Tuesday, July 5, 2016

fireworks display photos; Learn to live with a bit of uncomfortability








  Beloved ones, it is not necessary to sympathize with the discarnates who have their grips and their tentacles in these precious children (of all ages needing mercy), but above all it is absolutely necessary to give that compassion whereby for a time or a season you may have to be uncomfortable with the discarnates of an individual while you are wrestling with him and tutoring his soul in the way victorious.
  Learn to live with a bit of uncomfortability for the sake of the salvation of that soul!  Learn to walk a mile and then another mile and then to forgive seventy times seven.  For, beloved ones, you cannot comprehend the cross of this addiction and then the double-cross when there are those in positions of professions who advocate more and more uses of drugs     
-Kuan Yin:  10-6-1977 at Pasadena via Messenger ECP
in Prayer & Meditation, 1978

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