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when there is inner balance the attempts of evil can do no harm

-thanka from the East

147.  History knows little about the Mother of the Great Pilgrim, who was as exceptional as Her Son.  The Mother came from a great family and was the embodiment of refinement and nobility of spirit.  She was the one who laid the foundation for His first high ideals and sang a lullaby to Him in which She foretold His miraculous future.  She took great care to safeguard Her Child and was a source of strength for His great achievements.  She knew several languagesa nd thus made the path easier for Him.  Nor did She object to His long pilgrimages and gathered all that was necessary to make the travels easier.  She rightly valued the common people and knew that they would guard the treasures of His Teaching.  She recognized the grandeur of the Culmination and thus could give heart to those of diverse character who were weakened by doubt and rejection.  She was prepared to experience the same achievement as Her Son, and He entrusted to Her His decision, which was confirmed by the Teachers.  It was the Mother who understood the mystery of His wanderings.  For the fundamental truth about the Mother's life to be clear one must understand the local conditions of those times.  However She was led by Her insight into the future and was able to rise above the customs of Her country.       -Morya:  Supermundane 1, 1938                        source the same for the following 8 quotes

149.  Urusvati remembers the Great Pilgrim.  In the Arabian desert He was in solitude, but in a sheik's tent He found friends and helpers.  He often remained alone, and one should not think that His journeys were always with wealthy caravans....the power of the Magnet attracts even the dark ones who long to confuse and injure wherever they can.  For example, even the slightest doubt will make it impossible to walk on water or fire or to levitate.  I mention this because the Great Pilgrim could perform these acts easily.  His great power was in His absolute fearlessness, and He proceeded unwaveringly, for in His heart He had chosen the life of great deeds.   

150.  It is impossible to grasp the full depth of meaning of the Sermon of the Great One, because He gave instructions for the whole of life in the simplest words.  The key to this greatness was in His simplicity, which not only allowed Him to more easily communicate with people but was a beautiful way of expressing the highest in the simplest words.  One should learn to make the complicated simple, for only in simplicity is kindness reflected.  Such was the work of the Great Pilgrim.

168.  The Great Pilgrim taught the love of goodness, but His Teaching was greatly distorted.  Even His simplest words could not save the Teaching, for people found ways to interpret truth for their own profit.  The expulsion of the merchants from the temple is a symbolic warning, and the temple should also be understood as the human spirit from which mercenary thought must be ejected.  No one can forbid the exchange of daily necessities, but merchants must attend to their business with enlightened hearts.  Even the basic elements of life can be spiritualized.

170.  In everything the Great Pilgrim always answered according to the listener's capacity, and one can learn from the simplicity of His answers.  The Brotherhood stresses the importance of speaking according to the listener's consciousness. 

171.  Verily man creates his own destiny.  The Great Pilgrim said this also, and He warned that on the way to the higher spheres many hands try to impede the ascent, but the will and the primal energy carry the aspirant upward.

172.  The Great Pilgrim loved children and saw in them the evolution of mankind.  It is they who will carry life forward, and each of us must share his experiences with them.  But it is still wiser to awaken in them recollections of the subtle world. 

174.  It is well known that the words about turning the other cheek have led to many errors.  Indeed if this saying is interpreted simply in the physical sense it results in absurdity, because this was spiritual instruction and was intended to mean that when there is inner balance the attempts of evil can do no harm.  The Great Pilgrim valued human dignity and knew from the Teachings of India that nothing and no one can harm the balanced human spirit....
The Great Pilgrim also taught the advantage of knowledge over ignorance.  "Knowledge is achieved as the result of great labor.  People will never succeed unless they strive to learn.  Few are those who are qualified to help others to learn.  Glory to such enlightened teachers!  Each of them teaches what has already been written but also includes a drop of his own knowledge.  Such a drop is a gift from Infinity."

217.  pilgrim without balance will not be able to walk safely through the narrow passage and will be afraid, pursuing his way in great anxiety.  Such imbalance will destroy him and infect those close to him with fear.

196.  You may be asked how the entrance upon the path of service is defined.  Certainly the first sign will be renunciation of the past and full striving to the future.  The second sign will be the realization of the Teacher within one's heart, not because it is necessary thus, but because it is impossible otherwise.  The third sign will be the rejection of fear, for being armed by the Lord one is invulnerable.  The fourth will be non-condemnation, because he who strives into the future has no time to occupy himself with the refuse of yesterday. 
 The fifth will be the filling of the entire time with labor for the future.  The sixth will be the joy of service and completely offering oneself for the good of the world.  The seventh will be spiritual striving to the far-off worlds as a predestined path.  According to these signs you will discern a spirit ready and manifested for service.  He will understand where to raise the sword for the Lord, and his word will be from within his heart.      -Morya:  Hierarchy 1931


-illustrations of Jesus, Morya, Archeia Mary are from
Prayer and Meditation, 1978; ascension coil is from The Human Aura
by Djwal Kul and Kuthumi


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