Saturday, July 2, 2016

The entire astral body of the planet is the Great Whore, the perversion of the Mother.

  …the Mother-flame is rising.  It is rising like a continent, like Lemuria.  It is pressing up in all mankind relentlessly; it cannot be turned back.  But as it rises it comes into contact with all that has opposed it in all centuries.  And so there is cataclysm in consciousness, there is upheaval, there is insanity, and that flame keeps rising and it keeps rising.  We either blend with it, determine to govern our energies or we will find ourselves aligned with the Great Whore and not even realize that the precious energies of the Mother have been seized from us.
  So let us beware the subtleties:  all inharmony in the feeling body, ingratitude, anxiety, nervous tension, the sense of injustice….The entire astral body of the planet is the Great Whore, the perversion of the Mother.         -Messengers Mark & E C Prophet:  Path of Christ or Antichrist, 2007, p. 232
  In the name of Jesus the Christ I call to the heart of Almighty God, to the heart of beloved Alpha and Omega, Helios and Vesta, the Great Central Sun Magnet, all the forces and beings of the elements, the mighty Elohim, the archangels and the chohans of the rays.  I call to the entire Spirit of the Great White Brotherhood and the World Mother, the Seven Holy Kumaras and Lady Master Venus.  I call to Mighty Victory, Saint Germain the Great Divine Director, beloved Lanello and K-17, beloved Archangel Michael and your legions of light, beloved Mother Mary:
  We demand and implore your intercession this day.  We declare in the name of the living Christ the end of World Communism.  We demand the arresting of the spiral!  We demand the removing of the cause and core; we demand the binding of the seeds of Lucifer and the fallen ones.  We demand the binding of the seed and the egg of the Dragon and the Serpent and the Beast.  And we demand the binding of the False Prophet, the Great Whore and the Antichrist in the four quadrants of Mater.
  We demand that light go forth from our I AM Presence and causal bodies this day!  We demand that that light be met and multiplied by the action of the Cosmic Christ and the great incoming avatars.  We demand the halting of abortion and the abortion of the avatars.  We demanding the binding of all Communists, Illuminati members, World Bankers and those who have misused the light of the individual in Capitalism and Communism.  We demand the cleaning-up of this government of the United States and the cleaning-up of all governments of the world.
  We demand El Morya come forth and the legions of Mercury and the Mighty Blue Eagle from Sirius!  We demand that you descend this day!  We will not longer tolerate this encroachment upon our light, our freedom, our love and our liberty on Terra.  We demand intercession by the authority of Almighty God.
  We turn over to God our freewill and our freedom and our authority to take dominion!  And we call to God and the hosts of light to take dominion as we have been called to take dominion.  So we surrender our authority to take dominion into the hands of the hosts of light.  Come forth, hosts of light, and take dominion through us and in us and use us--heart, head and hand--for the victory on Terra.
  We demand the reversing of the tide of all Communist forces and spy activities in America, all infiltration and germ warfare and the release of viruses upon the American people.  We demand the reversing of that hatred, that darkness, that infamy.  We call to the hosts of light!  We call to Mother Mary!  We demand action this day!  We expect action this day!  We demand it!  We expect it!  We determine it!  We invoke it!  We call it forth!  And by the authority of Almighty God it shall come forth!
  And the end of World Communism shall be this day.  From the core in the etheric plane to the mental, the emotional and the physical quadrants we demand spirals of light to turn the tide of this darkness.  We demand it!  We call it forth!

  Beloved Lanello, we call forth your legions of light.  We call to all the hosts of heaven--we ask you to come to the aid of Terra.  And to Saint Germain, we ask you to come this day; we implore you and we give our energies--heart, head and hand--in the name of the Father, of the Mother, of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.       
-invocation by Messenger E C Prophet on or following 12-8-1975 at Colorado Springs

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