay them waste.  Neither these forces nor those who employ them or permit themselves to be employed by them shall endure; surely the day shall come when they shall be no more, but the Lord liveth forever.  Upon the golden throne of His Lotus Presence He sends His sweet flame of illumination throughout the cosmos and quickens the hearts of all who would receive Him with the golden-pink joy of a permanent dawn….
  Let no man take from thee thy crown; let not the leeches of the world who would drain thee of thy whole energy steal one farthing of the gleam of that golden disc of true knowing.  To thee it is given to know, to dare, to do and to be silent.  But to thee it is also given that knowing which is action--and therefore both doing and daring to oppose when the opposition would create peace of soul but not necessarily outer peace.
  Use caution and be thy brother’s keeper when thou canst.  Be silent of that which thou hast accomplished, for so shall thy reward speak before the throne of the Most High, not dissipated by thy voice or world reclaim to fame….
  You have heard the Master’s promise, “Where I AM there may you be also,” and I think that all of the hierarchy upon this planet do contemplate with ever-new joy the prospect of new souls coming to understand one by one the fragrance of the Divine appearing.  Men then are caught up one by one into higher understanding; and so the harvest in the manifold segments of the world is not so much the happening of one day as it is the brilliance of the eternal day sweeping its way, yearning its way, billowing its way fervently into the hearts and minds of man until they can steal away from the fashion of the world with joy and with rapture to find their peace in God--who is not only peace but love actively engaged in bringing forth freedom and accomplishment for mankind.  For the Lord, blessed ones, is the Great Doer, and no greater doer has ever been or will ever be….
  The grains of great goodness, the manna of cosmic purpose, the lusty cry of the young manchild—all are heard and all are seen and all are helped by manifestation, by visualization, by realization!

  Separations which men imagine do not exist.  The great proximity of every man to God must be sought and acquired and when it is found, blessed ones, it must be the treasure of every man’s being….Shall we raise the banner of Shamballa over the earth?  Then let no part of the world be separated from the influence of our banner.          -Gautama Buddha:  Pearls of Wisdom 8:44 

in Prayer & Meditation, 1978

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